fashion meets decor {plaid is oh so rad! loving tartan decor}

super holiday chic plaid blazer
super holiday chic plaid home accessories...
this winter you are so everything to me, your traditional look is so taking over!
This above living room happens to be one of my favorite moments in rue issue 2.
And check out this amazing Thanksgiving tabletop decor by HighGlossBlue. So chic. 
I absolutely love the small placecard atop the gorgeous crystal. This is genius!

and just for fun!

secret of domestic bliss #37...simple touches of fur

Oh how these chilly LA days are so blissful. The crisp air outside combined with the beautiful sunshine just makes me so happy. As the cold air outside permeates indoors through my apartments' open windows, I am longing for warmer textures. 
I love to add to the coziness in my home by simply placing small touches of faux fur all around me.
Whether it be through a fur throw or a fabulous fur rug, I love how fur instantly transforms your space to comfortable glamour so effortlessly.

and this is what it looks like white a whole lotta fur loveliness...

The Art of Living: using curtains to make a statement

I am always a sucker for pink. It's the girlie girl in me.
How incomplete would this dining room look without these amazing panels?
Fabulous curtains are essential to the basic elements of a stylish home.
You would be amazed what the right drapes can do for your space.
They cozy-up even the most modern spaces and
just the right amount of flair can give romance to any room.
When done right, they can be multi-tasking too.

Inspired decorating...mexican romance

I am always inspired by different cultures and the emotions that go into the surroundings.
Being that I am part latina, I love anything and everything with a little bit of culture.
 These gorgeous rooms conjure up feelings of 'mexican romance' to me...
I am just smitten with them.

Makes me really want to have one of these Vintage Bolivian Rugs from Furbish, stat!
They are gorgeous, no?