Fresh apartment inspiration...

All I can do is think about...
new apartment decor. It literally is an all consuming obsession, I've got no shame to my game. As you all know, I have been thinking of a warm and neutral living area but when I saw this little living room...I might have changed my mind. This adorable living room is mostly neutral with splashes of pastel color and gold. I am really into this look right now.
Look at the hardwood floors. I can't get over the beauty of all the gold fixtures in the kitchen either, thats some mighty good looking hardware. I wish my new landlord would let me have at the plain fixtures in my new kitchen. Ugh, the joys of renting...
I really enjoy this little office nook. Small enough for this space yet ample desk and eating area. Notice the brass pineapple figurines. Just like mine. Love those little cuties! I kinda want to create something like this in my new space.

images via achados

CAMILLA and MARC for VOGUE Australia

Camilla Freeman Topper. My new style muse has literally perfect the art of mixing modern contemporary, feminine and rustic french decor styles and making is look incredibly chic. The designer  from Camilla and Marc just has a style all her very own. The pink chesterfield sofa just had me at hello and mixing it with a bit of zebra and neon hued artwork, its absolutely genius. I have a new Christmas wish, this home decor, I want it all! 

for the rest of the home tour...

images courtesy of vogue austrailia


One of my very best friends lives in London right now and I often look at apartments in London and fantasize about what it would be like to live in the UK. I'm such a nerd, I always check out the houses and flats on Zoopla (its really fun). So, of course Elle Decor UK is always on my radar and when I stopped by one of my favorite UK blogs and saw these photos of Jonathan Adler's home, my heart fell weak. White walls and pretty dashes of color...

Now I also loved the look of all white too. It's something I often daydream about however I am not sure I am that together to actually pull it off. If I did however, I would want to live in a space with huge windows that let a ton of natural light in. I'd add metallics to the brim, like brass fixtures on the furnishings and maybe a brass lamp or two.
The kitchen would definitely have to have elements of nature with wood floors and exposed ceilings. This would be so very british countryside, no? How cute do the glass jars filled with an assortment of baking essentials look...they add just the right amount of muted color. Again, that silver sink is pretty, but I would be a rebel and make mine beautiful brass! So pretty! Anyone want to come to the UK with me?

rooms that rock my world! {outdoor entertainer}

Oh how I am just loving this sunny New York weather. Lots of soirees and fun design events all over town, Spring is too much fun for this decorista. Lately I have been spending lots of time on rooftops having brunches and getting some sun. Now I am obsessed with making my rooftop cuter (if only they would let me decorate it). So today, I wanted to share my inspiration with you. 
Happy outdoor entertaining!


rooms that rock my world...the black and white perspective.

Black and white movies. Yes! 
Black and white fashion. Yes! 
The ubiquitous NYC Black and white cookie...oh YES!
 I am mad for all things black and white today. Especially when it comes to interior decor. Feast your eyes upon these delicious rooms! Black and white... work-it-out! 


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The Art of Living: canopied bed luxury

I never thought this day would come, but I literally am speechless over this bedroom. Wow. What can I say, who doesn't dream of a gorgeous canopied bed draped with sumptuous fabric to just swallow you in as you fall yourself to sleep? It's the perfect epitome of what I imagine domestic bliss to be. For now, I will obsess over making the switch to a four poster bed. So luxurious and perfect high style, they are just as fabulous and will give me the illusion of a dreamy canopy...


fashion meets decor {nude colors for spring}

deliciously nude trench coats 
deliciously nude fabrics for the home...
spring is here and the trench coats are out in full force in NYC, 
so I am taking a cue and lusting after all things nude in home decor for spring! 

I have also fallen for this set of nudish camel colored leather chairs. My word they are beautiful!
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here and here

Decorating for Spring with Ruthie Sommers

 Ruthie Sommers is a long time favorite interior decorista of mine. I love that she is not afraid of color. The minute I saw these pictures of her California home, I immediately got so excited for spring. I'm so ready for sunshine and lighter clothing that is all over the magazines these days. I am patiently anticipating the manhattan days I can spend reading a book at central park with no gloves on. Oh, Ruthie, she just gets my decorator mind going...Her master bedroom is one of my favorite girlie bedrooms ever! It's gorgeous. I am loving this home and so ready for the brighter colors that are spring...

aol shelterpop

rooms that rock my world. {rooms with grandeur}

Something about each of these rooms has me weak in the knees. I'm constantly daydreaming about living in rooms like these. The saturation and mix of colorways are so beautiful. Each room has textures and fabrics that lend to sophisticated and elegant style. Not too much color, just the right touch of boldness.Very inspiring for my little ol decorator heart. The last room with the beautiful wallpaper, might just be my favorite. The pillows are perfect and that wood + gold art piece on the wall is absolutely genius. 

rooms that rock my world! my dream bedroom...

and I am absolutely in love!
The dark wall behind the plush headboard is the perfect compliment to the influx of bright light in the room. I am also enamored with beautiful + calming feminine hues of light pink and purple. It just tops the room off with a bit of elegance and romance. So dreamy, no?

more bedrooms to adore...

images via pinterest

my style formula...Eclectic Glamour

Inspired my Sketch42's Nicole & her fabulous post about her style formula, 
I decided to share mine with you...I define my style as 

one part feminine romance...
one part bold & decadent color (like Miles Redd)
part tradition & sophistication (like Mary McDonald)
a hint of shine & gold (like Kelly Wearstler)
and tons of vintage glamour (like Woodson & Rummerfield)!
and just a teeny bit of trendy
its totally hard to define...because I really love it all!

Home Tour: a stylish + oh so fun bloggers' abode

I love decorating. I love the way people decorate. I love helping those who are in need of decorating advice. This is the reason I blog. Another reason I blog...the home tours. 
I love seeing them + I loooooove sharing them with you all too.

This is the stylish home of Bijou & Boheme blog. I love the incredible sense of style. It has a sense of laid back glamour that is very easy to recreate yourself. That is key for decorating.
It's got little notes of parisian chic, some modern glamour and a bit of boho.
Did I mention how much I adore all of the artwork in the home? Well, I do.
Take a peek at this stunning piece in the entryway...very clever + oh so cheeky!

rooms that rock my world! {rock star glamour}

Completely crushing on this fabulous bedroom nestled in the hills of Los Angeles.
Ever so feminine elements mingle with a bit of rock star glammah and the outcome is modern + perfectly chic.
Fireplace, a round setee, YSL pumps, crystal lamps and stunning, colorful photography are the epitome of LA style. I love it.
Such a lovely job done my Molly Luetkemeyer...I have always been so fond of her work.

a Home Tour worthy of adoration

Feminine interior decor is always a favorite of mine. I love love love the look of a woman's home, it reminds me of my mom. Bright whites and pinks with floral and french accents and a touch of modern. This beautiful space is right up my alley and I wanted to share because I bet it would be right up your alley too. The name of the design firm had me at hello!  
The Cross Design...i love it!
images via fabulous k + here

The Decorista Trend Spotting...industrial revolution

The time is coming and the industrial chic look is taking over the world of decor.
Its very winter-friendly and is what I imagine London and Scandinavian homes to look like.
I quite like the look of worn leather and exposed metals, I also love weathered wood in any space. It is the perfect look to work with the harshness of metals.
The photo above really gives an essence of the "industrial revolution" (my term for the look) type of decor that I am drawn to. Ochre and Halo are two shops I suggest for shopping for this look.
What I really love about this look is that it can translate as an addition to any style of decor through really fantastic pieces. Take for instance, this gorgeous industrial chair, it could totally go in a glamorous room if done the right way, of course.

chair by casamidy

rooms that rock my world! {NYC city girl glamour}

Oh my, the style in this room is such a fashionista meets decorista glam.
I completely fawn over spaces like this. 
Chic gold pieces and layered textures marvel in this super stylish abode.
I could imagine living in NYC and after a full day of walking in 5 inch heels,
coming home to soft music, candlelight and this ubiquitous glamour.

bliss in the kitch'...dark, dreamy and delightful

I am really inspired by the majestic essence of this kitchen right now. As fall weather is coming around, I love the look of rich woods in a kitchen. It's has a very winter cabin feel that entices you to light the fire and whip up some hot cocoa. What better than to sip your warm drink whilst gazing at colorful & lovely accessories that abound? Jewel tones, pretty pinks meet sparkles & gloss in this gorgeous breakfast room. That's about as close to cabin as this LA girl is getting anytime soon.
Oh, how I miss the south...sigh.