THE GOOD WOOD. Kelly Wearstler in Seal Beach

Just the other day I was shopping around Flatiron area and I happened to stumble across this amazing store that sells custom wood paneling. Now, I grew up in Austin, Texas, the mother land of wood paneling, therefore I like to steer clear of wood paneling as I think its too much. Lately though, I have been seeing some paneling in homes that really is chic and I'm into it. Things always come full circle I guess. 
Naturally, when this Kelly Wearstler Seal Beach spot came into my life (the pages of Rhapsody) I took it almost as confirmation. Perhaps wood paneling isn't so bad. Especially with incredible flooring to match. I love the way this little bar cart area is styled. I'm loving the splatter paint looking dishware. So very Ms. Wearstler. 
 These calming bedrooms are the perfect place to relax. I am so beyond ready for summer! 
images Kelly Wearstler design, photography by Grey Crawford for Rhapsody via Sukio

bliss in the kitch'...PARISIAN PINK

I have been long dreaming of the perfect apartment for myself and my dreams always involve a large white glossy kitchen. After finding this precious apartment and modern with a dash of pink, I thought to myself I found the perfect inspiration. All the cabinetry is from IKEA and all the appliances are stainless steel which add metallic shine seamlessly. Think this kitchen is chic, then you must see the rest of the apartment...

The bedroom took my breath away. This gorgeous peacock wallpaper combined with a gorgeous Venetian mirror has me needing a a few new things for myself. Purple, pink, white and grays make a lovely bedroom color combo. 
Oh, and against her ikea mirrored armoire (i love all the chic ways to incorporate ikea by the way), she has gorgeous silk wallpaper and a perfectly parisian white chair. Beautiful! 
images found here

bliss in the kitch' : BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK...

The weather in the city is shaping up to be so lovely, I can already sense fall on the horizon. So, I've been braving the streets of Soho and my favorite design showrooms for some fresh inspiration. From what I can tell, black is the new black and it's looking real good. I have always loved black, I just can't get enough of the way it instantly glams up a room. What's even better? When glossy black finishes are paired in a space that doesn't look to modern or gaudy. Like in this glossy black kitchen, the chinoiserie backsplash makes for a perfectly pretty little kitchen...

As most of you know I love black and white as a combo, especially black with white trim or vice versa. It just highlights the look so well and keeps things crisp and clean looking. 
What I would love in my new apartment more than anything is permission to tear down some of the old wood cabinetry, in most pre-war spaces, and throw up some glossy black kitchen cabinetry. My heart skips a beat thinking of what I would do with it. Rose gold pendant lights, pops of blue and white or maybe even kelly green... just endless possibilities! 


Elements of a glamorous bedroom...

As I decorate my new bedroom, I am picking out each piece very carefully. From the perfect bedskirt, to the candles. (Speaking of candles. My entire life I have been obsessed with Jasmin and Gardenia...and Archipelago has perfected the mix of the two in this candle. It's all I am burning right now. 
Anyway, as much as I love bright and beautiful bursts of color, I want my bedroom to be plush and romantic. Lots of fabrics, plush bedding, glimmering light fixtures, everything. 
I have always been a fan of tufted headboards and swaggered fabric on the ceilings.
I adore this beautiful make up artists room...
this room by ryan korban is absolutely gorgeous...the perfect mix of neutral and feminine.

Style-icious Sunday: glamorous and golden

There is nothing like an oversized gold sunburst above the bed to make a statement in the bedroom. The placement of this piece is the perfect addition of that glamorous "wow" factor to add to the simplicity of an all white room. White and gold is one of my favorite color combos of all time. Here, the kiss of blue and white pillows just seals the deal. It's got me craving some gold glamour in my life....

These is something so chic about strategic moments of gold.
I also happen to adore the look of purple and gold together, its so very regal.


living luxurious...introducing dabble magazine

Over the top glamour-i-cious decorating makes me weak in the knees. Second to that, traveling the world and looking at the design + decor of different cities and cultures excites me! and what is better than tasting the most delicious and tasty cuisines, too? Dabble Magazine, a new kid on the scene, is a new addiction of mine. Design, Travel and Food... nothing better. You've got to check it out!
for a peek inside the beautiful mag...
check out these rooms and the gorgeous white mirrors above the fireplace. So glam!!!!!!

needing. wanting. loving. {metallic earthy glamour}

Talk about love at first sight. This gorgeous Sequoia console from Zgallerie has literally taken my breath away. I want it immediately if not sooner. Gorgeous and glamorous and earthy...this console has got some serious soul. It's every bit the eclectic glamour that I feel is my personal look. This is essential for my new apartment, it has me thinking of a whole new decor scheme. I got it bad for this boy. 

The Art of to create a glamourous bathroom

After falling for the Dita Von Teese shoot, I am feeling the feminine vibe. Nothing is more fun than luxuriating in the art of getting dolled up. So you must have a fabulous bathroom to make you feel glamorous. This bathroom styled by Eva Lindh is incredibly posh, don't you think?

Redesigning your home and want to 
Get this look:
There are key essentials when redesigning your bathroom to look like this. First of all you need to re-grout with some gorgeous sheen tile. I love the gold trim on the shower enclosure, a beautiful one is essential after all. In the corner, you must add a fabulous shower tray to store all of your essential items, too. Notice also the gold bathroom tap, it just pops.

Style-icious Sunday {soft & modern Glamour}

It's a rainy Sunday here in Los Angeles, nothing like ever before. Rain makes me think of glamour for some reason. Burning candles, soft sunlight through the windows and watching old black and white romantic movies...sounds like a blissful day to me! 
Today I am reveling in the magic of soft yet modern glamour decorating. Makes me want to get all dressed up for church today...maybe a little overdressed would be perfection.
Aren't these rooms so lovely?

houzz, hautedesign, weheartit, citified

tablescape tuesday {lavender glamour for the holidays}

As most of you know, I'm just crazy for purple, it is such a rich and luxurious hue. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a lavender Christmas this post is so completely special to me. These fabulous table settings are so decadent looking, I just think purple has that effect on things. 
And here are some gorgeous purple holiday decorating ideas. I'm smitten.

office space of the day...from Rue to Kelley Moore

gorgeous gold chairs + exposed brick + black and white panels + precious lamp + chandelier =
total decorista bliss

I am so all about glamour these days. The gold and luxurious items are quickly becoming my obsessions. This office space is no exception of my over the top style adoration. I mean, come on, I would not expect less the glam perfection from Rue issue #2, am I right?
and of course I heart my girl Kelley and her fab style, too!
bravo ladies.

How to decorate for winter with white

As we are fast approaching the winter, rustic & industrial looking decor is much more prevalent.
I love it when these hard looks are combined with a romantic elegance...effortlessly comfortable.
Like the feeling that you want to cuddle in bed with a fire, lounge in your living room reading a magazine with tea or take a long, luxurious bubble bath whilst gazing at beautiful decor. These are the moments when I truly appreciate being at home.
images via skonahem

Home Tour: glamorous vintage style is the perfect winter decor

In the pursuit of fabulous finds for winter decor, my decorative eye has turned so romantic.
I have fallen more in love with decor from all over the globe and the 
"scandinavian maximalism
look has captured my adoration rather quickly.

This incredible apartment shown above is the home of a supremely stylish gal, Camilla, who owns a gorgeous glam & vintage decor shop called Milla Boutique. Her home has the perfected the look of ethereal and glamorous winter-time romance
Couldn't you imagine relaxing here on a cold winter night?
A candle lit bubble bath maybe or a cozy evening in bed watching old black and white movies...
I will be forever daydreaming of that.
(oh and decorating with a photo of kate moss is highly suggested)

However, her home wasn't always so dark and lovely.
Take a peek at the delicious look of her home just a few months back. This bright, vintage and glam space just took my breath away. Whether this home has its bright & lovely spring look or its dark & dreamy winter look, I would be ready to call her "home" instantly!

a shout out to dagny for the lovely introduction to this amazing home...

rooms that rock my world! {rock star glamour}

Completely crushing on this fabulous bedroom nestled in the hills of Los Angeles.
Ever so feminine elements mingle with a bit of rock star glammah and the outcome is modern + perfectly chic.
Fireplace, a round setee, YSL pumps, crystal lamps and stunning, colorful photography are the epitome of LA style. I love it.
Such a lovely job done my Molly Luetkemeyer...I have always been so fond of her work.