Inside the home of Diane Von Furstenberg

What girl isn't inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg, I know I completely am! Being an entrepreneurial woman is powerful. I find myself always looking to women like her to keep me motivated and inspired. My favorite thing to do with people I admire is to see where they live. It gives you a glimpse into their true personality. It's just a small obsession of mine. 
Here architectural digest takes us inside her NYC playhouse. I love it...
Hello greenery...
I love this whole set up. The leopard print carpet, zebra chairs, branch table and of course the Warhol! 
Now this worktable is VERY office space of the day worthy...wouldn't you say?

scanned images via the decorator FOR MORE IMAGES = Architectural Digest

office space of the day...coveting the offices of Who What Wear

Join me in taking a peek inside the offices of the fashionista's behind Who What Wear...
white walls + tufted high back sofa + monogrammed pillow + super chic gold lamp =
decorista bliss

So incredibly chic, stylish and full of city girl glamour and I can't get enough of it.  

I am such a sucker for well styled bookcases.
 (coming soon in my newsletter I will give you tips on how to do this stay tuned)
all images via the covetuer


This pretty little watercolor picture just says everything about domestic bliss that I can't put into words. Inslee Haynes...the latest artist to grab my affections is making her waves around the blog world and now she has nabbed herself a spot on one of my favorite sites ever, Joss and Main. Those clever people are hosting a huge SALE of her fabulous work today. If I were you, I would click here and get in on it before it all sells out. I know I'm getting my hands on a piece of her work! 
Her work is ultra feminine and ultra fabulous...something about it just captures my heart.
Each figure is just so pretty and inspiring, it makes me want to be a watercolor girl! This is totally how I picture myself working in an office.
I feel like this one was made for me......

fashion meets decor... creamy moroccan wedding blankets

pretty,creamy and delightful rachel bilson dress
pretty, creamy and delightful moroccan wedding blankets...
your busy-ness is boho chic yet still oh so glam...and i just love you.
they really do make the perfect bedspread coverlet, no? adds a little something to the room.
I also love it used as a headboard or a pretty tapestry like art for the wall...
such a stylish rug too...


moments of domestic bliss with Elizabeth Taylor

My heart broke a bit yesterday morning when I heard the news about Elizabeth Taylor going to God yesterday. Kind of a depressing moment, as she was a huge icon in my life. I watched many moments on tv with montages of her life. It got my trying to imagine the interiors she must have experienced. The decor in her homes must have been magnanimous and the set decor had to be ridiculously wild. So, I wanted to take a moment today and remember her most beautiful moments of domestic bliss...

Tory Burch's sweet space. Instyle Magazine

I have such an incredibly huge girl crush on Tory Burch. Her style is so good and she always inspires me with her addiction and passion for orange. She makes orange oh so cool. Her spread in this month's Instyle Mag looks great. I have seen her hotel digs photographed before, but I don't know why every time I see it, its like the first time all over again. The use of color is just spot on! Jewel tones on the walls. Yummy! Have you seen her amazing stores? The decor is sensational.

p.s. i just absolutely love the monogrammed napkins and placement. so chic.

moments of domestic bliss with Rachel Gilbert

This beautiful fashionista opened her home to SHOP til you drop mag. Rachel Gilbert's NYC apartment is super girlie and totally glam. I love these photographs from her spread in the Feb issue. It just goes to show how the little things are what make a home blissful. JOY letters by the window, lovely flowers, black and white photographs of you and your friends, artwork you adore and of course fabulous ghost chairs in the dining room. Too cute. 

Tablescape Tuesday: Diane Von Furstenberg for your table

Wish you could have Diane Von Furstenberg over for dinner? Well, now you can. This mega-mogul fashion designer has come full force onto the interior design scene. Like other fashion designers, Diane made waves tricking out a fabulous London hotel and now has stepped it up like Kelly Wearstler and created a line of dishware that is fun + oh so fabulous. 
Turquoise and black leopard print for my tabletop? Yes please!

all in the family...Susan Gutfreund decorates in Paris

I've been so busy keeping up with this NYC energy I have barely gotten around to my favorite decor glossies. I know I'm a little late but I am absolutely blown away by this winter's issue of Veranda. I truly believe that its getting much much better since Dara came along. I loved the Jennifer Lopez spread and the Hutton Wilkinson entertaining article was just gorgeous.
Interior Decorating is an art form that runs strong in my family so I also wanted to take a moment to appreciate the decorating style of my aunt, Susan Gutfreund, and her mentor/friend/decorator Henri Samuel and their beautiful spread. Together, they have created some of the most beautiful decor I have ever laid eyes on. This time they have decked out her home in Paris with panache (and a bit of soft glamour) and in this January/February 2011 issue, Veranda made note of it. 
 It is love at first sight as you gaze your eyes upon the entryway's grandeur staircase. The magnificence doesn't stop there... in the main rooms, the dreamy walls are so soft and romantic, the perfect setting for the characteristically French detailed moldings. I love how the soft color palate allows the ornate and dramatic light fixtures to steal the show and the luscious greenery adorns the room with a perfect pop of color.
How about the charm of this dining room? Aside from the fact that it is beautifully ornate, it also has a sense of warmth to it, like you could sit here for hours over a wonderful meal.
This beautiful master bedroom is the perfect jewel box with gorgeous gold accents and lovely floral patterns.
I love the mix of muted reds and simple dashes of blue.
images via Veranda Jan/Feb 2011 

How to decorate like Kelly Wearstler

Aren't we all dying to know? Thanks to my friend over at Sketch42 I found out that Kelly Wearstler has a new blog and the news is spreading fast.
MyVibeMyLife is a collection of the beautiful images she takes in her daily life. I love her first post on how she puts together her ideas. She is so clever, she uses "vibe trays" to organize her thoughts. Brilliant. Check out her new fabulous + fun website! 

Fashion inspiration for the weekend...the NYC look

As I prepare and pack for New York I am oh so inspired by the fashion! LA fashion is fantastic but it will be a nice change to layer up for cooler weather. As you can probably imagine, I want to make sure I wear the perfect nyc outfit everyday...gotta be a stylish decorista!
a gorgeous and sleek navy trench is oh so fabulous for those crisp days
Lately the belted trouser look has captured my heart, throw in gold chains and a loose blouse...lovely.
scarves, capes, tights and leopard...
oh and of course, shimmer and fur! 

images 1 & 2 bia, 4 seaofshoes

how to decorate like a NYC socialite {Lauren Santo Domingo}

 NYC socialite + fashionista Lauren Santo Domingo shows us how its done...Her manhattan apartment is equal parts woodsy, vintage inspired and glamorous. She has the hottest look for 2011 in decor and she knows it. In her recent article on she coaches us how she created her fabulous spread, one amazing item at a time. 
 Her beautiful office space is killer and oh so office space of the day worthy.
Feast your eyes upon her collection of shoes and with closet doors like those, who wouldn't kill for this personal space? I myself am also crazy about that inlaid bone chair.
 as usual, organized sparkling gems call out to me...
 I love that she used this retro vibe wallpaper with fantastic art prints and a collection of subdued graphic pillows...very, very chic. as every manhattan socialite should be.

Home Tour: Glamorous living with a Sea of Shoes

Have you ever read the adorable fashion blog called Sea of Shoes.
She is so delicious, I just love her crazy cool style.
The girl has killed the fashionista blog world. I love it.
Jane and her mom reside in Dallas, Texas (woo hoo!) and are a blogging team.
Check out her home fab.
and how fabulous is this amazing closet?
Isn't this Dallas, Texas home so Hollywood Glamorous???
Another home in Texas that I just can't get enough of...
this gorgeous + modern living room says it all. Check out this gorgeous home tour.

Home Tour + Bliss in the kitch'...sara tuttle style

The lovely way Sara Tuttle decorates her interiors just blows me away. I have such a girl crush on this woman. She was named as one of Domino Magazine's "10 decorators to watch"...which made me instantly know I would love her. 
In her ultra stylish apartment, this richly dark kitchen is perfection mixed with the white cabinetry. Can you get over the fabulous floors? So traditional, so stylish, so chic for such a small space.

I love the rest of her gorgeous Washington DC digs. Packed to the max with some serious style. 
I can appreciate her mix of furniture styles and artwork. The highs and the lows are all over this space. Completely achievable on a budget...It definitely had me at hello.
In this bedroom, so many little details create the perfect relaxing boudoir...
not to mention a killer view!
all images via SPPN

NYC city girl style...from Harpers Bazaar November 2010

This is the West Village apartment of Vanessa Traina.
Among her list of many credentials, she is a freelance stylist, Louis Vuitton model, Chanel Ambassador and also the daughter of Danielle Steel, the romance writer,
(how fabulous is that?).
It is incredibly chic. I just love taking a peek inside the homes of fabulous supermodels.
Ever so chic and stocked with one-of-a-kind vintage items, this apartment astounds me. I can only dream of walking into a closet like hers full of exotic furs, chanel bags and coveted heels. Then making my way over to my delicious bar cart adorned with vintage Gucci glassware. 
I simply can never get enough of looking at apartments like this.

notice the Vintage Louis Vuitton trunk? Gorgeous!

How to decorate like a supermodel...Coco Rocha for Vogue

I have just fallen head over heels for this supermodel's fabulous home. 
Her one of a kind finds are so delicious and her creativity is just TMT (too many things).
It's playful, romantic, edgy and parisian chic...glamour permeates the space.
Peek inside her fabulous digs for mega decorista inspiration.

Noteworthy moments: The diagonal mirrors she placed above the sofa...genius!
The Louboutins, military jacket and animal print dress.
Peacock feathers....swoon!
An office space with a gorgeous view? Nothing better than that.
Such personality in this apartment decor, no? Super chic.
For more of Coco's fabulous apartment visit here.
{via because im addicted}

Home Tour: an Elle Decor favorite beauty maven & her husband

This is the fabulous + beautiful residence of makeup artist Jeanine Lobell (the Stila makeup maven), and husband actor Anthony Edwards from Elle Décor. So on point with the decor, utter bliss!
 This bed just speaks my language, I love the pattern.
I am also gushing over the fact that the glossy black console has gold trim, such sophistication.
and I think we all know how I feel about hot pink on the walls...loves!
That mid-century console plays off the femme hue rather perfectly, don't you think?
and there we have some domestic bliss for your eyes!

fashion meets decor {get it right with fabulous fur}

extremely fashionable fur coat on christine centenera
extremely fashionable fur blanket on delicious bedding...
oh my word, your chic-ness is intoxicating. I need all of you right now!
A lush + super soft faux fur throw is the ultimate accessory for the bedroom,
especially as we are fast approaching our oh so chilly winter nights.
atlanta home & garden
jeff andrews