An Upper East Side jewel box...

 Marie-Hélène de Taillac, a fabulous jewelry designer, probably has the most adorable apartment in Manhattan. AD France captured her space and its really rocking my world right now...

 How incredibly chic is she? I adore the shade of blue and the way the hot pink just pops. I love the big mirror too, it completely opens up the space. 
All the mirrored finishes in this space are key too, the light fixtures just rock it.
Oh, and this bathroom wallpaper. Oh, yes.

images via AD France

ANIMALISTIC by Todd Alexander Romano

I just love a good Manhattan apartment. Yesterday while meeting a friend for dinner in her building, I ran into a designer friend of mine who had just finished a new project...
It was so good, I just didn't want to leave the place. It brought me to the realization that some seriously good apartment interiors exist in this city and are being created new every day.
 One apartment I would just die to get a peek into is this apartment of Todd Alexander Romano, a fabulous little decorator. Everything about this space is oh so chic. I love the modern fireplace against the smoky glass mirrored wall. Hello glamour! White walls and yellow curtains are such a cheery backgrop for all the deep and rich accents around the room. The tiger print covered chair for example. Now that is hot. 
 Nevermind that the rest of the accent walls are vivid citrus colors and mega glossy. Ugh. It's just so darn fabulous. His choice of art pieces is really well curated too. I love the mix of cheeky photos and great modern art. 
 Now this is an entryway a girl could come home to with attitude. Taking note of all the black/blue combinations, ie. the lamp and the chairs. 
Yep. in love.

images via elle decor, design by todd alexander romano, photography by william abranowicz


This Memorial Day, I am feeling like super recharged and ready.
I'm excited for summer and I have lots of things coming up to look forward to, new work projects, lots of travel and even new hobbies that I have taken on. I'm feeling like the second half of the year is all about MORE.
Which is why I wasn't surprised how fabulous this living room shot was for me. A mirror in More...hello! 
 I love The Hamptons, especially the big beautiful homes with outdoor spreads that you just could never even imagine in the city. It's the perfect time to relax, stretch your legs and enjoy yourself. 
This home would be one that I would love to do just that in. 
 Keeping with that beachy, white wall look, they really stepped up the decor game with fresh modern elements. Pops of blue and aqua colors abound but with super swagger. Like for instance these modern light sconces. A sofa with tufts like I have never seen and a kitchen with the more gorgeous blue modern finish. The more mirror and that mirrored kitchen island, those are just the cherries on the top.  Oh, and that cool mirrored art with funky warm colors, that is pretty much the most rad part of this had me at hello. Seriously.

images via Elle Decor. photography by Simon Upton


 This weather is feeling mighty good lately and I am loving every minute of it. 
 In terms of decor, I am being moved lately by the look of the well decorated beach house...
White walls always look good in a beach home, especially when paired with white floors. Soft colors go so well at the beach, especially the lighter shades of blue. It's such a relaxing look and thats what is most important when you come in after a long day in the sun, right?
 I can't wait to get to the Hamptons this summer, I am in need of some serious sunshine and serious square footage. 

 As I said recently, I am in love with adding green leaves to the home in any way, shape or form. Like the actual plants or event prints above the bed look chic too. 
 This is such a fun way to display art and family photos. It looks so chic and well styled. 
This little outdoor section is just calling my name today. I love being inspired by images of beach homes, it just gets me in such a good mood. 

decor images: the home of paula joye

How to live like a lady in Paris {lee radziwill style}

I love Valentines day. It's all about loving things, especially the home...
There is nothing I love more than loving my home. It's so special to me, achieving domestic bliss is my lifelong purpose. It's so good. So when the NY times decided to grace us with the lovely Parisian lady space of Lee Radziwill, and she happens to be Jackie Kennedy's sister.
I am captivated by her home. White walls (hello, my new obsession) and a bright pink sofa. Two killer elements for a femme space. Not to mention the gorgeous light blue curtains, beautiful chinoiserie chairs, and 11 framed botanical prints on the main wall. It's so bright and fun and perfect for entertaining with 2 seating areas for killer conversations. 
Her bedroom is lovely and simple for deep sleeps and those gigantic topiaries outside on the balcony are insanely good. Love them. Who doesn't love piles and piles of light pink roses mixed with the most gorgeous flowers. One way to enjoy your space, lots and lots of flowers. Read more about this fabulous  + fascinating woman here
Happy Valentines Day. 

My latest muse...Athena Calderone {via Harpers Bazaar}

Lately I have affections for Brooklyn. There are some amazing doors and amazing places to shop for vintage furniture, great restaurants, etc. So, when I stumbled up this completely hip interior designers Brooklyn abode, I almost fell out of my seat. Athena Calderone is a designer AND blogger, HELLO, love herThis kind of NY edge is right up my alley. How ridiculously amazing is this Brooklyn bungalow...

I love how modern it is and I love the large windows, too. Bright sunlight is essential for me in any space but in this space in particular it makes everything just shine. Especially in this outrageously gorgeous kitchen. I also am a sucker for using gray in any space, oversized art, pops of gold, tufting, eccentric lighting, and pieces that mix white and wood. 
images via Christopher Sturman for Harpers Bazaar

How to live chic in New York...Lonny Magazine style

As most of you know, my obsession with the doors of my wonderful city just had me on one...I. cant. stop. Every time I snap a photo of a new door, my imagination runs wild with what could be inside these incredible apartment spaces. Every once and a while someone has their drapes pulled back and you can see inside and gaze at the lovely decor. I love this, but hank goodness for Lonny mag, who gave me a glimpse inside one of the most fabulously decorated NYC apartments I have seen in a while...

An ultra fabulous gal Jessika Goranson, tricked out her upper east side apartment with some serious panache. Layers and super chic accessories make this apartment all about the details. I really love the way she styled it up. First. WALLPAPERED HALLWAYS. I think it's such a good idea. In my own apartment I painted my hallway with stripes, it makes the whole area seem bigger. 
POPS OF PINK. Her style is pretty feminine but its not too over the top. This pop of pink is perfect, don't you think?
 She styles things up really well and has a collection of dogs and little figurines would that make any true traditional decorista swoon.
 Alas, a perfectly decorated hallway for New York City and a collection of horse art, that just seals the deal. So very upper east side and so very swanky. Fab job Jess.
images via Patrick Cline for Lonny...

CAMILLA and MARC for VOGUE Australia

Camilla Freeman Topper. My new style muse has literally perfect the art of mixing modern contemporary, feminine and rustic french decor styles and making is look incredibly chic. The designer  from Camilla and Marc just has a style all her very own. The pink chesterfield sofa just had me at hello and mixing it with a bit of zebra and neon hued artwork, its absolutely genius. I have a new Christmas wish, this home decor, I want it all! 

for the rest of the home tour...

images courtesy of vogue austrailia

INSPIRED: Modern French Decor in Architectural Digest

While I am in France, I am hoping to be inspired beyond belief. I mean, you all probably know by know that I am just thirsting for something new in home decor and interiors. So, when I was perusing around my favorite blogs, I found a French pad on viva full house that probably re invented my style and everything that I love. This incredible space is designed by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran who together make Dimore Studio...
Check out this insane style...

I love love love the different shades of blue on the walls. When I worked for Woodson and Rummerfield, they did the same kind of thing in a swanky hollywood pad once and it rocked my world. Look at the woods, art, sculptures, pops of pink (hello my favorite), lighting fixtures, etc. I mean swooooooon. 
This amazing Aztec style wallpaper is just beyond. I can't even deal. Just look at the bright gold hardware in contrast to the blue bathroom. It's beyond amazing, right?

Monday Musings: Hollywood Glamour

Mondays for me are all about gearing up for the week and getting new ideas and inspiration to go for. As I reflect upon my apartment decor I can remember one of my inspiration images on my moodboard.  I love Hollywood Glamour and keeping things neutral and very pretty. Every part of this apartment speaks to my romantic soul...

I love an office with a mirrored desk of course and a wood chair is the perfect way to offset the shine. 
Her soft colored walls, hints of pastels and warm lighting really make the place come together with a glowing romantic vibe. 
I also love the styling in this vignette. It's very Hollywood Regency incorporated with a hint of tradition. I absolutely love it. Those chairs really make me swoon. 
To top it off, the touches of black in the dining room make it very hotel like. That chinoiserie style screen also have my complete affections. Hello Hollywood! 
{all photos via Apartment Theraphy, photographs by Bethany Nauert}

A Manhattan Apartment with girlie swag {via Vogue}

Since yesterday we went all the way masculine, today I thought I'd throw back a little pink into the mix. I always love a good girlie space and this one takes the cake. Pink walls and super glam accessories right in the heart of my beloved New York's so right up my alley. The homeowner, Alina Cho. A completely stylish Manhattanite. I am absolutely blown away by her apartment. Take a look with me at this space as shares her apartment with Vogue...

Her entryway kills me with that leopard runner, dark chocolate walls and pretty pink silk chairs. 
She mixed in accents of gold with super style.

How incredibly chic is that clear coffee table? So glamorous. She mixes metallics with such panache, I just love it. 
The dining room with accents of green was such a great touch too. This color combo is just perfection.
images via Vogue..photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank

HOME TOUR: Pretty Styling Magic

I am just smitten with this fabulous apartment. The busy fabrics, bold dashes of hot pink, mix of vintage and modern pieces. Completely gives you an idea of how white walls can really work! The black chesterfield sofa is incredibly stylish and works some masculinity into the feminine panache...

The home belongs Kimberly Steward + was designed by Marcus Hay....
uber stylish New York City people.
Pink walls + gold chandelier...a winning combination.
images via + photos by Jonny Viliant

Office space of the, gold and zebra

pops of pink + pretty chandelier + butter leather chair + inspiration board + zebra rug =
domestic bliss
See more of this fabulous home.....

 I just love the colors in this home. Blue in the bedroom, green in the living room...there is so much color variety without being overbearing. I enjoy that very much. 
 Oh, and can we just talk about the lighting in this home. So glamorous and so good! 

 These pretty white x-stools as a coffee table, how clever is this decorator? I love the way they look.

images via nicety.

Glamour Kitten...Leslie Pritchard & House Tour

I am still coming of my Dallas high y'all...
I just met so many incredible people and I wanted to share a few more with you. Yesterday I shared with you that I got to hang with Leslie Pritchard at the event and she was just so stylish (her outfit was out of control chic), smart and uber successful. Her vintage shops Again & Again are off the hook. Which lead me to be super curious as to what her home looks like...

My new friend Hilary (who was also a blast to have at the event), was lucky enough to capture Leslie's home and now I get to share with all of you. It's incredibly fabulous, just like Leslie herself.
The master bedroom has gorgeous peachy hues that are accompanied by severely chic modern accessories. I couldn't love anything more.
The guest bedroom is quite the opposite...dreamy blues and still so beautiful.
a little moment of bliss in the kitch'
and now the living room lover...
Her style is fab, no? Check out the rest of her home here on Hilary Inspired (she takes great pics)

House Tour: BUSY PHILLIPS at home in InStyle Mag with SPI Design

 I have long been a huge fan of actress Busy Phillips. She is funny, cool and now that I see her home decor, I know she is a girl after my own heart (see above quote). Peep with me, inside her amazing Hollywood Hills home...

The girls from SPI Design (awesome girlfriends of mine from LA) are not only sweet and stylish but really showed their skills and sense of design humor in this home. Notice the big birdcage in the foyer, so chic. Busy definitely got the creme of the crop to decorate her hip LA pad. She lives in the heart of the hills in this pad with her husband and adorable daughter, Birdie. I just can't think of a cuter name...
 Now how glam is this mirrored vanity in her bedroom...very decorista! She doesn't miss a beat with the fur placed perfectly on the ghost chair.
Oh, and I love the tan detail on the white roman shades, too.
The living room is pretty tailored and relaxed but the pretty silk pillows really gives a good pop of fun fabric and color.
 Loving the exotic rug in the kitchen...hello, I can't get away from these bad boys.
 The dining room. SO PRETTY. Love the collection of vintage mirrors on the right. Very clever.

House Tour: Photographer Douglas Friedman Bachelor Pad

We all seriously can still remember the pages of Domino magazine like they were yesterday, no? Well, this is the uber chic bachelor pad of none other than one of Domino's best photographers...
Douglas Friedman. Judging by this man's space, he must be incredibly cool. Then again, he did work for Domino mag. I am thanking my lucky stars that Refinery 29  shares his space with us, it's my bachelor pad day dream...
I am just dying to do a project like this. I am absolutely in LOVE with masculine decor and his NYC apartment is right on point. I love the deep grey walls and plethora of edgy art gracing so many of the walls. His mixture of textiles also makes me weak in the knees...leather, woods, metals, furs. It's all so intoxicating to me. 
He even looks super chic with his fashion sensibility. LOVE HIM! 

Home Tour + Bliss in the kitch'...sara tuttle style

The lovely way Sara Tuttle decorates her interiors just blows me away. I have such a girl crush on this woman. She was named as one of Domino Magazine's "10 decorators to watch"...which made me instantly know I would love her. 
In her ultra stylish apartment, this richly dark kitchen is perfection mixed with the white cabinetry. Can you get over the fabulous floors? So traditional, so stylish, so chic for such a small space.

I love the rest of her gorgeous Washington DC digs. Packed to the max with some serious style. 
I can appreciate her mix of furniture styles and artwork. The highs and the lows are all over this space. Completely achievable on a budget...It definitely had me at hello.
In this bedroom, so many little details create the perfect relaxing boudoir...
not to mention a killer view!
all images via SPPN

Home Tour: a stylish + oh so fun bloggers' abode

I love decorating. I love the way people decorate. I love helping those who are in need of decorating advice. This is the reason I blog. Another reason I blog...the home tours. 
I love seeing them + I loooooove sharing them with you all too.

This is the stylish home of Bijou & Boheme blog. I love the incredible sense of style. It has a sense of laid back glamour that is very easy to recreate yourself. That is key for decorating.
It's got little notes of parisian chic, some modern glamour and a bit of boho.
Did I mention how much I adore all of the artwork in the home? Well, I do.
Take a peek at this stunning piece in the entryway...very clever + oh so cheeky!

ROCK CHIC: Bohemian meets femininity

Chocolate Towers is the lavish London home of Sera Hersham Loftus, interior designer to rock music’s top celebrities. We have all seen her home before in magazines, but I am just crazy about all of the romance + glamour in the different areas of her home. Completely feminine, the coziness just calls me in. What fun it would be to take in an afternoon of tea with her and her delicious digs.
Feast your eyes on the fabulous vignettes...

The dressing room is almost like a mysterious gypsy caravan. so cool.

living inside

House Tour: David Collins

I'm thrilled to be starting off this week with a delightful treat for all of you who love color!
David Collins shares his home of fabulous proportions and colors.
Blues, purples and greens are the foundation of the color very cool and relaxing.
He throws in uber modern gems yet keeps a traditional wit about the home.
I think its gorgeous and very, very well done.
 I have always loved the modern look of open staircases like these.
Is this not 'office space of the day' worthy? love.

I just can't ever emphasize enough "it's all about the details"!
Oh, I just can't take all this goodness! So, so good, no?