office space of the day...MY PLUM DESIGN

I don't think I have seen a desk this good in a while. I need this Coco Desk by my plum design immediately, if not sooner. 
hardwood floors + big windows + cream silk drapes + aqua blue accessories + the perfect desk =
domestic bliss
see the magic of this desk...

 It can double as a vanity and work space. It has a hidden keyboard drawer to keep things looking chic and glamorous. The brass and white combo just makes it rich and oh so fancy! 
images via my plum design.

Secret of domestic bliss #64... home office secretaries

 In New York we all know that space is super limited. Especially if you have a home office, you really have to get clever when it comes to space. Lately, I am loving secretary desks. My sweet little studio has room for a desk and I love it but I could really use the vertical space for storage and secretary desks provide so much storage. I am realizing what clever little things they are...

I love the modern look of this white secretary desk, and the ample space to style on top.


office space of the day: white done right

Gorgeous white office spaces are the reason I love what I do. In reality, I could never actually work in a space this color free, but creating this magic would be a brilliant feat. It's incredibly well styled and fits my love for white done right just perfectly...
white wallpaper + mirrored desk + art deco-ish chairs + white flokati rug + long venetian mirror =
domestic bliss
image via

office space of the day...a different kind of home office decor

glossy walls + pops of color + gorgeous desk + art on bookcase + vintage tiffany lamp =
domestic bliss
Lately, I am really into eccentric office space like these...
Mixing styles, finishes and periods can look so fab looking when done right.
I love all of this color in these photos, but for some reason, I love my office to be clean and serene so I can get actual work done and let my creative mind play with imaginary colors.
Rooms situated like this is always cool to see because its an office + very nyc.
I kind of really love it.

office space of the day...Ashley Stark's home office

pretty teal wallpaper + acrylic chair + grandma's vintage desk + hot pink skull {love}=
domestic bliss
Ashley Stark's bedroom desk area literally has had me swooning for days. The color of the walls, the white fur rug, the antique desk, the chair...EVERYTHING. Oh, and we all know my love of skulls at the moment.
While I love my plain white desk chair...I must say that I am really loving acrylic chairs in the office.
For some reason, I think I really must have one. I really enjoy the way the mix looks against colored furniture. It really just lets the beauty of the desk breathe and not be weighed down by a distracting finish or fabric.
or a pair of them looks great as well...
this yellow number is pretty adorable too...

{images via elle decordecorpad}

office space of the day... a picturesque desk

Hi everyone! Please excuse my absence from the blog...High Point Market has been incredibly wonderful yet completely time consuming. There is so much to share with you all, I am just bursting at the seams and will do a big post all about it soon. We have seen some of the most beautiful things, which inspires me to covet a desk like this beautiful black and gold one...
incredibly gorgeous desk + pineapple based lamp + classic white molding + textured wallpaper =
domestic bliss

office space of the day...the bedroom workspace

dreamy walls + perfect bedroom light + lucite armed chair + gorgeous glass desk =
domestic bliss
Being that my apartment is a studio...
my workspace is basically my bedroom. 
So, today I am inspired by the beautiful workspaces situated right in the bedroom. There is something about it that is very hotel-like, and I secretly love it.
I love the mix of pretty purples in this bedroom, it's such a fabulous example of using the same color in different hues. 
After seeing all of these gorgeous photos, I am ready to jazz up my home office....again! 

The Art of Living...working at the dining table

One of the luxuries of working from home is that I get to work anywhere my little decorating heart desires. I am the first one to relish in the art of decorating your home office, but surprisingly, I have been working from the fabulousness that is my dining room table. 

We have an adorable desk in our living room that is the perfect workspace. On most days, it just won't do. I need ample space to spread out paint and fabric samples, art, my belongings, stationary, etc. So, I am utterly inspired by others who work at their dining room tables as I do...
I must tell you its a gorgeous dining room table and it works! 
1) minnie mortimer 3) alkemie 4+7) housebeautiful 5) ehomee 6) jonathan adler

The Decorista Trend spotting: cork and acrylic desk

In this latest issue of Lonny, I spotted this gorgeous cork and acrylic desk and fell instantly.
I thought I remember seeing it before...
Then I remembered that I spotted it in Lonny a while back...I always loved this photo. This desk makes for the perfect vanity and can work well in so many interiors. So stylish and on trend.
Loving it! 
Get this desk at Jonathan Adler...

office space of the day... caitlin wilson designs with pink

since we are talking about pink today...
I am so in love with this playful office decorated by caitlin wilson. love her.

pink walls + geometric print curtains + black accessories + funky rug + clean white desk =
domestic bliss
to see the rest of this gorgeous space