Holiday Fireplace decorating...

I'm just loving all of the holiday cheer going on right now. However, my adorable little apartment has no room for a tree. So I have to get really clever with my fireplace mantle. I've been looking for simple yet chic ways to adorn my sweet fireplace without going overboard. So, I found some beautiful inspiration and of course, I want to go for gold...

I love the look of golden and white candles, it gives off such a soft and lovely amber glow. 
 And sometimes, all you need is a simple green wreath and it does the job just fine. 
So, this Christmas, should I go for a simple wreath or gold and white candles???

images found here + here.

DIY Decorating...Ideas for holiday decorating with ornaments

Decorating for Christmas time is my favorite, it's my absolute favorite holiday. Unfortunately for me, my nyc apartment has no room for a big tree so I have a few clever ways to improvise...
I am in love with Christmas ornaments. They are sparkly, shiny and oh so pretty...I especially like the mini disco ball kind. So, this year I will be heading to my local craft store and gathering a bunch of sparkly ornaments. Here are a few things to do with them...
First, I love the idea of tying them to pretty ribbon, (I go with velvet) and hanging them from either lighting, hooks or anything that can be hung from.
Also, because I wont be doing a lot of baking myself, I will use my cake stands and hurricane vases and fill them with ornaments. I personally like to stick with a monochromatic look like below but any ornament colors will do. You gotta go with what you love!
I have never forgotten this awesome art piece done with green ornaments. So chic.
Also...I miss having an outdoor area. If I had a front porch with bench. This is how I would decorate it. Throw in some sparkly ornaments and its perfect holiday decorating.

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tablescape tuesday: getting to thanksgiving tabletop ideas

martha stewart
I can't believe its already November...
I feel as if October just flew by and its already time to start preparing for Thanksgiving. This year on my tabletop I am all about elements of nature...wood, linen, anything that resemble what the earth is all about. You all know me though and I wouldn't do anything without a little glamour.
So perhaps adding bits of gold would make the perfect addition to my very au natural tablescape. Don't you think?

Tablescape Tuesday: DIY decor ideas for a glam halloween tabletop

I absolutely love throwing theme dinner parties...
Sometimes there is nothing more fun than creating a super over the top tabletop. I recently worked with IVILLAGE on a halloween party article and it really inspired me. Halloween is one of those holidays you can get pretty wild. I am a huge fan of keeping a consistent theme and skull plates are such a cute and easy way to pull the look off.
Making glitter pumpkins is a super fun and crafty thing that adults and kids can enjoy. For some really fun + glittery ideas visit this crafty site.
Finally, I always love monochromatic candy in apothecary jars. There is something so stylish and fun about the look. Black and purple candy keep it very creepy. 
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Happy fourth of July...God bless America!

I absolutely LOVE America (my grandmothers name is america too, so cute)! I truly feel so blessed to live in such an amazing country. So, I do believe in taking advantage of celebrating and going all out. Especially when having a backyard bash. There are so many ways to be creative... My favorite part of the 4th, well the FIREWORKS, of course! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day! 

secret of domestic bliss #46... how to introduce your home to green

Because it's St. Patrick's Day, a super fun holiday, I had to figure out how to incorporate some green into my space here in the city. Oddly, I have no green accessories here. I then had a genius idea that a great way to incorporate a little green into your home for the holiday is by decorating with plants....hello! 
Greenery is fabulous in the home, both real and fake can do the trick. I just love the look of lush plants, especially succulents. I have a super crush on those beautiful earthly things. The perfect accessories for spring.


Style-icious Sunday {romantically red and in love}

With Valentine's Day approaching tomorrow love is definitely in the air and red is everywhere in the city. Pops of red are all in the beautifully decorated store windows, it's so delightful to see. Today I am inspired by the look of love, red and all things romantic. 

How delicious are all red walls in a library? 

I am completely coveting these shoes...ooh la la...the perfect V-day accessory.

There is nothing that says LOVE like Oscar de la Renta red!

Sometimes, something as a simple pop of red in a chandelier can be so dramatic and fun.
Hope you have all enjoyed your V-day weekend.

2011: It's all about the sparkle, shimmer and shine

As I prepare for my last night of the year, I can hardly believe that 2010 is already over...
it seems that this year just flew by. 
I feel so grateful for everything that has happened over this last year because of my blog.
Fabulous friends, fabulous job, fabulous new ideas...I am literally amazed by all of the accomplishments.
I want you all to know, that I could have NEVER, ever, ever, done it without the amazing readers of The Decorista. You inspire and encourage me every single day.
 Thank you so much for a wonderful year! 

2011 is going to be all about the glamour
So, tonight, as you celebrate with friends + family, put on your sparkling dress, break out your finest champagne and celebrate with wild abandon! Even if you are just relaxing at home with a few loved ones, get dolled up and make it fun! I'll be celebrating the year's end at a masquerade ball at the W Hotel in Austin. Hope you all enjoy your soirees and marvelous plans in sparkly style. 
So, here's to 2011!
Wishing us all lots of celebrations...
beautiful feelings and glamourous fashionista moments...
breathtaking interiors to live in + entertaining delights galore...
happy new year!

tablescape tuesday: tabletop decor ideas for your nye bash

The ending of 2010 is all about glamour. When decorating for your New Years Eve, take a cue from the ever so stylish Olivia Palermo and try a mix of black, white and silver!
 {don't be afraid to be heavy with the metallics}
You can even throw in an accent color for some fun. A fabulous color combo for a fabulous fiesta!

images via here + here

The Decorista tip of the wrap with style!

Be like Tori Spellings mama, Candi, and get to gift wrapping!
There is something so chic about incredibly well wrapped gifts.
I personally prefer to stick with a theme or a color story, it makes it so much more memorable.

So, this weekend, plan in advance for some mega stylin' gift wrapping action!
Don't be afraid to get creative and use wallpapers, newspapers, comics, maps, burlap, contact paper, etc.  The more metallics and sparkle you use, the better. There are so many different options.
Be bold and have fun!

fashion meets decor {holiday decor in metallics}

sparkly and gorgeous metallic christian louboutins
sparkly and gorgeous metallic christmas decor...
this holiday season I am all about your design shimmer! In fact, I'm kind of obsessed with you.
Decorating in metallics (golds + silvers) for the holidays is a fantastic way to add 
all kinds of glamour to your dwelling. I'm all about it, so chic.

Entertainging for the holidays...tabletop ideas.

Now that Thanksgiving is almost over, it's time to get down to business. 
Decorating for the holidays is in full swing.
IKEA recently did a holiday entertaining look that caught my eye. Unabashedly bohemian is the signature look and they totally pulled it off. Mis matched chairs, glowing lights + candles...uber cute.
Notice the pillow atop a stack of books as seating, so very clever, no? Absolutely adorable!

via mochatini
I am also completely smitten with this look...gray + white striped walls are so on my heart right now.
so fabulous!
via blulabelbungalow
and how gorgeous + clever is this tabletop. Its perfect for a traditional holiday party.
The black + gold dishware is beyond amazingness and the stripes are fab too.

Tablescape tuesday {decorate for Thanksgiving like david jimenez}

I just love Thanksgiving, I am thankful for so many things in my life.
It gets me so excited to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. All the yummy food. sigh!

For this holiday season, I am overtly inspired by this gorgeous David Jimenez table decor.
The chocolate hues complement the gorgeous orange dishware perfectly. I love the turquoise painted dining chairs as well as the walls, so beautiful.
Finished off with candlelight and arrangements of the most gorgeous orange roses I have ever seen.
It may not be the traditional Thanksgiving decor colors but I think the punch of turquoise adds personality, so very decorista.

In other blissful news...
something I am thankful for= Jen Ramos gave me a shout out in her Siren Mag interview.
She thinks I'm a "world changing Christian" and it made my whole day! 
Especially because she is sort of a huge inspiration to me. 
So sweet.

orange dishware. Manor home.
mercury glass votives Beach Dwelling
silver napkin rings Atlanta Home
silver ice bucket Artesign

The Art of to properly set a table

The weekend is here and the dinner party invitations are steadily coming in.
As always, I offered my help to each of the hosts and surprisingly I got asked a question...
Do you know how to properly set a table for a dinner party?

My grandmother taught me at the age of 5 and she always insisted a formal table setting at every single family occasion.
{I figured you guys might like to know the answer here are my cheat sheets.}

This setting is perfect for intimate dinners with close friends...

Now if you are having a large party or just want to impress your guests this formal setting is for you!

A well styled table is a sure fire way to achieve harmony at a dinner party and ultimately create the perfect mood for you very own domestic bliss!
images via stylenote

tablescape tuesday {bloggers show fall style at its best}

rustic fall by Eddie Ross
birthday glamour by Cassandra Lavalle aka Coco&Kelley

Both of these tablescapes are incredibly stylish, yet so completely different. I can appreciate good style when I see it. Who doesn't love a lovely fall table with rustic accessories? How about gold, polka dots  and pink bow napkins that compliment each other so well? Absolutely perfect!
I love a beautiful themed table setting with some lovely candlelight,
it's inexplicably the perfect setting for fall and winter evening affairs.

How to decorate for Halloween in style

Happy Halloween week everyone! I absolutely love this holiday, dressing up is so much fun!
This weekend I am heading to Palm Springs with Crystal, Anne and many more bloggers for #acehalloween. If you aren't on twitter, you should join now!

As much as I love this holiday, I'm not a huge fan of ostentatious halloween decor, it's probably because I don't have kids yet (oneday).
I like to keep things around my house pretty chic and not fussy. I found a few inspiration photos that show how I think silver, black and white are the perfect colors for holiday decorating...they can carry through all of the season, even unto new years eve.

in other blissful news...
I am a new Los Angeles contributor for
 The Front Row- Los Angeles
a hot online website that has just expanded to Los Angeles.
It is THE place to keep up on all things style.
So excited!!!

How to decorate for the holidays {via HGTV}

This is how you combine glam black and white stripes with little bits of gold 
and lots of posh style.
 Ms. Lillien for HGTV

If that's a little too funky + playful for you. Take a different approach and try some 
Modern Christmas Glamour
elements of gray, silver and gold combine to create the perfect sophisticated holiday decor.
via Coco&Kelley for HGTV

This is decorista style holiday at its finest.