Tablescape Tuesday: the decorista bookshelf

Holidays are for entertaining, dinner parties and creating fabulous home decor. As most of you can tell, I love the internet, but lately, I have been pulling inspiration from some of my favorite books and wanted to share them with you...
I will always love entertaining and home decor books. I love the big pictures and holding the books in my hand, turning the magical pages and I even love the smell of the fresh printed paper. Sitting on my sofa, having my coffee and tearing through these delightful pages...such domestic bliss! 
If you need some tabletop decor inspiration or just want to look at pretty things, GET THESE...
they are my most favorite. 
(do you have any books you LOVE? If so, leave a comment and let me know, would love more!)

Light X Design -- Bentley MeekerI was floored by this book that covers the portfolio of lighting design guru Bentley Meeker. I have never seen such amazing entertaining photos in my life. WOW!  The basic premise of how to light any space is illuminated here by a top expert. He shows  P Diddy's 40th birthday party, and the wedding of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. His impressive portfolio is sure to please the art, interior design, and professional and novice party planners alike.

Design for Entertaining -- Preston Bailey- This man rocks my world. He created this ultimate sourcebook guides the reader through the event planning process--from picking a theme, setting the mood, and transforming the space to details such as flowers, lighting, and table settings. 

Inspired Wedding -- Matthew Robbins'- I am maid of honor in a wedding in Feb and am obsessed with this book by Matthew Robbins, Martha Stewart’s right-hand wedding expert. He approaches each wedding design with an object that the couple finds meaningful, and in this inspirational guide, he shows you how to do the same. I love it.

Flair -- Joe Nye- Who doesn't love this JOE NYE? He is a master at style. Everyone I know refers to this book at least once for entertaining inspiration. 

Fabulous Parties- Mark Held- Packed with advice and inspiration from three of LA's most popular party planners. The relationship between food and flowers is clearly shown in this book with amazing photographs and will totally inspire the florist in you. 

Simple Stunning Parties at Home--Karen Busen- I absolutely LOVE this book. It breaks down the art of having parties at home into one jam packed guide. With easy to do DIY projects, it can help you make the perfect tabletop decor for your next event. 

{image via Matthew Robbins' book}