Leaving South Florida and coming back to the city was so bittersweet. I love bright colors, palm trees and bright sunshine...I can never get enough of it. So, when I got back to the city, I got just the sunny dose I needed. This incredible bathroom suite. Hello malachite ceiling...

 Talk about out of the box thinking and living for the details. I can't help but obsess over this room. The green wallpaper adds such softness, its Farrow & Ball Acanthus.
This photo shows such incredible details. Mossy green paint with teeny specs of gold trim, malachite wallpaper, Greek key ribbon, and bordered box valences. I love every little bit of this...
Interior Design by Shelley Johnstone Paschke, Photos courtesy of Veranda


 I hope this post serves as a sort of public service announcement. I'm currently working with a new client on a living room space. They have some great pieces like a rug and sofa but just really don't know where to start. What I immediately noticed was their gorgeous and big bare windows. For me, when it comes to decorating, first thing you need to do to make a home warm and cozy...

 Honestly, curtains are like makeup, they complement the windows and highlight the bones of a room. They can make your space look taller, add a dose of gorgeous color, block out too much lighting, give extra texture + dimension, etc. There are so many things that gorgeous textiles will do for your space. Especially if you are renting and can't paint the walls, curtains can give you just what you need. If you don't have curtains up and are wanting to add a little something to your space go, get some and hang them! 
 Now, if you are wondering what kind of curtain or panel you should buy, beautiful curtains range all different colors, shapes, lengths, patterns, etc. I prefer to keep the pattern very simple, nothing too dramatic or busy but with bold color. Make sure to measure your windows correctly and always go a bit longer, the more fabric the better. 
 I love the look of color on color, like this kelly green on chartreuse green. In my apartment I have grey on greige and I love the way it looks almost monochromatic-like. 
Mixing colors works great too, this hot pink on brown walls is such a chic mix and light blue walls with a dash of lipstick red just makes the room have instant swagger. My decorista brain is just brimming with ideas for my new apartment, I am beyond thrilled to incorporate some fresh new color combinations, especially with this new little fashion inspired philosophy I have going on.
images via: one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight

How to decorate for the holidays {via HGTV}

This is how you combine glam black and white stripes with little bits of gold 
and lots of posh style.
 Ms. Lillien for HGTV

If that's a little too funky + playful for you. Take a different approach and try some 
Modern Christmas Glamour
elements of gray, silver and gold combine to create the perfect sophisticated holiday decor.
via Coco&Kelley for HGTV

This is decorista style holiday at its finest.

The Art of Living: using curtains to make a statement

I am always a sucker for pink. It's the girlie girl in me.
How incomplete would this dining room look without these amazing panels?
Fabulous curtains are essential to the basic elements of a stylish home.
You would be amazed what the right drapes can do for your space.
They cozy-up even the most modern spaces and
just the right amount of flair can give romance to any room.
When done right, they can be multi-tasking too.

bliss in the kitch'...the ultimate in grey walls

Reading one of my dailys, Shelter, my heart skipped a beat the moment I saw this image.
The gorgeous grey walls, white open shelving, dark wood island, glossy white chairs and deep teal fridge. To top it all off a sweet peacock gracefully sits on top. 

Want to see more of the magical home? Keep reading.
Peachy pink accents are the perfect offset to the all grey home. I am just mad about the look.
The bedroom and closet are so lush and dreamy.
A painted red console is perfection for the dream dressing room!

Lizzie works for design/import firm Euro Trash
check out their site for more European and vintage finds..
Image Credits: Scanned by Shelter from Country Living Magazine, October 2010. 
Photographer: Bjorn Wallander

Secret of domestic bliss #31...curtain call

Something magical happens when curtains steal the show. 
They become so much more than the traditional drapery.
They flourish into setting the tone for the entire look of the room with their sumptuous texture.
If you are feeling that your home needs some sprucing up or
you are a renter and just can't do wallpaper...
Try covering your walls in your favorite fabrics.
Its sure to bring unexpected glamour + drama! I just love it!

Take it even one step further and fabric-ify your patio!