A woman's touch in decor is something that I will forever be a proponent of. However, there are times when a man really steps up to the plate and gets his style straight. I am working on a few clients right now that are bachelors in the city and I cannot continue to stress enough the importance of a cleanly and chic masculine bedroom. I truly believe that your confidence starts in your home. If your home is chic, looking right and clean you will walk more powerfully and confidently through your day... #justsaying

To start there are a few essential elements of a good male space... dark walls, soft curtain panels, groupings of chic photography artwork, and sumptuous, clean and crisp bedding. Warm blankets at the foot of the bed, simple but classic pillow combinations too. 
 I also find that metallics and leather always work very well in a masculine bedroom. Wood and plaster sculptures finish off the look with pure polish. 
 I always enjoy a good mike tyson photo or old rat pack style photography works well too. 

 How gorgeous does this buttery brown leather look on this dark and deep textured wall? So chic.
I'm even a fan of modern like in this bed combination below. I really love the mix of black and white photography too. This is such an easy way to display your personal favorite art works and kill the dead space above a low laying modern bed. 
I am so loving all things masculine this moment...

image credits: a merry mishap/livingetc//lonny mag archives//elledecor archives

House Tour: Photographer Douglas Friedman Bachelor Pad

We all seriously can still remember the pages of Domino magazine like they were yesterday, no? Well, this is the uber chic bachelor pad of none other than one of Domino's best photographers...
Douglas Friedman. Judging by this man's space, he must be incredibly cool. Then again, he did work for Domino mag. I am thanking my lucky stars that Refinery 29  shares his space with us, it's my bachelor pad day dream...
I am just dying to do a project like this. I am absolutely in LOVE with masculine decor and his NYC apartment is right on point. I love the deep grey walls and plethora of edgy art gracing so many of the walls. His mixture of textiles also makes me weak in the knees...leather, woods, metals, furs. It's all so intoxicating to me. 
He even looks super chic with his fashion sensibility. LOVE HIM! 

Wallcolor Wednesday {trick it out with TEAL}

Ladies, don't hate me but I just have to say, I love helping my guy friends decorate. Wow! I think it's because they REALLY need it the most. The funny thing is, guys are too afraid of color. So, the next guy I help decorate, I am suggesting teal on the walls. It's gorgeous, semi-masculine and loads of color. Guys don't get that the color of your walls can change your life, uplift your moods, and so much more! Ladies, holler if you hear me. ;) and lets love on some deliciously sweet teal walls.


The Art of Living...giving in to masculine

I am seriously optimistic about masculine elements in a beautiful room. I have been in love with the look of worn leather these days. Something very sentimental happens when you add an element of anything worn and worn leather just screams masculine chic to me. Ladies, never be afraid of the look, the boys definitely dig it and if you open yourself to it...it just might rock your world. 

It doesn't need to be a big ugly sofa, but a touch in the form of a chair or ottoman can completely do the trick!


Style-icious Sunday {bachelor pad chic}

A little manly glamour for this style filled Sunday. My newest client is a bachelor who is in serious need of some style for his lair. Guys can be so clueless about decorating. That's why The Decorista comes to the rescue! Here is some inspiration for the man in your life...

via apartmenttherapy. decorpad. houzz. dapperdude

Home Tour: Jeff Lincoln's sophisticated in the city

Every once in a while, the New York Social Diary photographs the most beautiful Manhattan apartments. It is incredible how different each persons apartment is. I find it so fascinating that they can look absolutely stunning with very little square footage. Jeff Lincoln's manhattan apartment was such a nice little surprise to see on the site today. 
I love the cream walls of this apartment. It really keeps it light, airy and fresh. In this city, sometimes you need a completely calm place to come home to. His window treatments are fun too. Stripes and a geometric valance...so chic. He has fantastic art, beautiful gold mirrors throughout and great furniture with great lines. A very sophisticated NYC apartment. 
Not only do I adore the wall color in this dark, luscious room, I am a tad in love with the creativity on the art wall. So masculine chic.

Masculine chic: a perspective on sofas

After talking over design with the males in my family over the holidays, I quickly learned that men love interior design, too. In fact, I never knew the men in my family had such decor opinions. As we looked through some of the design magazines I was devouring over the holidays, I learned this...
men absolutely go crazy over chesterfield sofas
I love masculine chic decor, it definitely inspires me as well as anything feminine and these gorgeous buttery leather chesterfield sofas are just winning me over. 

images: pinksofa, shelter, fullhouse

The Art of Living...decorating moments of masculinity

Just like any other decorista, I go crazy for a bold and feminine room...
however, mixing in some masculinity into an interior can create such a perfect harmony.
It's almost too good to resist.
An easy way to pop in a gentleman's vibe is by using amazing taxidermy, 
aka well mounted antlers.
Decorating with antlers is major unabashed masculinity and I highly recommend trying it.
If you can't stand the sight of real life anters, Zgallerie has a great collection of plastered white ones that are also incredibly chic. Check out their latest collection.

{Please note that this look can easily be overdone. So limit your creativity to soft panache.}

My new Interior Design crush...Thai Cong

Ok honestly...I never thought that I would say this but I want this guy's apartment. Desperatley.
I usually love the homes of stylish women but man, this guy has got it going on.
MAJOR decorista bliss.
Thai Cong, the interior designer that did Carrie + Big's apartment on SATC2, is a rockstar!
I am just going gaga over his pad. 
The wallpaper, the photography, the black + gold trimmed doors, the pops of yellow + aqua, all of it just speaks to me. I think his work is brilliant, so brilliant that I will stop writing and just let it speak for itself! enjoy!