my love affair with elephants...

I love elephants. I always have. Ever since I was a little girl, I felt such a connection to the big beautiful species. I have collections of elephants from everywhere I have traveled. I even have the cutest elephant coffee mugs. 
I recently read that elephants have been known to die of broken hearts if a mate dies. They refuse to eat and will lay down, shedding tears until they starve to death. They refuse all human help.
The moment I read this, I knew thats why I love this animal so much. Elephants are romantics at heart. I love that and what I love even more is when I see them in home decor. They are all over the magazines and photos. As I decorate my new NYC space, I am feeling the need to get another one. 


style-icious Sunday {eclectic panache}

 There is something about these NYC streets and the fashion that saturates them. Each outfit is so very different than the next. It inspires me in that I remember not everything has to be so "put-together". Eclectic style is every bit as stylish as the next, and probably a lot more inspiring than others. 
Today I just want to luxuriate in the rooms that are inspired by this kind of look. Curious, colorful and filled with mixings of the most fabulous of textiles (suzanis + furs + plush velvets, oh my). 

images via... monicarose. houzzfullhouse

Hillary Thomas Interior Design...and the beautiful color sea foam green

Hillary Thomas
Designer. Wife. Mom.
and she is from Brentwood 
(my fave neighborhood in LA)
Does it get any better?
This woman is just so fantastic. I have totally fallen for her style.
This particular image has my heart because I spotted this adorable little elephant (my obsession).
Isn't he cute? He happens to be in this irresistible sea foam green color.
 It seems to be a particular favorite of miss Thomas and I must admit is starting to become a favorite of mine as well. It mixes with so well with other colors that I adore. 
Enjoy these photos...and if you feel the need for some more eye candy check out her site!

secret of domestic bliss #7...add a touch of cute

What i love about interior spaces are the whimsical little touches.
In these Los Angeles homes
'eye spy' elephants...and other cute things.

white ceramic elephant centerpiece
have dinner with an elephant
a sweet yellow bird
a gold peacock rocks the room
seductive gold camel keeps the fire hot
a little touch of chanel no. 5

all images courtesy of MdesignLA

want to 'add a touch of cute' to your home?
Check out this blogger DIY.

She turned this...
To this...
DIY awesome-ness!

to see how she did it visit Nicole + her adorable blog.