Wallcolor Wednesday: Cobalt blue

While I am here in Las Vegas, at market, I am fully inspired by all of the color...
Mixing bold hues of blue seems to be totally on trend this year and I am loving every minute of it. The perfect blue room for me would be done in something a little like this bold cobalt glossy blue. How incredible does it look with a gorgeous coral sofa?

Pinks, golds and a plush white rug really set the ground work for all of this eclectic beauty. I adore the chic sconces, too. I also love the pop of that sea foam green in fabrics. This is one of the most chic home offices I have ever seen. 

An Upper East Side jewel box...

 Marie-Hélène de Taillac, a fabulous jewelry designer, probably has the most adorable apartment in Manhattan. AD France captured her space and its really rocking my world right now...

 How incredibly chic is she? I adore the shade of blue and the way the hot pink just pops. I love the big mirror too, it completely opens up the space. 
All the mirrored finishes in this space are key too, the light fixtures just rock it.
Oh, and this bathroom wallpaper. Oh, yes.

images via AD France


This Memorial Day, I am feeling like super recharged and ready.
I'm excited for summer and I have lots of things coming up to look forward to, new work projects, lots of travel and even new hobbies that I have taken on. I'm feeling like the second half of the year is all about MORE.
Which is why I wasn't surprised how fabulous this living room shot was for me. A mirror in More...hello! 
 I love The Hamptons, especially the big beautiful homes with outdoor spreads that you just could never even imagine in the city. It's the perfect time to relax, stretch your legs and enjoy yourself. 
This home would be one that I would love to do just that in. 
 Keeping with that beachy, white wall look, they really stepped up the decor game with fresh modern elements. Pops of blue and aqua colors abound but with super swagger. Like for instance these modern light sconces. A sofa with tufts like I have never seen and a kitchen with the more gorgeous blue modern finish. The more mirror and that mirrored kitchen island, those are just the cherries on the top.  Oh, and that cool mirrored art with funky warm colors, that is pretty much the most rad part of this house...it had me at hello. Seriously.

images via Elle Decor. photography by Simon Upton

the weekend blues...

As I prepare for this holiday weekend and get ready for my Christmas plans I can't help but think about my family back in Texas and how much I am going to miss them this year. It's okay though, I have some very special plans in the city to keep me busy. But, I'll definitely be thinking about my grandmother and how much she loves the color blue, especially when it comes to interiors. So today my post is in honor of her...

Blue is always great for a bedroom or bathroom, so very cozy and relaxing. I always love how Kelly Wearstler does blue. This bar is so chic is blue and yellow. 
Something like this blue glossy accent wall is perfect for a rental apartment. Easy to do but packs a lot of punch! 
One of my favorite hotels in nyc is the Mondrian soho. They take blue to a whole other level...

images as follows:
Peter Mikic//Kelly Wearstler//Stephen Gambrel//Jenny UK//Jenny Hill Interiors//Mary Macdonald

INSPIRED: Modern French Decor in Architectural Digest

While I am in France, I am hoping to be inspired beyond belief. I mean, you all probably know by know that I am just thirsting for something new in home decor and interiors. So, when I was perusing around my favorite blogs, I found a French pad on viva full house that probably re invented my style and everything that I love. This incredible space is designed by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran who together make Dimore Studio...
Check out this insane style...

I love love love the different shades of blue on the walls. When I worked for Woodson and Rummerfield, they did the same kind of thing in a swanky hollywood pad once and it rocked my world. Look at the woods, art, sculptures, pops of pink (hello my favorite), lighting fixtures, etc. I mean swooooooon. 
This amazing Aztec style wallpaper is just beyond. I can't even deal. Just look at the bright gold hardware in contrast to the blue bathroom. It's beyond amazing, right?


Pardon my lack of posting these last few days. After my trip back home to Texas, I came home with the flu. It's incredibly difficult to even move, let alone compose a blog post. In an effort to not let my most loved people in the world, you, my readers, down, I thought I'd share a few blue bedrooms. Because thats the color of my bedroom at my grandmothers house. (thanks for all the sweet comments about her by the way, she LOVED them) Being sick in bed all day is no fun, but in these gorgeous bedrooms, a day in bed could very well be blissful...

So inspiring. Blue doesn't have to just be painted on the walls to make an impact. There are so many ways to incorporate the gorgeous color. My grandmothers favorite color is blue and she once told me...
"you must always have one blue room in your house. It will be your favorite place to escape to"

images via bedroom bliss...

Tablescape Tuesday: summertime soiree with blue + white

Blue + white china is completely classic and will always work in any kind of situation. When in doubt of what to do for a summertime tablescape, this look will ALWAYS be effortlessly chic...

I have been collecting blue and white pieces forever, so keep your eyes out and when you spot something grab it. If you are into entertaining, or even if you aren't, I totally recommend keeping a collection in your home. You never know when it might come in handy. You can throw some flowers in the vase for an easy centerpiece in a flash. No matter what color you mix with, it's always in season


WALLCOLOR WEDNESDAY...the baby blues

This weekend I spent some time with my grandmother who I absolutely adore. We had a conversation about decorating and she shared with me that her most favorite color on the walls in pretty baby blue. I immediately agreed and gushed over my recent affections for the sweet pastel hue. I happen to think it works marvelously in the bedroom, because it's so serene and relaxing...

I find that most rooms have a bit of French style in the mix somehow and my most favorite of all is when its mixed with gold and bits of red. So incredibly gorgeous and eclectic.

images 1/2/3//4/5

office space of the day... fit for a hip chick

There is so much goodness still to share from the last issue of Lonny.
gorgeous desk lamp + fun inspiration board + perfectly pink and glass desk + sexy shape seating = 
domestic bliss
More things in Lonny that I LOVED...

Loving the moments of turquoise in the magazine, I am thinking there is a resurgence of blue moments happening...
  That brass lamp. If you have been reading me for a while, you know I used one in my FL project and I have been in love with them every since. So good! That blue statue too is the perfect dash of eccentric kelly wearstler style glamour. 
 I love the styling in this little fireplace vignette...
 Hello Parisian citrus magic.
 Lately I am loving some blue and white pieces mixed in, this look never goes out of style.
images via lonny mag by patrick cline.

office space of the day...black, white, bold and blue

white walls + black accents + bit of zebra + pops of pretty blue =
domestic bliss
Loving this uber chic home of Stacey Cohen, an incredibly cool Toronto designer. I have seen this spread going around the web for a while now but for some reason as the warmer weather approaches, I am loving pops of bold color. My favorite part is that its just ONE color, not lots of them. It keeps it crisp and clean...so very Mary Mcdonald bold. I just love everything about it.
I really do love bold contrasts of white molding on dark color. This faux headboard is the perfect example of that. Very easy to recreate this look at home. Be inspired. 
spotted on MDB via style at home

art + room: a little bit abstract

beautiful shaped sideboard + delicate lamp + black wall + pretty pink abstract artwork=
domestic bliss
Right now I can not get enough of great abstract pieces of art in the home. I think I might need some for my apartment.
I go crazy for the contrast of this artwork against this busy floral vintage wallpaper. 
even if the art is just leaned against the fireplace...it makes for an incredibly chic addition.

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Wallcolor Wednesday {the bold and the beautiful, royal blue}

This week, I decided to spend the week in the Hamptons...
I needed to get out of the city, badly. The earthquake in NYC yesterday was such craziness. A little spooky. Being out here in this gorgeous, small beach town, I am constantly seeing the most lovely shades of blue. My heart just adores it! Light blue skies, deep blue waters, pretty aqua pools, and the most beautiful blooms. Blues are the epitome of coastal living so I thought, why not highlight deep blue walls today.

This blue living room could totally be a Hamptons living room. Very traditional and preppy, I love the sophistication and style. 

wallcolor Wednesday...lovely and dark blue

Oh the deliciousness of dark blue. Normally, I would shy away from this color on the walls because its a little intense but... not today. I am incredibly attracted to this lovely hue of blue. Every other color just pops right off the dark color and looks rich. Such drama and sophistication are these spaces because of the color on the walls. Insanely chic, I LOVE it.

office space of the day... matchbook mag + girlie blues

fabulous and useful white desk + cute captains chairs + graphic blue curtains + purple tote bag=
domestic bliss

I absolutely adore the latest issue of Matchbook Mag. Such a lively and fun issue. What I love most is the abundance of the many beautiful shades of blue throughout the issue. Makes me want to do everything blue. I am absolutely re-invigorated for a project I am working on right now. Thank goodness for the fun mag, I am so inspired!!!!!

Wallcolor Wednesday... lovely light blue

There are so many color options for walls that just the thought of painting a new apartment is daunting. Luckily, I am already leaning in one particular direction...right now I am entranced by the beautiful bright colors of spring but for some reason I am loving lovely light almost a pastel, tiffany blue on the walls. It's incredibly calming and serene and everything you need for a beautiful room this spring.