Neutral Boho Chic {Ursula Mascaro home}

Neutral tones and a mix of bohemian and modern pieces all come together to make...
the perfect Spanish home fit for a shoe designer. Ursula Mascaro has probably one of the chicest little bungalows I have seen in a long time. I love how laid back yet stylish it is. Exactly what you would expect from a European fashionista. I'm really feeling this place right about now.

This mix of woods and earthy elements makes for such a chic and fresh look.

I mean, who wouldn't want to relax around here all day? I know I would. It is completely reminding me of the Cali vibe I am currently in. 
images via Elle Decor decordemon

WANDERLUSTING: Grand Hotel Oslo Part 2

The other day I shared with all of you the beautiful makeover...
Well, now its time to show you the front part of the suite...the dining and living area. Still keeping with the purple theme, I just love how they went with a bright and light fresh color. It really keeps things cheery and romantic. Yet, I adore the pops of modern art prints, it keeps things modern and fresh.
 The lavender looks so good with pops of gold and that velour looking sofa looks just delicious. 
 It's not very often that you see plate collages like art installations on a wall sans symmetry and I am loving everything about it. It looks fab with the white moldings, don't you all agree?

These drapes are killing me. So gorgeous. After all... It's all in the details.
images via Grand Hotel Oslo.

Dining in Madrid, old hollywood glam style

Ever since I went to Madrid, I have been dreaming about going back. The first stop on my places to visit...The Restaurant La Terraza del Casino. This restaurant is designed by Hayon Studio and I am just blown away by the glamorous style.
 I'm absolutely in love with the hostess desk, this bit geometric shaped white thing is just perfection. Topped off by a beautiful little gold lamp it makes such a grand statement.
 The choices of chandeliers really set the tone for the space, all of the swag and old hollywood glamour that you could ask for. 

My favorite part might be the diamond patterned mirrored wall. It is such a match made in heaven with the black and white checkered floor. Oh, and the oversized fruit art just does it for me too. So fresh.

images via haydon

Stylishly living in Spain...

While I was in Madrid, I didn't really care about buying any Spanish paraphernalia, but I did however, stock up on as many decor magazines as I could. Madrid has an incredible collection of decorating magazines. I couldn't buy enough of them, they are just too good. I love America, but we could really take a cue from the magazines over seas. 

Nuevo Estilo was my favorite one and this months cover feature was my absolute favorite. A completely California chic look in Madrid. I love everything about this space. It's charming, relaxed, collected and incredibly chic. As I said in yesterdays post, I really love a collected look and not just everything so contrived. I think partly because I relate to changing around my home decor almost daily, an ever evolving collection of beauty. Of course she happens to be a fashion designer, only a chic girl would have a striped bedroom.

 I find that the most stylish rooms have a very eclectic look. Key pieces that are on trend and mix together for a killer combo. That's so very decorista style. 
Chesterfield sofa + Slim Aarons print + gold bamboo table + exotic rug + glass coffee table = YES! 

 I have been seriously considering black and white stripes in my kitchen. Love this look.

images via Nuevo Estilo home of CARLA REBUELTA

My time in Madrid...aka La Decorista

While I was away in Madrid, I really tried to take some time away and refresh. After reading this post, I knew getting out of town would be the best thing for me. I needed to get away, see new things and become re-inspired. So, while I was in Madrid, visiting family, I did just that...

I mean, the second I got there I was blown away by the design. The airport was out of hand amazing. Photos cannot capture the bad-ass-ness of this place. I was madly in love with it. Shortly after, the first little spot we went to eat was so stylish and on point. Throwing little furs on the chairs to keep you warm. What?!? I loved it. 
 Every where in this town has serious style. Take for example, this art store. It was in an old school pharmacy with walls of drawers and it was incredible. All of the restaurants had the most interesting light fixtures, too. Speaking of restaurants to not talk about the food in Madrid would be a disservice to this city. The food was absolutely incredible. I ate so many amazing things, I just was blown away. So blown away, in fact, that I forgot to take photos...oops!
 This was one of my favorite restaurants, La Manuelo. The style was very art nouveau whimsical and just very, very cool. Stone walls, black and white striped curtains, curvy accents, metal elements, feather lights and gorgeous spanish tile. 
Obviously, the architecture in downtown Madrid was beyond breathtaking. 

Not surprisingly, I took pictures of all the doors in the city. The moldings and the woods were so gorgeous. Not to mention the door knockers. They were almost always in gold or brass + all the lions just stole the show.
My favorite part of Madrid was el Rastro. We went shopping for antiques all day on Sunday. Everything  was insanely good. 
How cool are these Paris letters?
I am seriously considering putting a cat in my home, and some religious paraphernalia too.
 This one store had a collection of suns that was out of this world. So in love.
All in all I had a wonderful time, resting, recharging and relaxing. But, now, its back to business. 

The Paris apartment of Jean-Louis Denio

It really has been a long while since...
I have been inspired by anything in design. Kelly Wearstler is the main gal who pushes boundaries and creates something oh so fresh, it always leaves me wanting more. Well, Jean-Louis Denio does that for me. I have seen a few shots of his work here and there but the other day I came across his Paris apartment and wow.  With my recent infatuation with modern Parisian spaces, this sealed the deal for me, HE KILLED IT.

 Not just your average black and white stripes, which for me are starting to grow a little tired. He tricked out his dining room in mixed metallic horizontal striped wallpaper. Yes! Ah, I just love it. Then in one bathroom, he pushed the envelope with a diagonal greige goodness, its good! 

 Now, please don't think I am cheating on New York or the rest of country, I love my home. I just find it incredibly intoxication to find inspiration from forward thinking, especially in design. This guy has really rocked my world. You wouldn't think it but this apartment is actually really small. So these photos really show how great design can trick the eye. This is some solid design skill. Love.


Ever feeling inspired by my recent travels, I can't stop daydreaming about the decor in Paris (especially in the glossies). It's just filled with modern, edgy glamour that is out of this world. So, I have been on the hunt for gathering a collection of photos that represents the look. This apartment totally inspired me. It's gorgeous + greige, like my current abode and I would love to update my space with more modern, French + artistic elements....

I love love love the look of this space. The apartment is edgy chic with a dose of feminine, cozy glamour. The most prevalent part for me is the muted walls, the soft color just keeps the feeling romantic. 
A few more shots of her style that I love and inspire me to mix things up in my space...

all images decor by muriel brandolini


FARGERIKE COLOR partnered with the hottest hotel in Norway, the Grand Hotel and created a junior suite with some much style, you would think its from Hollywood. The look is so bright and colorful and uses the hottest shades of green together like I have never seen. I love the switch up of emerald on the checkered floor, as opposed to black, my usual favorite. Green velvets and leathers look so good together here...

I love the graphic wallpaper too and the pop of bright red is stunning + oh so surprising. 
The best part is the light blue walls with white molding. I would have never thought to mix these colors together but I think it looks incredibly chic and outside the box. Which is something I am dying to see more of. Mixing of shapes, looks, textures and styles was so well done in this hotel I am dying to go visit! 
images via

bliss' in the stopping tile

What I wouldn't give to have the courage to use gorgeous Mediterranean tile in this teal and black lace pattern. It's the perfect mix in this overly modern, clean lined, black and white kitchen. Lace is big this season in fashion and I love how this look really is fashion forward. I could could up a storm in this sexy kitch'. Right now its all about the exotic tile...

images... 1//2//3//4

Italian Greenery...Le Sirenuse

Today I am giddy with delight because the weather is close to perfection. I have a lot of traveling coming up next week (heading to Vegas Market with Traditonal Home Magazine and then over to LA for some work + play). I am beyond excited to get back to the city of perfect weather everyday, but what I am really daydreaming about it is traveling to Europe and hitting up the Italian beaches. 
Then I came across these pictures of the gorgeous hotel,  Le Sirenuse in Italy...

 Another perfect anecdote to plain white walls is gorgeous greenery. I mean it just takes this decor to an entirely different level. It also gives the color scheme for the rest of the decor. Golds, glamorous shades of green and elements of earthiness...
 I just love the architecture of everything and the accessories. Of course the little details are so delightful too. 

Style-icious Sunday...SYDNEY LIVING

Living in the city absolutely has its perks, but these days I am loving the feeling of open windows, life by the pool and fresh fragrances in the air. There is absolutely nothing like it.  It reminds me of my time in Sydney, Australia. It's probably one of my favorite cities in the world. The city life of New York and the beachy vibe like Miami. It's such a killer combo. 
This Sydney home instantly caught my attention. Fashion designer Collette Dinnigan lives the sweet life in this cozy and chic space...

I love the openness of each room. It's almost as if you are living outdoors. Makes me miss my days in southern california too. So dreamy and delightful...


 I almost fell to the floor when I found these photos of this gorgeous home in Amsterdam.
It belongs to a girl named Trudy, a former actress turned set designer turned actress. Only a true visionary would be bold enough for hot pink velvet chairs..

Hello glamorous chandelier next to blush peach pink walls and blue walls with gorgeous cream moldings. It's incredibly European and calls for ornate gold, curvy chairs with claw feet. Gorgeous antiques, luscious silk fabrics in blues, purples and pinks. Candleabras and the most beautiful art sit perfect atop this glam fireplace. I could go on and on about the drama. 
My favorite part is the hiding magenta wing back chair in magenta silk fabric. Each little corner has a new surprise. I could just move right in. Couldn't you?

images via dustjacket attic


After the holiday weekend in the city, I am taking a day of catching up on all the work I didn't do while I enjoyed special time with special friends. I ended up having amazing conversations with a few friends who spend a lot of time over seas and it got me thinking..." I need to get over there, asap"
So, being the decorista that I am, I started to research hotels in Paris, London and Spain and I just can't stop daydreaming about visiting overseas...

This hotel designed by Robert Couturier absolutely took my breath away. The colors and patterns are just so rich and lovely. How incredible is this blue in the kitchen? I love the way the modern and sleek finishes was mixed with vintage dining pieces, so incredibly chic. And can we just talk about the hexagon tile on the floor...I mean.
If you know me at all, then you know my adoration for wall textiles and patterns...

When are we going?

Wallcolor Wedensday: Pretty Purple in Beirut

“Above all, design is not about theory—it doesn’t matter whether pink and green go together. What matters are objects. They’re what give soul to a house. My home is a sanctuary where I’m surrounded by things I like.” -- interior designer May Daouk...

I love this beautiful home in Beirut decorated by Bunny Williams' former employee, May Daouk. She moved to Beirut from NYC about 10 years ago and has made this rare + gorgeous home, one of her very own. I am smitten by the way she mixes colors and have really come to be fond of the idea that all colors go together. 
Blues, purples, pinks, greens, red and gold to boot! Everything exotic works in this space.
In fact, Beirut barely even has many homes, as this is one of the few in the downtown area. 
It's so fascinating to me to see homes from around the world. Go Margaret Russell! 
Simon Watson for Architectural Digest 

Designer Crush: Isabel Lopez-Quesada

When I was younger I wasn't really in touch with my Spanish heritage (i'm spanish, hungarian and mexican). I have lived such an American life but as I got older, I became so passionate about my background and loved to study Spanish architecture and design. So in the April issue of Architectural Digest, I was so excited about seeing Spanish designer Isabel López-Quesada's home in Madrid...

I think its so beautiful! The rich vibrant pop of magenta really struck a chord with me. It sits so perfectly among the soft and neutral color palate of the home. The aqua hued glass and chrome walls in the bathroom really blew me away. Especially because the start modern elements are paired with rustic French pieces. I love the art of a good design mixture.
Oh, how this backyard has me longing to jet off to Spain and live there for the rest of my life. 

Images Simon Watson for Architectural Digest

fiela feather lights by haldane martin

I don't know what it is about feathers lately but I am just smitten with fluffy things for spring!
I have noticed around the Scandinavian style blogs and online mags, these gorgeous feather pendant lamps keep popping up and every time I lay eyes on these babies I have an instant love affair. They are fluffy, cozy and gorgeous...perfect for romantic french or scandinavian chic style. 

Designer Haldane Martin from South Africa actually makes these gorgeous feather lights.
They are oh so delicious + pretty. They come in either pendant style or arch lamp style. 
I love everything about that...get them here.

Modern glamour: family living in Australia

With my clients, I am always hearing about how husbands and boyfriends are super picky about a space being not too glamorous or girlie. Then I stumbled upon this gorgeous family home with just the right amount of girlie glamour. The gorgeous ornate chandelier and beautiful detailed gold accents are just the right amount of feminine panache and super props to the husband who went for it. 

more of the home tour here

The Art of Living...using the right light fixtures

One of the things about living in a modern building that is not my favorite thing is standard lighting. I have a client with a gorgeous condo in a beautiful uptown high rise. It's absolutely gorgeous with floor to ceiling windows. During the day, the view of the city is immaculate and the beautiful bright light just nourishes the apartment so well. Problem is, they don't have adequate light at night. (who are these architects? jk) So today. all that is on my mind is out of this world light fixtures. I'm obsessed with finding things that have major style but also will give some good light.

In my search, I have found myself fawning over gorgeously designed light fixtures. Modern, rustic, retro, vintage, glass, lucite, there are just so many. I can only express how important it is to remember that even though its gorgeous, it needs to do its job, too! 
Isn't this such a fun brass sconce? So vintage + cool.

images via headoverheels