Dreaming in PINK

 Lately, I've been craving some pink in my life...
and there are a few pink rooms that have been rocking my world lately. So, I got a can of pink paint and this weekend, I think I might be changing things up in this apartment of mine. Here are my inspirations...
The apartment of Miles Redd is one of my all time favorite uses of pink on walls. EVER.

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Tablescape Tuesday...THINK PINK

 This summer, I have been stocking up on all the fun entertaining items
that I can get my pretty little hands on. For some reason I have just been really drawn to hot pink, shocking I'm sure. I have some upcoming photo shoots this week, doing a few rooftop entertaining looks and I found the perfect place to shop for these things...C.Wonder. Aside from flowers bringing the color, the store is jam packed with colorful, vibrant and on trend items that will really give my tabletop some personality.
A few items I suggest...

This ikat tray has great shades of pink, red and orange that will match a lot of different looks.
 I love gold and I love bamboo so this bamboo salad set is perfect for salad and the gold bamboo setting will make everything look so much more glam. 
I love the look of mixed glassware. So these chevron low glasses  go perfectly with these pink neon tumblers for some personality. 
I always start with napkins rings and then choose the napkin. I adore these  chain link napkin rings and I think they would mix perfect with this ikat napkin.
You have always got to throw in something unexpected and I adore this lobster bottle opener
These cute white foo dogs mixed with some candles and flowers could be a cute centerpiece. 
Also, pineapples are good luck so I would suggest grabbing a few of these pineapple stirrers for some extra fun in the sun. 


 With all of this rain and gross weather in NYC I am craving some bright, vivid color. While putting together some images for a new client, I came across these absolutely incredible hot pink chairs. This very minute I think I decided that I need these in my dining nook...
I love the way hot pink looks against these dark walls in this lovely SF apartment.
Bold color really has me going lately.

images via apartment therapy

How to live like a lady in Paris {lee radziwill style}

I love Valentines day. It's all about loving things, especially the home...
There is nothing I love more than loving my home. It's so special to me, achieving domestic bliss is my lifelong purpose. It's so good. So when the NY times decided to grace us with the lovely Parisian lady space of Lee Radziwill, and she happens to be Jackie Kennedy's sister.
I am captivated by her home. White walls (hello, my new obsession) and a bright pink sofa. Two killer elements for a femme space. Not to mention the gorgeous light blue curtains, beautiful chinoiserie chairs, and 11 framed botanical prints on the main wall. It's so bright and fun and perfect for entertaining with 2 seating areas for killer conversations. 
Her bedroom is lovely and simple for deep sleeps and those gigantic topiaries outside on the balcony are insanely good. Love them. Who doesn't love piles and piles of light pink roses mixed with the most gorgeous flowers. One way to enjoy your space, lots and lots of flowers. Read more about this fabulous  + fascinating woman here
Happy Valentines Day. 

CAMILLA and MARC for VOGUE Australia

Camilla Freeman Topper. My new style muse has literally perfect the art of mixing modern contemporary, feminine and rustic french decor styles and making is look incredibly chic. The designer  from Camilla and Marc just has a style all her very own. The pink chesterfield sofa just had me at hello and mixing it with a bit of zebra and neon hued artwork, its absolutely genius. I have a new Christmas wish, this home decor, I want it all! 

for the rest of the home tour...

images courtesy of vogue austrailia

3 Ways with Emerald {PANTONE'S COLOR OF THE YEAR 2013}

 I am just overjoyed that PANTONE named EMERALD green color of the year. Green is absolutely one of my favorite colors to decorate with. It's a little bit darker than normal bright green but it's pretty close. So this year, its going to be such a joy to play with this color. I love mixing green as an accent color in a gorgeous palate...

Greens and black and white is always a super chic look. I love a little pink mixed in too, pink and green is one of my favorite combos. 
This dining room in Nicky Hilton's glamorous pad is one of my favorite uses of green and pink.
Aside from being just an amazing accent color. This room makeover just shows you what a stunning color it is on its own. I love what emerald green did for this little white bedroom. 


office space of the day...Peach + Pink Tobi Fairley

Completely enamored by this gorgeous black and white office with peachy pink details. Tobi Fairley did an excellent job on this one...it's right up my alley. 
chic wallpaper + big white desk + peach chair + gorgeous lamp + small gold details =
domestic bliss
for more of this office space...

I am loving everything about this room. The dark carpeting is so chic with pops of white and pink above it. A chic bust in the center of the table makes for the best accessorizing in a traditional room. I also adore the black trim on the white sofa. Just everything is really good here. 
fabulous job miss Tobi

bliss in the kitch'...PARISIAN PINK

I have been long dreaming of the perfect apartment for myself and my dreams always involve a large white glossy kitchen. After finding this precious apartment and modern with a dash of pink, I thought to myself I found the perfect inspiration. All the cabinetry is from IKEA and all the appliances are stainless steel which add metallic shine seamlessly. Think this kitchen is chic, then you must see the rest of the apartment...

The bedroom took my breath away. This gorgeous peacock wallpaper combined with a gorgeous Venetian mirror has me needing a a few new things for myself. Purple, pink, white and grays make a lovely bedroom color combo. 
Oh, and against her ikea mirrored armoire (i love all the chic ways to incorporate ikea by the way), she has gorgeous silk wallpaper and a perfectly parisian white chair. Beautiful! 
images found here

A Manhattan Apartment with girlie swag {via Vogue}

Since yesterday we went all the way masculine, today I thought I'd throw back a little pink into the mix. I always love a good girlie space and this one takes the cake. Pink walls and super glam accessories right in the heart of my beloved New York City...it's so right up my alley. The homeowner, Alina Cho. A completely stylish Manhattanite. I am absolutely blown away by her apartment. Take a look with me at this space as shares her apartment with Vogue...

Her entryway kills me with that leopard runner, dark chocolate walls and pretty pink silk chairs. 
She mixed in accents of gold with super style.

How incredibly chic is that clear coffee table? So glamorous. She mixes metallics with such panache, I just love it. 
The dining room with accents of green was such a great touch too. This color combo is just perfection.
images via Vogue..photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank


 Over the weekend I splurged on a few beauty products, my favorite indulgence aside from bedding, and I found myself drawn to peach flavors. So all weekend long I smelled like a peach and I'm big on smells and seasons so peach is the perfect compliment to the end of summer. Which had me thinking that I should incorporate more pretty peachiness into my home...

 When I found some incredible images of peach spaces, I realized just how beautiful and non feminine the color can really go. It has such a sophisticated feel and complements a more exotic color palate, but you can really work with any style of your choice.
 I love the feel of these richly colored rooms, it makes me instantly want to "I dream of Jeanie" myself to India or Morocco and come back with vintage treasures...

 Since I have a little too much going on and no time for travel, I'll stick to shopping online...

decor images via: elle decor, house beautiful, molly lutkemeyer, cotedetexas, bellevivir, dominomag

Black, white pink and CHIC

Incurable Romantic. This just might be the perfect art for me. New Yorkers just have the best art in all the land, I am not even kidding. Just when I think I've seen it all and then something like this gorgeous home takes my breath away. My most favorite colors all together, black, white, gold, and dashes of pink make this home extraordinarily swagger-iffic to me! 

 This bedroom is a perfect example of how to bring french glamour to a NYC apartment.
 Black and white striped sofas? Be still my heart...

 I have just never seen pink + gold look better together. So chic! 
images via ny times, photography by henry bourne

NEEDING. WANTING. LOVING. a pretty pink sofa

As I continue my apartment search my decorating desires are just running wild. One thing I know is that I have always dreamed of having a pink sofa in my living room. As bold of a girl as I am, I've always been a bit hesitant to put too much pink into a room. That is until recently I have been seeing that Kate Spade LIVE COLOR FULLY quote everywhere and I am all about signs. I think it's a total sign that its high time I have a pink sofa...
 In an effort to keep it from being too feminine, I would probably keep the walls neutral and let the pretty pink sofa speak volumes in terms of color. 
Brown wall + pink sofa is such a great combo though, and I love the look in this entryway. 
 Mixing sofa colors is cool too. I love the grey with the pink, totally spices up this living room. 
Out of all of this amazing inspiration, this photo is my favorite. Plain and beautiful white walls with a chic girl coming home from work, black and white accents abounding... I just love it. 

images found here: cocokelley + decor pad + this round up

A peek inside Kelly Wearstler's Melrose shop

I just love going back to LA, my time there was so good! I got to see my favorite people and visit a few of my favorite places. One place in particular I had been dying to see was the new Kelly Wearstler boutique on Melrose. I am beyond ecstatic that Kelly went from interior designer to fashion designer, which is such a rare feat. Incredibly inspiring, (I can totally remember graduating from college and moving to LA to be the next Kelly Wearstler...still working on that,ahem.). Anyway, I just love this woman and her glam edginess...

Pardon my photos, they are the best my little iphone could capture. The styling in the store is just beyond. While I love the clothes and accessories, all I could marvel at were the furnishings and styling. The entryway is pure glamour and the marble walls are incredibly chic. 
Little accessories in white, black and gold (my favorite color combination) were throughout the store. 
 The chicest part, the dressing rooms. Antique mirrored walls and gold light fixtures next to gold art. I just can't get enough of her style. If you haven't been yet, you MUST GO! 
A few of my favorite things...