Now ordinarily I would call this type of post an "office space of the day", this room deserves all of that credit and then some...
So, I really thought I owe it to the designer, Suzanne Eason, to break down my affections for this room. This particular office was decorated for a Holiday House, its not a real persons office. I just think its so wild, different and fresh...I have been looking for some new inspiration and I think this office did just that for me.
 The wallpaper is so fun and artsy, I am really digging it. It pairs perfectly with the dramatic blue velvet drapery and the details of the valence...gorgeous! Oh, and to top this off, the gorgeous serpent rug just seals the deal. This is the year of the snake after all. 

images via suzanne eason


Let the inspiration just continue to flow. How about this home of a powerhouse interior designer + photographer couple. Hello, such a winning combination and their home... well its more than stellar. 
The dark floors, the dark walls and the above average light fixtures absolutely took my breath away. Not to mention this home is in Australia, one of my absolute most favorite places in the world...

images via ChelseaHing; photography by nike

Elements of Eclectic Glamour

When people ask me to define my style, I always say "eclectic glamour". I think because I love so many looks and styles, its so hard for me to really define. The one thing I know is that I love glamorous things and I love the finer things. Perhaps thats why I love vintage + antiques so much, most of the time these things are made with such care and high quality. I rarely find an interior that really does eclectic quite like I like but Nicole Hanley's apartment featured in vogue did something I am completely into...

White I am not the biggest fan of yellow, I can't help but love the little touches of yellow throughout her space. It adds vibrancy and color to the mix. I've been seeing neon in acrylic so much lately and that adorable ashtray on her coffee table is probably my favorite thing in the space, aside from the glamorous kitten artwork. 
These black doors with yellow insets are oh so rad. Very "outside the box". Which brings out an eclectic edge. Her abounding art collection also nods to modern and the eclectic mix gives you that sophisticated feeling. To top off the look that golden obelisk paired with the marble eggs adds style, swagger and keeps it very glamorous! 
images via

House Tour: Inside the home of Nina Bergsten

Nina idea who this woman is but her style is OH SO VERY chic. Stockholm is her home, so she has that Swedish style on lock. White walls, white furnishings with bits of black and rustics in the mix. What I love most is the touch of pretty pastels added throughout which really give the masculine look such a soft, feminine touch. Its perfection in my book...
How stylish is this woman? I think I need that sweater ASAP.

Images via RESIDENCE

office space of the day...exotic prints in the workspace

I am having a curiously strong attraction to exotic patterns lately. They are so on my radar. How incredibly chic is the pattern-a-licious work space?
Gorgeous exotic pattern + painted green desk + inspiration board + old school typewriter=
domestic bliss

how fab are leopard stairs? I swear they will always be in style. 
I am a long time fan of zebra print in any color. I love these delicious drapes.
The mix of tiger print and tortiseshell. AMAZINGNESS!

Style-icious Sunday {Gaudy and Glamorous Gypset Style}

As the days get warmer and warmer here in the city, more colors are coming out. As many of you know by now I am absolutely in love with color! Color makes me think of travel, luxury and decadence. All that is on my mind right now is that bohemian, gorgeous and glamorous 'gypset style'. Colorful fabrics, flowing caftans, beautiful prints, shimmering metallics, and lots and lots of layers. Can't you just imagine vanilla and jasmin candles burning, hearing the waves crash outside your window and sipping tea atop layers of lush pillows. So dreamy! 


needing. wanting. loving. {metallic earthy glamour}

Talk about love at first sight. This gorgeous Sequoia console from Zgallerie has literally taken my breath away. I want it immediately if not sooner. Gorgeous and glamorous and earthy...this console has got some serious soul. It's every bit the eclectic glamour that I feel is my personal look. This is essential for my new apartment, it has me thinking of a whole new decor scheme. I got it bad for this boy. 

style-icious Sunday {eclectic panache}

 There is something about these NYC streets and the fashion that saturates them. Each outfit is so very different than the next. It inspires me in that I remember not everything has to be so "put-together". Eclectic style is every bit as stylish as the next, and probably a lot more inspiring than others. 
Today I just want to luxuriate in the rooms that are inspired by this kind of look. Curious, colorful and filled with mixings of the most fabulous of textiles (suzanis + furs + plush velvets, oh my). 

images via... monicarose. houzzfullhouse

my style formula...Eclectic Glamour

Inspired my Sketch42's Nicole & her fabulous post about her style formula, 
I decided to share mine with you...I define my style as 

one part feminine romance...
one part bold & decadent color (like Miles Redd)
part tradition & sophistication (like Mary McDonald)
a hint of shine & gold (like Kelly Wearstler)
and tons of vintage glamour (like Woodson & Rummerfield)!
and just a teeny bit of trendy
its totally hard to define...because I really love it all!