Lately Loving...

After spending my long and lovely weekend in Shelter Island, I can't help but feel like I want to bring the style back to the city with me. All summer I have been loving moments of white, nudes and golds in my home and in my life. Here are a few key things I am looking to add to my world...
1.Striped Sailor Tank
2.DVF crochet dress
3. White Tilly Chandelier
4.Tory Burch Wedges zebra tray
6. Harry Allen Piggy bank
7.White perforated MK bag

Gold framing is everything...

Recently, a client of mine came to me with two pieces of art passed down from her mother. She was very reluctant to use these in her home because they were a bit outdated. However, these two pieces were absolutely beautiful, they just needed to be re-framed...

 Let me break it down to you all, any art can be brought to life with a really good frame job. I mean you could pretty much frame a piece of trash and with the right frame, it will look like magic. I am not downplaying good art. I love artwork more than most people do, I just want to also give credit where credit is due and framing is key to great art on walls! 
 This collection of photos is to show just how much I love a good gold frame. They are slightly expensive and hard to find, but I happen to know a very big retailer that will be coming out with a massive collection of gorgeous gold frames at great prices this coming fall. So keep your eyes out, once they launch I will spread the news. (I've been sworn to secrecy)
 I am just loving how these plain white walls look just magical with good gold framing everywhere. It really just takes everything to the next level. I am all about this look. So, take some art to the local framers and revamp it in will thank me later. 

all images via flippen


This summer is becoming such a busy time and I am loving every minute of it. A current project...
I am working on is loaded with color, purples, blues, reds, gold, teals, and on and on. I love chasing color combinations with all my heart. However, we are coming up with a new look for a new client and right now I am inspired by gold.
If I could create my perfect living situation right now, it would look a little something like this...a dramatic staircase with a big golden chandelier. A soft bedroom retreat with all neutral tones and gorgeous oversized gold lamps on my bedside. A romantic little area for my perfumes, florals and candles are a must. 
 The living room would be cozy with hints of Paris and whimsical pieces like a disco ball in place of a chandelier...
 and a modern kitchen with such out of control gold glamour that I wouldn't even want to leave.
To finish it off a closet that screams "lets get dressed"! The golden yellow tufted ottoman is everything. 

images found randomly on this blog.


I am putting the finishing touches on my bedroom as we speak and there is just one more thing I have to find...the perfect gold piece. I want something like one of these gorgeous, gold and glamorous pieces for above my bed. I've been searching online, in the city and elsewhere. Hopefully soon I can find one.

 I've always loved the look above the bed like this...beautiful! 

Fresh apartment inspiration...

All I can do is think about...
new apartment decor. It literally is an all consuming obsession, I've got no shame to my game. As you all know, I have been thinking of a warm and neutral living area but when I saw this little living room...I might have changed my mind. This adorable living room is mostly neutral with splashes of pastel color and gold. I am really into this look right now.
Look at the hardwood floors. I can't get over the beauty of all the gold fixtures in the kitchen either, thats some mighty good looking hardware. I wish my new landlord would let me have at the plain fixtures in my new kitchen. Ugh, the joys of renting...
I really enjoy this little office nook. Small enough for this space yet ample desk and eating area. Notice the brass pineapple figurines. Just like mine. Love those little cuties! I kinda want to create something like this in my new space.

images via achados

My ELLE DECOR favorite room of 2012-- gold ceilings...

A while back Elle Decor approached myself and 30 other designers to pick our favorite room of 2012. At first I was thinking to myself, "there is NO way I could pick just one". Until I laid eyes on this gorgeous bar area and remembered how much I loooove it. First, I am always a fan of dark grey walls and wallpaper is always a win. The part that really gets me is the gold ceiling, I am a super fan of gold ceilings and grey walls...If it was an outfit, I think it just might be my staple look....

And last but not least, my very favorite project that I ever worked on...

rooms: 1-Richard Mishaan, 2-unkown, 3-shuistyle 4- ashlina kaposta 5- mary macdonald

office space of the day...MY PLUM DESIGN

I don't think I have seen a desk this good in a while. I need this Coco Desk by my plum design immediately, if not sooner. 
hardwood floors + big windows + cream silk drapes + aqua blue accessories + the perfect desk =
domestic bliss
see the magic of this desk...

 It can double as a vanity and work space. It has a hidden keyboard drawer to keep things looking chic and glamorous. The brass and white combo just makes it rich and oh so fancy! 
images via my plum design.

Holiday Fireplace decorating...

I'm just loving all of the holiday cheer going on right now. However, my adorable little apartment has no room for a tree. So I have to get really clever with my fireplace mantle. I've been looking for simple yet chic ways to adorn my sweet fireplace without going overboard. So, I found some beautiful inspiration and of course, I want to go for gold...

I love the look of golden and white candles, it gives off such a soft and lovely amber glow. 
 And sometimes, all you need is a simple green wreath and it does the job just fine. 
So, this Christmas, should I go for a simple wreath or gold and white candles???

images found here + here.


Okay, after this years color of the year announcement, I have really come to terms with the fact that my favorite color is GOLD. I know its not the normal favorite color like blue or orange but I really just have this love affair with gold. If you have seen my work, you know I am a fan of painting ceilings gold or adding the metallic color the bottom of your dining table. I love and I just can't get enough of it. Especially in home decor accents...

I was taking the time to look through Elle Decor's lookbook and it occurred to me that all of the rooms with beautiful gold and brass accents were my absolute favorite shots. How amazing is this large round coffee table? I literally would do anything to get my hands on one of these. 
I love gold bases. The bottom of these small side tables in this living room are so perfectly touched with just the right amount of gold. Again, in this glossy black dining room, the gold base of this glass table is just stunning. 

Not to mention, gold lighting, gold chairs and gold finishes are all incredible accessories for any room. Talk about adding the perfect amount of glamour. So very decorista!
all images via Elle Decor lookbook

bliss in the kitch' and copper with Marjourie Skouras

My heart always melts for any sort of metallics in the home and this adorable little kitchen just makes me weak in the knees. A white stove with gold details...whaaaaat!? I can't even explain how amazing this is. Where would one find such an indescribably good sort of thing? Not only is the stove marvelous, this woman has a collection of copper pots and pans that would make any domestic gal go gaga! Oh, and that mirror...

I have only shown you a few pictures of her rich and lusciously layered spread but if you want to peep more of this womans style see her home tour on Apartment Therapy here.

A peek inside Kelly Wearstler's Melrose shop

I just love going back to LA, my time there was so good! I got to see my favorite people and visit a few of my favorite places. One place in particular I had been dying to see was the new Kelly Wearstler boutique on Melrose. I am beyond ecstatic that Kelly went from interior designer to fashion designer, which is such a rare feat. Incredibly inspiring, (I can totally remember graduating from college and moving to LA to be the next Kelly Wearstler...still working on that,ahem.). Anyway, I just love this woman and her glam edginess...

Pardon my photos, they are the best my little iphone could capture. The styling in the store is just beyond. While I love the clothes and accessories, all I could marvel at were the furnishings and styling. The entryway is pure glamour and the marble walls are incredibly chic. 
Little accessories in white, black and gold (my favorite color combination) were throughout the store. 
 The chicest part, the dressing rooms. Antique mirrored walls and gold light fixtures next to gold art. I just can't get enough of her style. If you haven't been yet, you MUST GO! 
A few of my favorite things...

Style-icious Sunday: Summertime travel essentails

My bags are packed and today I am off to Las Vegas Market. I'm beyond excited to reunite with my favorite people in our lovely design community. There is gonna be some serious fun happening. As I was packing things, I realized how much I love gold and nudes. They are my staples for my summer wardrobe. Michael Kors makes the best accessories to travel with. Everything goes with gold of course! 

needing. wanting. loving. GOLD LIGHTING

As I am putting the finishing touches on a current project bathroom, I have become obsessed with lighting for the kitchen and bath. I am seriously shopping around like a mad woman for the perfect thing and I honestly am hopelessly in love with GOLD lighting. It's just so beautiful and glamorous and gives such special love to whatever room it sits in...

I absolutely love these vintage brass flower pendants. So pretty! 

I just love this Arteriors lamp, its definitely one of my favorites...

images via shelter. dress, design, decorpinterest....

House Tour: Inside the home of Nina Bergsten

Nina idea who this woman is but her style is OH SO VERY chic. Stockholm is her home, so she has that Swedish style on lock. White walls, white furnishings with bits of black and rustics in the mix. What I love most is the touch of pretty pastels added throughout which really give the masculine look such a soft, feminine touch. Its perfection in my book...
How stylish is this woman? I think I need that sweater ASAP.

Images via RESIDENCE

tablescape tuesday...elements of entertaining with glam gold

Each year as the new year begins I get so excited to start afresh with everything, including a new age. My birthday is 8 days after the new year, so it always feels like turning one year older is a whole new slate, a whole new chapter of life. This year I want to be super low key, but this tabletop seriously has me reconsidering and having a glam birthday dinner like sasha's pretty inspiration...
Wouldn't this just be the most gorgeous birthday dinner setting???

bliss in the kitch'...mixing wood + metallics

Over the holiday I got to catch up with a few of my favorite blogs and found a new love for warm metallics in the kitchen. I love the idea of mixing, rose gold, gold and brushed silver fixtures. I also love a good stainless steel countertop and appliances. My client and I will be playing all week trying to come up with the perfect combination...

for the perfect look, I am taking a cue from a few of my fave pinterests
I love the big wood planks on the floor mixed with a rustic grey-ish cabinetry. It's very cute country but still a bit modern with that GORGEOUS glass faced fridge. 
No exposed woods here but a very pretty mix of deep brass, bright gold + a pop of aluminum. love.
the second i saw this photo on debby's blog, I freaked. The black wood countertop + brass fixture look, mixed in with marble walls and brushed silver drawer pulls and copper and aluminum pots and pans. It's perfection.
they are all so pretty. my heart sings songs of decorista joy! 


Hello darlings! Another slew of my most favorite things I have found while shopping for clients...

I have been searching everywhere for this Kate Spade Cloverdale Vase and finally found it. 
With the colder weather in NYC I want to have my apartment full of big, glossy books like Vogue, The Covers 
Gold Nugget bookends are such a gem-tastic way to punch up my new desk.
This gorgeous gold + black swirl work of art by Anna Coroneo is at the top of my wishlist for amazing art! I am obsessed, its the perfect look.
#LiveSparkly Gold Pillow...need I say more?
Zgallerie Bryant Frames are so art deco and I LOVE that about them.
MOR candle in Gardenia, it's my favorite everyday scent.