I don't know why but right now I am obsessed with this room. The floral rug is incredible, pops of pink, purple and red all together. I also love the styling on the white glossy console. Oh, and of course this wall color. 
I've done many posts on this fabulous wall color and I continuously get emails asking for my favorite shades. There are so many to choose from but so far, these few have worked swimmingly for me. Usually I lean towards gray walls but right now, teal is totally on trend and almost like a neutral. It's so good I can't even put it into words how good this color is. Here are a few I think you should try...
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Real Living: daydreaming in Teal

While I thought apartment shopping would be so enjoyable, truthfully, it's much harder than it seems. I am such a picky little decorista. One thing I am enjoying about it is the 'blank canvas' idea and my imagination of what I would do in the space gets to run wild. The last apartment I saw had the most adorable little kitchen breakfast nook. If I moved in, I would recreate this adorable little teal and white situation...

When I first saw this modern and glamorous apartment from Real Living, I knew that it was something I would want to replicate one day. Mint green walls in the bedroom, wild wallpaper in the living room and the deep gorgeous teal in the dining nook. Metallics abound in all colors, silver, gold and bronze (hello olympics) and it's packed with feminine edge. Remember my confession about my love for turquoise chairs? Hello.
How cute is that little gold pineapple hook? Ugh. This space just speaks to my soul. 

 scans via, photographs by chris warnes, styling by sarah ellison for real living au

Wallcolor Wednesday {trick it out with TEAL}

Ladies, don't hate me but I just have to say, I love helping my guy friends decorate. Wow! I think it's because they REALLY need it the most. The funny thing is, guys are too afraid of color. So, the next guy I help decorate, I am suggesting teal on the walls. It's gorgeous, semi-masculine and loads of color. Guys don't get that the color of your walls can change your life, uplift your moods, and so much more! Ladies, holler if you hear me. ;) and lets love on some deliciously sweet teal walls.