THE GOOD WOOD. Kelly Wearstler in Seal Beach

Just the other day I was shopping around Flatiron area and I happened to stumble across this amazing store that sells custom wood paneling. Now, I grew up in Austin, Texas, the mother land of wood paneling, therefore I like to steer clear of wood paneling as I think its too much. Lately though, I have been seeing some paneling in homes that really is chic and I'm into it. Things always come full circle I guess. 
Naturally, when this Kelly Wearstler Seal Beach spot came into my life (the pages of Rhapsody) I took it almost as confirmation. Perhaps wood paneling isn't so bad. Especially with incredible flooring to match. I love the way this little bar cart area is styled. I'm loving the splatter paint looking dishware. So very Ms. Wearstler. 
 These calming bedrooms are the perfect place to relax. I am so beyond ready for summer! 
images Kelly Wearstler design, photography by Grey Crawford for Rhapsody via Sukio