Art is the gift that keeps on giving...

For all of you photographers out there + amazing art collectors, I dedicate this post to you.
Bob Willoughby passed away this weekend. During his career, he made a huge impression on the entertainment industry with his photographs. He even had a very close + personal relationship with Audrey Hepburn, one of my favorite Hollywood starlets.
His photographs bring the old hollywood to any wall they are displayed. 
These invaluable pieces are worth more than gold. 
To my designers, this is a perfect way to add glamour to any room and they are on my christmas wishlist.
Maybe a wee bit out of my personal price range, but a girl can dream right???

the fantastic original prints are shown at the gallery at which I work
{pick up yours for the holidays}

hostess with the mostess

Right now I prepping for my holiday party tomorrow night. 
Lot's to do...
Champage to buy, napkin rings to pull out, flowers to arrange, and shoes to match my new outfit I got for the occasion.
Tomorrow the guests will arrive, and not only will I be wearing a glamorous outfit, 
I will be wearing one of my most favorite aprons.
But, sadly, I am desperately wishing I had a new one. 
Jessie Steele makes my favorite accessories for the hostess. 
You cannot miss her stuff.
Check her website out, they make the perfect gift for any me!