How to beautify your Vanity...

There is something I love so much about being at home...
I am the kind of girl that takes her time getting ready just because I love it. I especially love to style my home vanity area like its in a photo magazine. It makes the mood just that much more dramatic and glamorous...and you know where I find most of my inspiration? Tumblr. It's one of my favorite obsessions. Do you follow tumblr or bloglovin?
Anyhow, beauty products make the perfect decor. Perfume bottles, powder holders, brushes, etc. I adore anything and everything that has gold, really I just love it all! 

Weekend decorating...VANITY CANDY

My week has been incredibly hectic. Work, events, friends, emails, etc. I can't complain, God has blessed me with a full life but sometimes I think to myself I must take a minute and breathe and take it all in. In order to live in the "now", I have to remember to take some time for me.  One of my favorite moments of the day is getting ready, it's truly where I get to focus totally on myself and reflect on things. 
So, I have realized that I must create the ultimate vanity area...
and I should make sure to decorate it with beautiful and happy things. So inspired by well curated vanity areas. Perfume bottles, candles, jewelry boxes, pretty dishes, flowers, baubles, artwork etc.

What do you like to decorate your primping area with???


secret of domestic bliss #25...a beautiful vanity is essential

Jackie Kennedy.
Oh how we all love and admire her.
Her sense of style has impacted us and to this day she is one of my favorite muses.
I just love her, don't you?
Here is her dressing room in the white house circa 1962.
So gorgeous + fabulous...I love the colors, the beautiful screen, her tufted chaise lounge with a leopard throw. Most of all I just can't get enough of the beautiful white vanity.

Sort of reminds me of my favorite room in the world...
and it seriously makes me want a vanity in my bedroom now. I don't officially have room, but that doesn't mean I can't dream of having one right?
and this one just pulls at my heart everytime. So gorgeous. love!

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