Every time I feel like I need some sort of revamp in my apartment, it is my natural instinct to change curtains first. It does everything to switch things up at home and give you a new look. Orange is not my first choice in decor but after seeing these collections of curtains in this  rich color, I suddenly had a change of heart...

LOVING the way they look against there lavender walls...
Even sweet light aqua blue walls works with orange like magic...
I'm thinking that I might need to do a little something in

Gerrie Bremermann designs//bellemaison23//


New York is getting better and better weather everyday, the perfect chill, I just want it to stay like this. So, what I am really realizing that I want right now is a deep, sumptuous, velvet sofa to just curl up in.  Especially as the weather starts to get colder, you need warmer fabrics to get cozy with. Once I get on something I become a little obsessed, am I the only one? 

 Now I am on a serious mission to get one of these gorgeous things in my world...

 Great lines and rich fabrics are the perfect elements of a glamorous sofa. 

 I love deep jewel toned sofas, especially in the colder months. It just adds a richness unlike anything else. Yet, it still can look good year round, all you have to do is change out your pillow selection selection seasonally. 
In this project, we used the jonathan adler sofa in silver velvet. It was the perfect choice. 

image credits: jenselk//highglossmagazine//Living Etc//martha stewart//daydreams//dominomagazine//

NEEDING. WANTING. LOVING. Tiger print textiles

This fall I have been seeing tiger print literally everywhere in this city. I think its such a fabulous look and I'm a little played out on zebra and leopard. Now don't get me wrong, I still love them but I think the look of the moment is totally tiger! This green velvet tiger print banquette absolutely blew me away...

I also think tiger art is ridiculously chic and totally in right now...
What a fab idea to put the print on just the cushions of a cozy sofa? It completely mixes up the traditional lined sofa and gives a little bit of edge. Wallpaper and pillows are always good ways to add sexy tiger print to the vibe of the room.

images...anniespeck//catalina estrada//vogue//architecturaldigest//lonnymag

NEEDING. WANTING. LOVING. beautiful brass seating

 When I first stumbled across this lovely office space I couldn't help but think of how lovely the shade of pink on the wall was. I quickly realized that my favorite part of this space is this amazing chair. I am so into metal accent chairs lately, especially the brass ones. I am now going to be endlessly searching this city for the perfect one for my home office...

 I just love this Klismos (old greek style) brass and leather weaved chair. It's incredibly glam and stylish, but I am not quite sure how comfortable that would be to work in all day. I am very much into comfort, so a plush seat with buttery soft leather would be so perfect for me...
 Even placing a sweet little brass chair in the bathroom makes for a heavenly little sitting spot. 

images via sfgirlbybay, lonnymag, here, tylerdawson, & younghouselove.

NEEDING. WANTING. LOVING. a pretty pink sofa

As I continue my apartment search my decorating desires are just running wild. One thing I know is that I have always dreamed of having a pink sofa in my living room. As bold of a girl as I am, I've always been a bit hesitant to put too much pink into a room. That is until recently I have been seeing that Kate Spade LIVE COLOR FULLY quote everywhere and I am all about signs. I think it's a total sign that its high time I have a pink sofa...
 In an effort to keep it from being too feminine, I would probably keep the walls neutral and let the pretty pink sofa speak volumes in terms of color. 
Brown wall + pink sofa is such a great combo though, and I love the look in this entryway. 
 Mixing sofa colors is cool too. I love the grey with the pink, totally spices up this living room. 
Out of all of this amazing inspiration, this photo is my favorite. Plain and beautiful white walls with a chic girl coming home from work, black and white accents abounding... I just love it. 

images found here: cocokelley + decor pad + this round up

needing. wanting. loving. COLORED BATHROOM TILE

When I first moved into my apartment here in NYC I wanted to vomit at the yellow shower tile, but after some time I discovered that it was a perfect dash of color! Lately, normal grey and off white tiles are boring me.  I am loving me some bright and colorful shower tile. It can really do great things for your bathroom. 

I love pink bathroom tile of course, but the greens really look beautiful too! 


NEEING. WANTING. LOVING. a glass coffee table

So, now that I am back in the city I have been working on getting some things together for my gramercy client and I want to find a perfect glass coffee table for the space. Not just any glass coffee table will suffice, I need to have one with a few intriguing elements. For example, this gorgeous 3 tiered round glass table fixture. It's so chic, I can hardly stand it...

I love the geometric element on the bottom of this table, too. Sometimes, though, you have to stick with plain and simple lines for a good looking room.
Want to create this look for a little less? Get creative with stacks of books and a glass window.

images 1/2/3/4/5/6


My latest project is a beautiful penthouse with an oversized living room area and my creative brain is going wild with imagination. So, I have been dying to use something different and my heart is upon these incredibly attractive sofas that are anything but standard...

This sofa below is what first started off my love affair...I love the shape and it just felt so right to have in this particular living room and now I just want to put one everywhere.
I do also like the geometric shape of this sofa too. Very chic.

needing. wanting. loving. GOLD LIGHTING

As I am putting the finishing touches on a current project bathroom, I have become obsessed with lighting for the kitchen and bath. I am seriously shopping around like a mad woman for the perfect thing and I honestly am hopelessly in love with GOLD lighting. It's just so beautiful and glamorous and gives such special love to whatever room it sits in...

I absolutely love these vintage brass flower pendants. So pretty! 

I just love this Arteriors lamp, its definitely one of my favorites...

images via shelter. dress, design, decorpinterest....


Inspired by this beautiful photo I knew that a brass bookcase would make the perfect addition to my clients home office. We searched high and low and found this interesting looking one...

Isn't she beautiful. Very unique and oh so perfect for displaying gorgeous items.
It's not styled to perfection yet, but at least we have begun the magic.
Today, I am relishing in the fact that we actually found one for around $100 and it looks so old school glam. Now I am considering getting one for myself! 


needing. wanting. loving. NEON GREEN on the WALL

Oh how my sweet fellow NYC blogger, Jenny, inspires me...almost daily. She zhushed up her home decor with a little neon green, so hot right now! Here are a few ways I am inspired to add a dash of neon green to my home decor...
1) I can do matting on an art wall like jenny or 2) neon green frames like these in the kitchen
3) neon green patterned wallpaper could really get exciting.
4) a super cool fluoro green shower wall...
one. two. three. four.

needing. wanting. loving. EXOTIC TEXTILES

After falling for yesterdays exotic boudior...
I have quickly gotten shaken up over exotic textiles. Fabrics, rugs, pillows, etc.
I am absolutely smitten with these lovely little things. 
They are perfect for bohemian rooms...
they look absolutely amazing on a sofa...
or underneath one...
are perfect for the sexy moroccan outdoor vibe...
can always be made more traditional or girly,
look smashing as a grouping of pillows...
and work wonders as a layered rug. 
{all images found on pinterest search}

needing. wanting. loving. chandelier magic

This weekend I am welcoming some old friends to town and putting the finishing touches on my apartment...
This weekend it is my mission to find the perfect chandelier. I have a mild obsession with chandeliers, they just might be my favorite item in home decor. So glamorous and always the perfect statement piece. I can't get enough of how they just elevate a space so marvelously.
Everyone needs one. 
They are perfect in the dining room, bedroom, bathroom, almost anywhere they make
Behold a collection of my favorite looks with the perfect chandelier...

(ava antunes. apartment therapy. pinterest. pinterest. coastal living. tumblr. ruemag. decorpad.}

needing. wanting. loving. (glass coffee tables}

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect glass coffee table for my digs...
It's honestly so overwhelming with so many different choices, especially when I am dying to find the perfect one. Since my apartment is deprived of space, glass is the perfect finish because it doesn't feel as heavy. However, I am desperately in love with black and brass finishes like these two living rooms have.
I love the looks of these tables, so I am inspired by them but wanting them with glass. 
Here are the ones I am obsessed with right now...
1.pretty brass and glass porterandpunk coffee table
2.hexagonal Horchow coffee table
3.This double level Worlds Away coffee table
4.a pair of black and glass coffee tables from Hayneedle

needing. wanting. loving. {hexagonal & octagonal mirrors}

Ever since I have been in New York City, I have been more in love with mirrors than ever......
Mirrors are so essential when you live in a shoebox sized space and the phrase 'the more the merrier' completely applies. As I was on the hunt, like usual, for the most fabulous mirrors this week, my heart just fell for the mirrors at Flair NYC. They have the most exquisite hexagonal and octagonal mirrors and they just took my breath away. Now I am completely obsessed and wanting one or two...

needing. wanting. loving. {mixing metallics}

Oh I am so very in love with the gorgeousness of mixes of silver + gold...
Nothing looks quite more put together than mixed metallics. I truly believe that the art of the mix is the best part. Mixing highs and lows, patterns and prints, furs and's all so very fun to do. I encourage all of you to never shy away from mixing silver and gold. Metallics are very in style and can compliment even the drab-est of decor styles.

quite glamorous, no?

In the Hamptons today and will be at the Designer Showhouse...make sure to follow me on Facebook for the fabulous photos!

needing. wanting. loving. {bone inlay pieces}

Oh the loveliness of bone inlay furniture pieces. I attended NYIGF this week and saw such fabulous and stylish bone inlay work. My favorite were the mirrors, the detail was incredible. However, the minute I laid eyes on these chairs at this dining table, I knew I had to have something like these sweet things in my new apartment. Unfortunately, I have no room for a dining table and chairs but perhaps I could go with a mirror or stylish tray...


needing. wanting. loving. {vacation home in Montauk by Roman & Williams}

As my LA trip begins to come to an end, I feel ready to get back to the bright lights of my big city. However, I already feel myself looking for my next getaway (the heat of nyc is pretty major). So, I am beginning to ponder the possibilities of a weekend in Montauk, NY...for those of you who don't know, think super duper east Hampton.  
I have always been completely fond of this amazing Montauk spread designed by Roman & Williams. I am obsessed with the woodsy, earthy, rustic-ness of the place. The modern lighting and industrial pieces keep it very hip and cool all while still maintaining that cabin log vibe. Agh. I just love it and could definitely use a weekend relaxing on that comfy looking sofa and making/enjoying dinner in that amazing kitchen merged dining room. 
Absolutely LOVE it.

All images via Roman & Williams & New York Times

needing. wanting. loving. {decorative busts}

As I was doing my research on faux fireplaces (don't ask me why...just super curious) I stumbled upon this gorgeous photo. Instantly the mirrored fireplace struck me, it's a very very cool example. After a bit more adoration of this space, I couldn't resist loving the beautiful bust sitting between the two chairs. Normally, I would think to place a small cocktail table between a pair of fabulous chairs. However, now, after seeing this incredible bust, I think next time I might try using something a little more creative like this. Super gorgeous piece...excellent style! Busts are so my new obsession.


needing. wanting. loving. A seriously cool TV console

Okay, so sometimes I go a little crazy for things that are bold, bright and beautiful. Like this fabulously chic  entertainment console. I spotted the beauty at Kyle's blog from this fabulousness etsy shop. It made me seriously consider great ways to decorate around ugly tv's. This is definitely one way to do it well!

Actually reminds me of my favorite piece from the Woodson and Rummerfield Chasens collection. 
I am absolutely bonkers for the thing.
 another tv displays I am crazy chic.
grant k gibson