the power of mixing pillows

Never underestimate the statement that even the smallest of accessories make...
One of my favorite ways to add some fun to your space is through pillows. Pillows, when placed well, can be such a huge decorative impact for your space. A low budget way to add some serious style and swagger. The real style comes in the mix of styles, patterns, textures and sizes.
Here are some of my most favorite mixes for you to pull inspiration! 

images pulled from decorpad, pinterest, via domino mag, livingetc & housebeautiful

Secret of domestic bliss #48... the power of pillows

Pillows are the ultimate decorating accessory. Whatever your style is, the perfect pillows can make your space pop! If you are a fickle decorating person and love to change your home decor (sort of like me), I say stick with a neutral color palate and keep your pillows colorful and funky. I really love what pillows can do for your home, whether it be the pattern, colors, texture, or size. My suggestion... use your pillows to creatively express yourself and your personal style. 


a decorators dream...Fresco Towels

Don't you just love it when extremely creative people come up with a genius idea that you wish you had thought of? Well, I am absolutely smitten with Fresco Towels. This family owned beverly hills business is single handedly taking over the towel market quickly. The towels are oversized and overly soft, made of 100% Turkish cotton and they feel like an absolute dream. They showed off their stuff at the NYIGF and they blew me away! These towels are the perfect way to add a huge pop of style into bathroom decor. They are everything you need. 
a line of gorgeous pillows. I cannot wait! 

secret of domestic bliss #25...piles and piles of beautiful pillows

Every single person out there who reads my blog is striving for domestic least i hope.
Domestic bliss truly comes from creating such a cozy and happy space for yourself that you are more happy at home then you are anywhere else in the world.
I often feel that way and could just be home all day.
What makes a cozy home more than piles of beautiful and comfy pillows piled all over your home.
The bed, the sofa, reading nooks, patios...everywhere.
If I see a beautiful pillow somewhere I always take it because,
 I promise, you never can have too many pillows.