ANIMALISTIC by Todd Alexander Romano

I just love a good Manhattan apartment. Yesterday while meeting a friend for dinner in her building, I ran into a designer friend of mine who had just finished a new project...
It was so good, I just didn't want to leave the place. It brought me to the realization that some seriously good apartment interiors exist in this city and are being created new every day.
 One apartment I would just die to get a peek into is this apartment of Todd Alexander Romano, a fabulous little decorator. Everything about this space is oh so chic. I love the modern fireplace against the smoky glass mirrored wall. Hello glamour! White walls and yellow curtains are such a cheery backgrop for all the deep and rich accents around the room. The tiger print covered chair for example. Now that is hot. 
 Nevermind that the rest of the accent walls are vivid citrus colors and mega glossy. Ugh. It's just so darn fabulous. His choice of art pieces is really well curated too. I love the mix of cheeky photos and great modern art. 
 Now this is an entryway a girl could come home to with attitude. Taking note of all the black/blue combinations, ie. the lamp and the chairs. 
Yep. in love.

images via elle decor, design by todd alexander romano, photography by william abranowicz

idol: Paul Costello

Photography is one of those professions that I wish I would have taken in college. 
I love the way photos capture the essence of the subject. 
This photographer is no exception to those that capture brilliance.
You have seen his work in the glossy magazines that we adore so much.
Paul Costello rocks my world with his photographs of interiors. 
He has plenty of work on his website for your viewing pleasure.
Here are a few of my favorites.
I just love the way he captures women in their domestic blissfulness.

(i love these blue china plates)
i soooo want to cook in this kitchen

loving the zebra
i am desperately wishing i was in a photography class right now. 
i just think i might need to enroll.

wanting to be 'guild-ed'

I am so digging on Tricia Guild's latest fabric collections.
If I could, I think I would cover an entire guest home in her wall coverings + fabrics.
I love love love anything make me happy.
These particular fabrics would complete me.
Check her stuff out.
p.s. she also have amazing inspirational books that I keep around the house for fun.

my domestic bliss: Thursday AM favorites

Ahh! It's such a nice feeling when you wake up completely relaxed 
and well rested. This morning I awoke and decided to skip hiking runyon
and instead indulge in some yoga. Yogaworks 
happens to be my favorite studio in Los Angeles and they have teamed with ON Demand to put free yoga classes out to our cable boxes. 
How lucky are we?
i luv...

Favorite #1:my yoga mat it's so adorable. i love it.
Favorite #2: my beloved UGG's...thank you uggies for making my mornings more cozy
Favorite #3: my old skool telephone that sits in my plush living room where I spend hours chatting away. 
Makes me feel like an old Hollywood glamour girl.