New York is getting better and better weather everyday, the perfect chill, I just want it to stay like this. So, what I am really realizing that I want right now is a deep, sumptuous, velvet sofa to just curl up in.  Especially as the weather starts to get colder, you need warmer fabrics to get cozy with. Once I get on something I become a little obsessed, am I the only one? 

 Now I am on a serious mission to get one of these gorgeous things in my world...

 Great lines and rich fabrics are the perfect elements of a glamorous sofa. 

 I love deep jewel toned sofas, especially in the colder months. It just adds a richness unlike anything else. Yet, it still can look good year round, all you have to do is change out your pillow selection selection seasonally. 
In this project, we used the jonathan adler sofa in silver velvet. It was the perfect choice. 

image credits: jenselk//highglossmagazine//Living Etc//martha stewart//daydreams//dominomagazine//

NEEDING. WANTING. LOVING. Tiger print textiles

This fall I have been seeing tiger print literally everywhere in this city. I think its such a fabulous look and I'm a little played out on zebra and leopard. Now don't get me wrong, I still love them but I think the look of the moment is totally tiger! This green velvet tiger print banquette absolutely blew me away...

I also think tiger art is ridiculously chic and totally in right now...
What a fab idea to put the print on just the cushions of a cozy sofa? It completely mixes up the traditional lined sofa and gives a little bit of edge. Wallpaper and pillows are always good ways to add sexy tiger print to the vibe of the room.

images...anniespeck//catalina estrada//vogue//architecturaldigest//lonnymag

needing. wanting. loving. EXOTIC TEXTILES

After falling for yesterdays exotic boudior...
I have quickly gotten shaken up over exotic textiles. Fabrics, rugs, pillows, etc.
I am absolutely smitten with these lovely little things. 
They are perfect for bohemian rooms...
they look absolutely amazing on a sofa...
or underneath one...
are perfect for the sexy moroccan outdoor vibe...
can always be made more traditional or girly,
look smashing as a grouping of pillows...
and work wonders as a layered rug. 
{all images found on pinterest search}

Beautiful Bollywood + Decorista Pink

It was love at first sight when I spotted this Beautiful Bollywood Boudior. Initially what captured my eye was the bright pinks, but...
I after much adoration, I fell for the gorgeous, rich and exotic textiles throughout the space. I love the mix of the exotic patterns. This rich space is luxurious and feminine and reminds me of a wanterlusting type of woman, don't you think?
Naturally, this gorgeous space was featured in Maire Claire Maison FR, which is what I love about international magazines. They explore the irreverence of those that decorate with major panache. 
Such an incredible weakness of mine. I just adore it. 

via onceuponatime

office space of the day...exotic prints in the workspace

I am having a curiously strong attraction to exotic patterns lately. They are so on my radar. How incredibly chic is the pattern-a-licious work space?
Gorgeous exotic pattern + painted green desk + inspiration board + old school typewriter=
domestic bliss

how fab are leopard stairs? I swear they will always be in style. 
I am a long time fan of zebra print in any color. I love these delicious drapes.
The mix of tiger print and tortiseshell. AMAZINGNESS!

fashion meets decor... creamy moroccan wedding blankets

pretty,creamy and delightful rachel bilson dress
pretty, creamy and delightful moroccan wedding blankets...
your busy-ness is boho chic yet still oh so glam...and i just love you.
they really do make the perfect bedspread coverlet, no? adds a little something to the room.
I also love it used as a headboard or a pretty tapestry like art for the wall...
such a stylish rug too...


SUZANIS = insanely gorgeous pattens on textiles...

I adore this gorgeous suzani textile as a headboard. Textiles are one of the perfect additions to your bedroom and will always be a cheaper headboard alternative. Suzanis have been around for a while but I don't think their shine has worn off. Especially in the bohemian chic style realm, their colors and patterns are boho perfection. Am I right???

oh and P.S.
so so so pretty!


The Decorista tip of the day...go light white and global

Since spring has arrived, finally. If you haven't already, I do encourage you all to switch up your bedding to bright, light and white cottons. There is something so luxurious about slipping into crisp white sheets. Now I know that a lot of you can't bare the thought of all white (color lovers like me!) and I completely understand. I have the solution! Grab a fabulous, and exotic patterned quilt and throw it on the end of your bed. It adds a little something fun, playful and gives you total style without weighing down your bed! Loving these gorgeous prints....


Style-icious Sunday {Brooklyn Bohemia}

My posts have been rather sparse lately, mostly because I have been in LA. Its been such a good time to relax and recharge. So, thank you for your patience with me. I missed this last Sunday's "Style-icious Sunday". Today, as I am jetting back to New York (so excited to get back), I wanted to recreate my style-i-cious inspiration for the week for you. All about that Brooklyn Bohemia...a super cool, swanky, hipster look that is currently on my mind. It's fun and so very, very in style.


5 rugs I absolutely LOVE and cant get enough of

The moment I spotted this rug, I fell madly in love. It's more than just a dining room rug, its a show stopper! Tony Duquette has such great style, I just never can get enough. Right? 

for the rest of my favorites...
these moroccan rugs are the perfect neutral for any room
a leopard rug will always strike my fancy...
I love these bright colors in this exotic rug too. 
and as always zebra rugs look fantastic in solid black and white...
oh and I almost old favorite Missoni!


Decorista Trend Spotting: art like fabric

I have been doing some serious fabric shopping around this city and something I am finding is that the latest in fabrics are very similar to beautiful paintings and artwork, I snapped some photos of a few I liked. I am really inspired by the look of these very graphic, black and white, ikat-ish prints. It's super gorgeous and luxurious looking, especially when used on seating with gorgeous lines like these. Like artwork on a it.
via summer thorton 

a decorators dream...Fresco Towels

Don't you just love it when extremely creative people come up with a genius idea that you wish you had thought of? Well, I am absolutely smitten with Fresco Towels. This family owned beverly hills business is single handedly taking over the towel market quickly. The towels are oversized and overly soft, made of 100% Turkish cotton and they feel like an absolute dream. They showed off their stuff at the NYIGF and they blew me away! These towels are the perfect way to add a huge pop of style into bathroom decor. They are everything you need. 
a line of gorgeous pillows. I cannot wait! 

style-icious Sunday {eclectic panache}

 There is something about these NYC streets and the fashion that saturates them. Each outfit is so very different than the next. It inspires me in that I remember not everything has to be so "put-together". Eclectic style is every bit as stylish as the next, and probably a lot more inspiring than others. 
Today I just want to luxuriate in the rooms that are inspired by this kind of look. Curious, colorful and filled with mixings of the most fabulous of textiles (suzanis + furs + plush velvets, oh my). 

images via... monicarose. houzzfullhouse