Over the weekend I was chandelier shopping all over this city for my clients new space...
There are so many incredible chandeliers out there, I sincerely wanted to take home about 5 of them. I love a dramatic chandelier, especially in the dining room. So when I saw this dining room by Stephen Sills in a Manhattan apartment, I was moved to madness...It's so good!
 The couple who the apartment was designed for is from Paris and thats clear with all of the beautiful French elements in this space. However, what I really find myself drawn to is the mix of the Parisian parts with the ultra glam and modern pieces and accents thrown in the mix. I mean I love this gold screen and tiger print carpet. The mixing of styles here is utterly magical. 
 This entryway is bangin'. Simple, chic and the mixing of silver and gold is so hot right now. 
 How about the flooring here? Its so chic, I love the contrast of dark and light woods with a chevron pattern. This is very fresh. Oh, and gold shimmery curtains, is he serious? I love it. 
 I am so into all the daring design risks in this apartment, but when you have so much glamour, you need a little bit of calmness to balance it out. This room does just that, and it just looks effortless...
images via AD photography by François Halard