Highlights of High Point Market Spring '13

This seasons market did not disappoint. Everyone really stepped their game up in terms of design and trends. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the design showrooms, I got inspired to do so many new things. I love the sign of a hot and busy market. It means business is happening, people are making money, I love it. The above little vignette was in C.R. Laine, one of my all time favorite looks...chinoiserie.
Here are a few trends I saw that I loved! 
This blue glass mirror was so moroccan + the Art Deco Mexican mirror by Laura Kirar for Arteriors.
all images by me...

10 things that rocked my world this week...High Point Market Edition

Oh my goodness. I think this is the first time in years that I have ever gone more than 1 day of not posting and talking to you guys. While I am sort of in shock and a little remorse, I have had the craziest month ever. I've been so busy, I don't even know what day it is anymore. Among all the wonderful things that have happened recently, High Point Market was surely the best and I want to share with you what my favorite parts were...

 1. Traditional Home + Junior League of Greensboro had a showhouse this year. It was extraordinary. I met new designers and saw some older favorites too. The rooms were incredible. I will post more on them soon, but for now this room was done by Miles Redd. It was light pastel blue (which was really hot at market this year) with chinoiserie and beautiful browns. gorgeousness. 
2. So, I pretty much spent most of my time at The Suites at Market Square. Hands down my new favorite building because there was just so much there. My favorite part was the revamped Antique + Design Center, which had me trolling around for hours. To my completes surprise I got to antique shop with Paula Deen. She was looking so good and really was just as fun as can be. We both got some good  things at a super steal! 
3. My favorite score...this Virgin Mary statue. It was literally a whole slew of shenanigans to get her home on the plane with me but she was worth it. 
4. The Stanley furniture showroom was out of control good. Woodson and Rummerfield helped give the showroom a huge makeover with serious style. It took their traditional style furniture to the next level and blew everyone away. The party was a blast, I felt like I was at a wedding at a mansion! 
Here I am with the duo and all their fabulousness. I miss working for them so much.
 5. I also got to meet the fabulous Aerin Lauder who is launching her very own home and lifestyle collection. She is totally a girl after my own heart because everything the does is in gold! Hello. 
 6. Global Views will always be a company after my own heart. They partnered with Zinc Door and hosted a super lovely dinner in the showroom where we got to see the latest and greatest of things. And  quite possibly got the best gift bags of all time. The showroom was AMAZING.
7. Yes. This modern version of shabby chic room was part of the showroom and literally rocked my world. I mean this wallpaper. Hello. Could it be any more perfect for Spring?
 8. I've always identified with Princess Jasmine, its the dark hair thing. So, when Aladdin was hanging out on a gorgeous magic carpet I couldn't help but hop on and snap a photo. Also because I'm just kind of a silly person sometimes and I really wanted to check out the carpet. 
 9. You know how sometimes you see things and you ask how much they are then you find out they are sold, and it breaks your heart. Well thats kind of what happened to me here with these gold chests. Ugh. But even so, they were ridiculously shiny gold a gold I rarely see and that made me so happy. 
10. The suites had a few of us from the design world, give tours of our favorite shops around market. It was a blast! We all had such a good time traveling around the showrooms together. 

My Springtime accessories...

This seasons High Point Market is fast approaching (I fly out this weekend) and I'm scrambling to try and find things to pack. With so many showrooms to see, parties to attend, meetings to get to I need to be smart about what I choose to bring with me. Days are long, but incredibly exciting...who's coming with me?
Thanks to Coach I have been supplied with my shoe essentials from their new spring collection which I must say, metallics and wicker weaving are everything right now.

Now that I'm all set with footwear, what I really need to find is the perfect handbag. Something in a great color for spring time in the city and also big enough to carry around all of my decorista tools + supplies. There are so many chic bags out there, I need your help deciding which one to go with. I'm a very classic girl so I like clean lines and beautiful colors. 

Stanley Furniture meets Woodson & Rummerfield at High Point Market

I am literally counting down the days till High Point Market. I always look forward to my time with my favorite designers in the industry. It's a blast. Not only is it a blast, you get to see the latest and greatest in the design world. I've posted about last years market here
This year my former bosses (woodson & rummerfield house of design) + extended fam have partnered with Stanley Furniture to revamp their showrooms. This collaboration is kind of major. Here are a few shots of the showroom they revamped for Las Vegas Market, which blew everyone away...
 I just loved this eclectic art wall. 
They really turned out the showroom to a whole other level. Now, I keep watching the facebook + twitter for snaps of the inspiration for the new High Point Showroom and I am already in love. 
Emeralds. Gold. Black and white. Its looking good! 
Who is coming to High Point Market? I'll be giving a tour that you can sign up for, let me know and I'll get you details! 

High Point Market Highlight...

Everyone in New York gets so excited for fashion week, and I get it, but my heart seriously longs for High Point Market. the fashion week for interior designers. Is it October, yet?
 Christian of Maison21 and I shared a sponsor this last season TVILUM and we had so much fun playing around with modern furnishings and such...
Because they appreciate my love for office spaces, they were excited to show me their new storage piece called MOVE that works according to your storage needs. SO VERY COOL.
That's me moving the shelves around.
They are affordable, customized to your way, completely sustainable + environmentally friendly and really attractive pieces. They are well made too. 
How could we not love that?

Highlights of High Point Market...

 So, thanks to 220Elm, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to HPMKT (interior designers' fashion week) this last week. This year was probably the best market yet, I have never been around so much color and design deliciousness in my life.
I want to share with you a few places that really rocked my world...

The Bernhardt showroom blew me away, they are rocking a whole new fresh look this year and it was right up my alley. Arteriors is always my go-to for fabulous accessories and lighting and this year they blew me away with GOLD goodness! 
OLY is always a favorite of mine with ethereal, light, lovely pieces. I could spend all day in that showroom. C.R. Laine also was at the top of my list this year. The sofas and pieces that were going on in there were just oozing color and style. I came home with some goodies from that showroom.
 Hickory Chair is hands down one of the best showrooms to tour, their displays are always on point and the designers are always there to give you the true inspiration story behind the pieces. Such an amazing design experience to enjoy. I have too many photos to post so I suggest browsing the site.
I was on the hunt for some artwork for clients this year and Natural Curiosities had everything I was looking for and more. Gold artwork always wins in my book. You can never go wrong in hopping over to Made Goods, they are spot on with every accessory in the store. I could fill a home in 5 seconds with the gems from that place. Especially the mirrors and I love me some good mirrors! 
Worlds Away...always a favorite of mine and this year things were bigger and better. 
What would market be without the other amazing bloggers and designers there to get some good time with? Definitely not as good as it is. I love getting to meet the people in my industry, spend some really good time with  my best blog friends and meet new of the industries finest! 
I suggest checking out my industry besties on twitter for more gab on Market! 
@maison21 @crystalG @casslavalle @220elm @katiearmour @jsinteriordes @jrummerfield @rwwoodson @emhenderson @courtneyoutloud 

Highlights of High Point Market --Part Three and video interview

Aside from seeing the showrooms, meeting the designers behind the looks was probably the most interesting part...

We got the opportunity to meet with Eileen Katherine Boyd who partnered with Duralee to create an incredible collection of fabrics. I was just smitten with the vibrant colors and femininity.
She was such a delight to talk to and I wanted to let her share with you all her inspiration...
I love her use of color and I love that she painted a lot of the artwork in the showroom herself.

Sculptural accessories... 

Bunching cocktail tables...

layered geometric shapes...

Highlights of High Point Market --Part Two

The colors of each showroom were so different at High Point Market , they really were in full force and were probably my favorite thing to see...
I love to see the way different color palates go with different styles of furniture. The Hickory Chair showroom was so delightful to my eyes as PINK was definitely present in the building.
I loved the mix of pink and light gray in this particular section, the modern pink chair was hotness! 
I also fell hard for the yellow mixed with light gray color scheme. I loved how they integrated fellow blogger/designer, Tobi Fairley's new collection of fabrics. Preppy, traditional fun.
Other showrooms that I absolutely loved and were so gracious to us were...
their sculptural accessories were spot on marvelous and had just the perfect hint of glamour!
Their colorful twist on traditional pieces just excites me, lots of fun chinoiserie!
The Laura Kirar collection was amazing!
 Their new dining collection for Precedent is crazy cool. Very Mad Men sixties, which was EVERYWHERE this season.
They had such a fabulous mix of chairs with super luxe fabrics. Total swoon action.

Thanks so much to all of the showrooms for being so sweet and supportive!
To be continued...

Highlights of High Point Market --Part One

As you all know, I have just been so excited to share with you a peek inside High Point Market, so here we go...
It probably was the most incredible two days of my year and the weather in North Carolina was perfection. I was overloaded with the most amazing showrooms that I have ever seen, chandeliers that just rocked my world, good quality time with my oldest and best blog friends (Coco and Kelley, Elements of Style, Maison 21, Rue Magazine, Eddie Ross and Matchbook Magazine) and great conversations with designers who I love to admire (Martyn Lawrence Bullard + Mary MacDonald)! 

Thanks in large part to Palliser,  220 Elm and Duralee for being the reason my first time at HPMKT was off the charts! I had the pleasure of being on a great sponsored team with Christian + Crystal. It was great to see the showrooms together and get different perspectives on what's new and what's next. 
We really enjoyed the Oly Studio showroom, such fabulous merchandising, it was definitely a favorite.
 I fell head over heels for this gorgeous cowhide, winged arm chair. So snazzy.
 I also LOVE this dark wall/light bedding contrast. Hello haute headboard!
 Oh, and canopy beds will always reign supreme, no?
to be continued.....