The Plaza Hotel & Restoration Hardware unveil new suite

How excited are well all to see the new Gatsby movie? I know I am. First of all, I always go to movies to see the set and costume design, it is one of my favorite ways to get inspired. This movie has that amazing Art Deco style that just literally gets me so excited. So you can imagine my happiness after hearing the news of the Plaza hotel partnering with designer Catherine Martin (she did the set design on the movie)...
Together with Restoration Hardware they unveiled The Fitzgerald Suite, a 900-square foot suite transformed into a dramatic art deco space that channels the dynamism of the Jazz Age using authentic, period-inspired pieces. The suite will be furnished exclusively by RH to reflect the luxury and style of the era. 
 All I can say is wow, they really nailed the space. The wallpaper and color palate and the lighting of course. All of it. Now I am really dying to experience the majesty of this space. I bet its even that much better in person.

images via the plaza hotel.

The Decorista tip of the day... get on board with 2011 decor trends

2011 is sure to be a fantastic year! I am so excited about what is to come in the new year for decor.
The magazines are only getting better and blogging has totally revolutionized the way I see decor trends, it's just fabulous + I can't get enough of it.
Here are a few trends that I am uber thrilled about for this next season...