Neutral Boho Chic {Ursula Mascaro home}

Neutral tones and a mix of bohemian and modern pieces all come together to make...
the perfect Spanish home fit for a shoe designer. Ursula Mascaro has probably one of the chicest little bungalows I have seen in a long time. I love how laid back yet stylish it is. Exactly what you would expect from a European fashionista. I'm really feeling this place right about now.

This mix of woods and earthy elements makes for such a chic and fresh look.

I mean, who wouldn't want to relax around here all day? I know I would. It is completely reminding me of the Cali vibe I am currently in. 
images via Elle Decor decordemon

Knoll Furniture meets Shelter Island

 Over the weekend I was in Shelter Island and I think I fell in love with this little town...
I had the pleasure of heading over to a family friends home for a wonderful dinner party. (The CEO of Knoll furniture and his wife) After walking in this place, I almost had a heart attack, I was so blown away by the stylish decor. When they mentioned to me that their home was featured in AD, I thought "of course!"
 So I finally found the gorgeous shots of the space and let me tell you. It really is this good, if not better. There was so much more than just what these photos show. It literally was so good and every little detail was done with such perfect intentions. I just loved it. Each piece of furniture is so good. I just wanted to take everything home with me.

I think the best part of the entire home was the backyard. The infinity-ish pool was incredible and the outdoor 10 person table make the perfect place for outdoor entertaining! The perfect place to spend your summertime. 
images Architectural Digest june 2013


Over the weekend I was chandelier shopping all over this city for my clients new space...
There are so many incredible chandeliers out there, I sincerely wanted to take home about 5 of them. I love a dramatic chandelier, especially in the dining room. So when I saw this dining room by Stephen Sills in a Manhattan apartment, I was moved to madness...It's so good!
 The couple who the apartment was designed for is from Paris and thats clear with all of the beautiful French elements in this space. However, what I really find myself drawn to is the mix of the Parisian parts with the ultra glam and modern pieces and accents thrown in the mix. I mean I love this gold screen and tiger print carpet. The mixing of styles here is utterly magical. 
 This entryway is bangin'. Simple, chic and the mixing of silver and gold is so hot right now. 
 How about the flooring here? Its so chic, I love the contrast of dark and light woods with a chevron pattern. This is very fresh. Oh, and gold shimmery curtains, is he serious? I love it. 
 I am so into all the daring design risks in this apartment, but when you have so much glamour, you need a little bit of calmness to balance it out. This room does just that, and it just looks effortless...
images via AD photography by François Halard

Style-icious Sunday... lately loving grey on grey

The thing about color is that it really is powerful, it can be exciting and illicit certain emotions almost instantly. However,'s a perfect blend of feminine and masculine. It almost gives you that feeling of peace, relaxation, something so smooth. Lately I am just really LOVING it...

I love grey on grey so much but what I adore most about looks amazing with a teeny pop of neon green...

douglas freidman photography + a perfect grey + this crazy place.

moments of domestic bliss with Elizabeth Taylor

My heart broke a bit yesterday morning when I heard the news about Elizabeth Taylor going to God yesterday. Kind of a depressing moment, as she was a huge icon in my life. I watched many moments on tv with montages of her life. It got my trying to imagine the interiors she must have experienced. The decor in her homes must have been magnanimous and the set decor had to be ridiculously wild. So, I wanted to take a moment today and remember her most beautiful moments of domestic bliss...

The Art of Living: canopied bed luxury

I never thought this day would come, but I literally am speechless over this bedroom. Wow. What can I say, who doesn't dream of a gorgeous canopied bed draped with sumptuous fabric to just swallow you in as you fall yourself to sleep? It's the perfect epitome of what I imagine domestic bliss to be. For now, I will obsess over making the switch to a four poster bed. So luxurious and perfect high style, they are just as fabulous and will give me the illusion of a dreamy canopy...


The Decorista takes NY: Lure Fish Bar, Soho

Everything in New York has been fantastic. The shopping, the dinner parties, the mag launches (rue, high gloss and matchbook), the art galleries, I have been having such fun. So far, this restaurant I went to the other day, Lure Fish Bar, really stuck out to me. For one, the decor was uber felt like you were dining on a cruise ship. It was packed, the music was great (think old 90's cruise ship songs like Carribean Queen by Lionel Richie) and the food was absolutely delicious. I love this place and if you ever come visit nyc, its a definite must go, especially for the decor! 

Kelly Wearstler gets it right everytime...the Viceroy Anguilla

Can we just talk for a second about the latest project done by one of my idols...
Gawd, I love her. She has done such a brilliant job with all of the Viceroy hotels and this new one, the Viceory Anguilla is out of the world and makes me want to get there immediately. Thank goodness for the world wide web so I can just delight myself in these amazing photographs. I am loving the shift here from hard elements to more woods and earthy elements in her designs. Still as graphically and architecturally dramatic but sans the crazy bold colors. As always, I love her artwork choices, she gets it right in that direction every single time as far as I am concerned. Its very relaxing and at the same time enchanting. 
I could imagine that the minute you walk out to this bar it takes your breath away.
Maybe I'd stop by the boutique and shop for a moment after I hit up the spa...
then grab a bite to eat at the restaurant, Coba and then off to the rooms...

So...what do we think???

Home Tour: Loving Lisa Vanderpump Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

As much as most of us abhor reality shows, I have become addicted to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Tomorrow night is the finale, do you guys watch it too? I love it because for one, I live here and two because of the gorgeous homes these women live in. Lisa Vanderpump is one of the women you just love, you could totally see her as your best friend. 
Her home is absolutely stunning. There are no words for the grand and gorgeous palace she lives in. 
Take a peek at her style. 
Any girl who decorates with beautiful touches of pink, wins my affections. It's over the top glam.
Now for the beautiful master suite...
how fabulous is this closet? I have always dreamed of this...
As much as I love all the pink, I think the other bedrooms are perfectly exquisite.
Now, this part I love...
In a departure from all the feminine decor, they threw a bit of dark, dramatic and masculine for the pool room and I obviously love that they have a purple pool table. So chic and fun.

Now I could get used to lunching on the patio like this....
Stunning! Oh, the delight I would have living here. 

Wallcolor Wednesday...sunny shades of yellow

Never underestimate the power of a yellow colored room. It might seem a bit much at first thought but yellow is jam packed with happiness. I think yellow can be beautiful when used with discretion. 
Yellow is not for everyone but how grand does this gorgeous yellow entryway look in the first photo? I really think it works well here and with a dash of pink...its perfection. I also happen to adore this gorgeous and cheery living room via martha stewart. Very martha, very traditional, very palm beach...i dig it. 

Now if all yellow on the walls is a bit too much for you...try going with stripes. They work too.

photos via livelikeyou + effortlesstyle

now I'm off to Austin, Texas...

My short and super sweet time in Dallas has been so lovely but now I am off to my home city, Austin.
I love Austin, it's a beautiful town, reminds me a little bit of Los Angeles (I am missing LA like crazy). The thing I love about austin & la is the gorgeous greenery throughout the city...
oh and the fantastic views to boot.

This is one reason I love LA, the beautiful modern design + gorgeous view.
However, I won't be missing out too much. Austin has gorgeous views of its own. Take for example this fabulously modern lake house designed by Kasey McCartey.
The wood walls are majorly hip,  and the views are obviously killer.

How to decorate for winter with white

As we are fast approaching the winter, rustic & industrial looking decor is much more prevalent.
I love it when these hard looks are combined with a romantic elegance...effortlessly comfortable.
Like the feeling that you want to cuddle in bed with a fire, lounge in your living room reading a magazine with tea or take a long, luxurious bubble bath whilst gazing at beautiful decor. These are the moments when I truly appreciate being at home.
images via skonahem