dining room delights...the perfect dining chair

Today, I've got lots to get ready for before the end of the weekend. The Architectural Digest NYC show is on and I am so excited to check it out. But before all of that goodness, I have to get a few friends over for a dinner party (on of my best friends is in town to visit) and we are needing some extra seating in here, asap. 
Lately, I'm into the look of patterned dining room chairs. In an otherwise plain room, a pop of pattern can give some energy and movement. I love how these greek key esque chairs look in this ultra sophisticated dining room. However, not only do graphic patterns go well, great color and fabulous textures can do amazing things too. 

Some of my favorite dining room chairs...

loving this "liv-chic" space and the woodson & rummerfield green velvet chairs. GORGEOUS! 


The Art of Living...how to be a fabulous hostess for weekend guests

Want to be the most popular hostess for friends and family?
My must have key elements...
killer seating + plenty of reading material
I have found that this combination will have guests always feeling uber comfy in your home. They have time to themselves and who doesn't love getting into a good book. I always get rave reviews about my book and magazine collection, they always come back for more!

tablescape tuesdays

Lately I have been drawn to the beauty of clear glass as the ultimate household staple...
Glassware can make such a difference when pairing with the perfect china and flowers.
I love changing colors up all the time (its the decorista side of me) and the perfect
way to ensure my success is by having a few bits of clear glass up my hostessing sleeves.
I will be ready for every occasion. 

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hostess with the mostess

Right now I prepping for my holiday party tomorrow night. 
Lot's to do...
Champage to buy, napkin rings to pull out, flowers to arrange, and shoes to match my new outfit I got for the occasion.
Tomorrow the guests will arrive, and not only will I be wearing a glamorous outfit, 
I will be wearing one of my most favorite aprons.
But, sadly, I am desperately wishing I had a new one. 
Jessie Steele makes my favorite accessories for the hostess. 
You cannot miss her stuff.
Check her website out, they make the perfect gift for any hostess....trust me!