My Summertime reading list...

I am all about keeping a few gorgeous books around the house to add some color and stylish...
This summer, I want to add some with bright and vivid colors. These are a few books I recently brought home and am getting ready to devour...

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David Stark, The Art of the Party. This book is such a good read full of inspiration for the table. Lots of bright colors, mixing and matching. I can't wait to recreate some of these looks.
Chris Kerr, Crazy Sexy Kitchen. I am all about eating super good foods for your body. It's so important to keep things fresh and full of nutrients. This book is definitely going to be my summer eating bible.
Kimberly Snyder, The Beauty Detox Solution.This girl helps all of Hollywoods most gorgeous faces , stay young and gorgeous. So I keep up with her newsletter religiously, and this summer I will definitely be reading her book.
Annie Falk, Palm Beach Entertaining. The cover says it all for me. I can stare at photos of chic outdoor settings all day. So while I am in the city and not by my favorite beaches, I'll be daydreaming about them.

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Weekend styling

Today I went to see a new clients home a little north of Manhattan. I was mesmerized. It's been so long since I have really understood what life was like outside of apartment dwelling. It was absolutely refreshing to put my design brain on inside of a huge home. 
One thing I noticed the most was the interesting placement of books. While most of us New Yorkers have shelves of books that was intimidate more suburban librarians, this couple had only enough books for the most beautiful displays. It reminded me how beautiful big coffee table books can be when not overdone but simply just because they look beautiful...

Of course I love all matching jackets like this stack of pretty white ones, but I am also a huge fan of removing the jackets to unleash the beautiful binding. More often than not, underneath that jacket lies beautiful metallic fonts just waiting to be adored. This weekend why not try and switch things up and play a little with your book collection, you might have a whole new look. 

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office space of the day...Kelly Wearstler PINK RHAPSODY

Madly in love with this home office done by the one and only Kelly Wearstler herself and her intoxicatingly good new book, Rhapsody. It's so glam, I just can hardly stand it...
black and white rug + amazing artwork + gorgeous lamp + eccentric desk + hot pink croc chairs =
domestic bliss
Want to see more of the KW glamour in this months Lonny?

Like I mentioned before, this woman continues to amaze me with her pattern concoctions. It's just unbelievably good. Get in on Rhapsody here...


I still haven't found a new apartment to move into. Shopping for spaces in this city really is difficult. The longer I am here, the more books I have added to my collection. Slowly but surely I am running out of space to put them. As much as I love my fireplace right now I am currently coveting built-ins to style my books. Oh, how much fun I would have with something like this next to my fireplace...

Or even just a piece like this to display books openly so they can be part of the decor...
With all the magazines I have I could make this piece work too. This is perfect home office organization right here. I also think that little shelf above the door is mighty clever too. A perfect place to display unframed artwork...
Stacks of books are the perfect look for fall and winter too. What's better on a rainy or cold day than lots of really good reading material?

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Secret of domestic bliss #61...decorate with stacks of books

Books are the ultimate in lifestyle. They can be used in a variety of ways and I truly believe that they bring joy to the owner. Not only do they serve as excellent indicator of personality, they are essential for a stylish home. The colors of the book jackets and even the font can add a little swagger to your space and/or bookcase...
I love to decorate with books grouped together in the same color family...
As a decorator, I use all of my favorite decor, fashion and art books as tools for inspiration...
its so essential for my business.
This is what my chairs at home look like...all the time.

In the Pink by Dorothy Draper. High Style by Woodson + Rummerfield. 
HUE by Kelly Wearstler. I love your style by Amanda Brooks.
Ellements of Personal Style by Elle Magazine

image sources: one. two. three.four.

Tablescape Tuesday: the decorista bookshelf

Holidays are for entertaining, dinner parties and creating fabulous home decor. As most of you can tell, I love the internet, but lately, I have been pulling inspiration from some of my favorite books and wanted to share them with you...
I will always love entertaining and home decor books. I love the big pictures and holding the books in my hand, turning the magical pages and I even love the smell of the fresh printed paper. Sitting on my sofa, having my coffee and tearing through these delightful pages...such domestic bliss! 
If you need some tabletop decor inspiration or just want to look at pretty things, GET THESE...
they are my most favorite. 
(do you have any books you LOVE? If so, leave a comment and let me know, would love more!)

Light X Design -- Bentley MeekerI was floored by this book that covers the portfolio of lighting design guru Bentley Meeker. I have never seen such amazing entertaining photos in my life. WOW!  The basic premise of how to light any space is illuminated here by a top expert. He shows  P Diddy's 40th birthday party, and the wedding of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. His impressive portfolio is sure to please the art, interior design, and professional and novice party planners alike.

Design for Entertaining -- Preston Bailey- This man rocks my world. He created this ultimate sourcebook guides the reader through the event planning process--from picking a theme, setting the mood, and transforming the space to details such as flowers, lighting, and table settings. 

Inspired Wedding -- Matthew Robbins'- I am maid of honor in a wedding in Feb and am obsessed with this book by Matthew Robbins, Martha Stewart’s right-hand wedding expert. He approaches each wedding design with an object that the couple finds meaningful, and in this inspirational guide, he shows you how to do the same. I love it.

Flair -- Joe Nye- Who doesn't love this JOE NYE? He is a master at style. Everyone I know refers to this book at least once for entertaining inspiration. 

Fabulous Parties- Mark Held- Packed with advice and inspiration from three of LA's most popular party planners. The relationship between food and flowers is clearly shown in this book with amazing photographs and will totally inspire the florist in you. 

Simple Stunning Parties at Home--Karen Busen- I absolutely LOVE this book. It breaks down the art of having parties at home into one jam packed guide. With easy to do DIY projects, it can help you make the perfect tabletop decor for your next event. 

{image via Matthew Robbins' book}


Hello darlings! Another slew of my most favorite things I have found while shopping for clients...

I have been searching everywhere for this Kate Spade Cloverdale Vase and finally found it. 
With the colder weather in NYC I want to have my apartment full of big, glossy books like Vogue, The Covers 
Gold Nugget bookends are such a gem-tastic way to punch up my new desk.
This gorgeous gold + black swirl work of art by Anna Coroneo is at the top of my wishlist for amazing art! I am obsessed, its the perfect look.
#LiveSparkly Gold Pillow...need I say more?
Zgallerie Bryant Frames are so art deco and I LOVE that about them.
MOR candle in Gardenia, it's my favorite everyday scent. 

The Decorista Library: Metropolitan Home Design 100

 So loving this book right now. Design 100 by the powerhouse publishers, Filipacci, knocked it out of the "design" park with this one. It features 100 of the best of the best elements of design. Genius! I actually learned a lot reading this book, it opened my eyes to designs that I never would have dreamt of.

I was impressed by the amazing pages...

The Most Relaxing Beach House in the Hamptons
 p. 109: Photo by Vincente Wolf, courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing, 2010
Hippest Take on Builder Standard, Chicago, Illinois
p171: Photo by Nathan Kirkman, courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing, 2010 
Most Fashionable Makeover of a Georgian Townhouse, London, England
p.118-119: Photo by David Garcia, courtesy of Filipacchi Publishing, 2010 

austin daze + books to adore

The longer I am in Austin, the more I remember the Texas weather moods. Haze filled mornings and an easy breeze fills my days here at home. Sipping my favorite coffee and catching up on some of my new decor books has been such a nice indulgence for me. The best part? Gazing at this incredibly beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers from a very dear friend. Domestic Bliss at its finest.
Books I am loving now...

Los Angeles Events: Gilt Groupe book party

You all know I just love a good book.
Last night, Gilt Home, CFDA, and Assouline celebrated, Rima Suqi’’s book, 
American Fashion Designers at Home” at the Palihouse Hotel in West Hollywood. 
In attendance were the lovely ladies of Rue, Rebecca Orlov, apartment therapy peeps and fashionistas galore! 
Such a smashing time with style setting ladies!
Today on Gilt Groupe are Assouline’s colorful, scene-stealing books on art, travel, design, and culture. See for yourself with these titles, which include Megalomania: Too Much Is Never Enough, The Bikini Book, and The Well-Lived Life.  Plus snap up a rare signed copy of American Fashion Designers at Home, which offers an intimate look into the private quarters of icons such as Diane von Furstenburg, Cynthia Rowley, and Bob Mackie.
Sign up now to get your copy of the FABULOUS BOOK!

Some sneak peek photos...
Definitely a book you DO NOT want to miss.

secret of domestic bliss #36... marvelously decorated bookshelves

Nothing says pedigree better than a finely decorated and well stocked bookcase.
It gives the opportunity for people like me, who love looking at people's digs, an idea of who they are,
what you enjoy reading & what your interests are.
It says so much about you!
If you don't read at all, it is most certainly proper to showcase your fabulous dishware.
Whatever you fill your bookshelves with, make sure they are treasures that you are in love with.
(I'm just crazy for the ones above lined in black, simply gorgeous!)
I have always been inspired by the bookcase in Olivia Wilde's home. I love her style.
I just love the unexpected objects and typewriter as accessories.

It's brilliant to accessorize with vintage book collections, the colors are usually simlar.

When you can, I always suggest grouping in's such a sharp looking effect.

I also am a huge believer in strategically placing fabulous artwork, it can give your bookcase extreme personality.


The Art of to be a fabulous hostess for weekend guests

Want to be the most popular hostess for friends and family?
My must have key elements...
killer seating + plenty of reading material
I have found that this combination will have guests always feeling uber comfy in your home. They have time to themselves and who doesn't love getting into a good book. I always get rave reviews about my book and magazine collection, they always come back for more!


I am longing for a nice long vacation...lounging around in beautiful fabrics is what I am longing to do.
Recently, I have been inspired by the luxurious + bohemian Gypset style.
Give me some caftans, gladiator sandals and lots + lots of pillows.
done and done.
The book is a phenomenal read full of amazing photos and inspiring looks.
Get it here on sale.