needing. wanting. loving. {vacation home in Montauk by Roman & Williams}

As my LA trip begins to come to an end, I feel ready to get back to the bright lights of my big city. However, I already feel myself looking for my next getaway (the heat of nyc is pretty major). So, I am beginning to ponder the possibilities of a weekend in Montauk, NY...for those of you who don't know, think super duper east Hampton.  
I have always been completely fond of this amazing Montauk spread designed by Roman & Williams. I am obsessed with the woodsy, earthy, rustic-ness of the place. The modern lighting and industrial pieces keep it very hip and cool all while still maintaining that cabin log vibe. Agh. I just love it and could definitely use a weekend relaxing on that comfy looking sofa and making/enjoying dinner in that amazing kitchen merged dining room. 
Absolutely LOVE it.

All images via Roman & Williams & New York Times