10 things that rocked my world this week...LVMKT summer 2013 edition

 1. I never would have imagined that spending a week in Las Vegas could be so productive, fun and relaxing...
Well, this week it really was. We had a panel on blogs + businesses that was a great success! Here is a shot of us with our girl, tv decorista Emily Henderson. (we were all wearing black, white + coral...and no we didn't mean to coordinate, it just happened.)
2. It was probably the most fun seminar I have ever given, We gave so much information on how to's for blogging + business. Thank you to all of my coaching clients, you guys have given me so much to give to others during this seminar and I know everyone was really grateful.  
3. Although I stayed at the Cosmopolitan, we skipped out to the Paris hotel every morning for breakfast. We found the perfect parisian style breakfast bistro. 
 4. When I wasn't working or taking meetings, I spent my time here, in chic little cabanas by the pool. 
5. Market was brimming with the most gorgeous pieces. This chair from Worlds Away was my absolute favorite item. 
 6. This white little vignette quite literally stole my breath. The black and gold accents were perfection.
7. Chandeliers at the paris hotel were intoxicating...
8. ...and the ones at the Cosmopolitan were also quite breathtaking. They were perfectly pink of course.
 9. Wouldn't this gorgeous facade work make you want to gamble too?
 10. Probably my favorite thing I saw this week. This plush purple tufted banquette, complete with glam chandelier and vintage telephone. I wanted to take it home with me. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...July 27

1. This incredibly little chic photo just inspires me. Dark walls, gold sconces, modern art and gorgeous french chairs make the perfect glam little business woman office space. 

2. This week was all about travel for me. I jetted off to the OC for a little excursion with Traditional Home. I have to share my favorite beauty product for travel. This C. Booth dry oil mist is out of this world amazing. It leaves your skin feeling so hydrated, soft and smelling ridiculously good. 
3. We stayed at the Island Hotel in Newport and the hotel was incredible. I slept like an angel in this bed. I was trying to see who made the bedding...it was THAT good.
4. We spent some of the day at Whole Foods learning about food, how to care for it, prepare it and store it properly. 
5. We also learned how to cook some amazing dishes in some amazingly gorgeous kitchens. 
6. Sweet pineapple. Hands down my favorite fruit. 
7. Dinner at Las Brisas. One of my favorite spots to eat at sunset in Southern California.
8. Did a little shopping at a few choice thrift stores and I found such a beautiful collection of sea green glass dishes. They are oh so beautiful, I didn't want to leave the little shop.
9. One of my favorite parts of the hotel was this gorgeous entryway tablescape. Full of the most magical succulents I have ever laid eyes on. Such chic styling.
10. Oh, and the sexiest part of the hotel...the rose gold elevators. So gold, gaudy and glamorous, I couldn't help but snap a photo. They were everything.
Bonus...my favorite part of California...the palm trees.

10 things that rocked my world this week...July 21

1. I enjoyed a weekend full of concerts...
which happen to be one of my favorite things to do in the summertime. The Jay Z/Justin Timberlake show was absolutely incredible and probably one of my favorites concerts EVER...
2. I love a good show. This weekend was a super fun line up, for the hip hop lover in me.
 3. I felt like giving my desk a little makeover, so I put new little brass lion knobs on my drawers. Love what they do for my little office nook.
4. My ex coworker and I are always finding that our designs our so similar. He is like my LA counterpart, apples don't fall far from a mentors tree. Ryan Saghian. Love him and I love this coffee table he used in a clients home. Fab.
5. My shot of the beautiful home in Shelter Island. Its so hard to capture the magic in one shot but its so so so good. 
 6. If you haven't heard yet, I'll be speaking at Las Vegas Market with some of my design/blog besties (Cass of Coco+Kelley & Crystal from Rue Magazine). This shot was captured on one of our first nights out together, Haloween 2010. Hope you guys are able to come out and see us speak about our blogs and turning them in to businesses! It's gonna be a really good time.
 7. Restoration Hardware is always a good place to look around and see whats new in the world of retail decor. I just loved this fireplace look with faux candles at staggering heights. 
 8. This view always was really beautiful. Love the deep gray swaggering curtains as you walk in. Noted. I Need these in every entryway.
 9. Wrote about a million thank you notes this week. Its so fun to do with pretty stationary. Oh, and with coffee too of course. 
10. Spotted this emerald bathroom on my friend Shopten25 instagram. Holy wow! Emerald. Hexagons. A bust. White pieces. It just doesn't get better. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...July 15

1. I literally had a whirlwind of a week I have way too many good things to talk about...
This mirror was one of them. I had the pleasure of spending the evening for a dinner party at one of the most amazingly decorated homes I have been to since moving to New York City. Over the weekend I was in Shelter Island and in this quaint little powder room, was this gorgeous flowered mirror. I was over the moon.
 2. I also love layered rugs. It's something that I am very into lately. I'm always looking for ways to show clients different looks and  I loved this jute/zebra combo. 
 3. I got very inspired shopping at victorias secret. The dressing room was so dark and glamorous, I would just love to create this bold look in my own home. 
4. Seven Secrets of Successful Women. I read this book and was really impressed. I'm always trying to keep my business skills a fresh and new, especially because my coaching clients are always looking for new ideas. This book really gave me a whole new wind of motivation. 
5. Luckily, this is where I spent most of my weekend. In the adorable guest house, you have to just love being a guest. When you work hard, you get to play hard too. When you live and work in this city, you kind of need it. 
6. In the main house, this dining room chandelier really stole my heart. I kept looking at her and just admiring her milky white loveliness. 
7. I also loved this modern, amazing and milky white/lucite sideboard. It is the perfect piece to put in the dining area of a more modern space. Ample space for displaying food and drink. Love it. 
8. Yellow. My current color crush and loving these pretty little glass things. 
 9. Even though I have been loving yellow lately, the colors of the waters have been calling my name. This gorgeous emerald green water was so blissful for my weekend. 
 10. The best part of the day. A beautiful sunset, and this one was a beautiful one right in the city. 

all photos by me.

10 things that rocked my world this week. The July 4 weekend edition

1. Oh, how exciting and fun this July 4 weekend was. It just came and went to fast...
How is the year already half over??? I ended up staying in the city for most of the weekend and I think I fell more in love with NYC. I spent some good pool time, and am very tan thank goodness, while gazing at the Chrysler building. This building was so close you could almost touch it. It is so metallically beautiful, I just could not adore it more.
2. Shopping for clients is always in order, whether its a holiday weekend or not. This week I found my new little favorite place to shop for goodies and one of a kind gems. Do you spy the editor-in-chief of Matchbook Magazine, my shopping partner in crime?
3. We also found a new little eatery gem called Tispy Parlor. The decor was so good, we couldn't stop taking pictures of every little nook and cranny. This one shot does not do it justice, but I loved it. 
4. I guess New York wouldn't be complete with the infamous "carrie" necklace from Sex and the City. The fine people at Onecklace decided to send me one for my 2 and a half year anniversary on moving to New York City. I love this necklace and now I wear it constantly.
5. Oh how fun July 4 was sitting back with a few of my favorite people by the beach. Thank goodness for One Kings Lane who sent over the most adorable towels for me to use. My cool Nanette Lepore towel was perfection. 
6. After a pool barbq, we went over to hang at this little backyard restaurant. I love the hidden gems of this city. The beautiful American flag was the perfect decor for the weekend. As much as I love New York and LA, my first love, our country, America will forever hold such a deep place of my heart. I always get to sentimental on our Independence Day. Also, my grandmother, my bff, her name is America which just makes it that much sweeter.
7. The view from Top of the Rock. Isn't this city just so, so pretty!?!
8. I've been working on adding a few new things for my ebook, it got a whole new makeover. So fab!
9. Meet my cousin from Madrid, Maria. She is visiting us here in NYC for 2 months. We had the most amazing dinner on this rooftop, it was incredibly beautiful. I love the summertime in this city.
10. This art. Need it. Want it. Love it. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...June 29

1. Had such a great time at the West Elm breakfast this week. We all got to preview the newest collection coming this fall and WOW, all of it is amazing! I was beyond excited to spend time with my sweet friend Jen, fellow blogger from MadeByGirl, who I haven't seen in a while. I love good girl time...

2. Beverly Hills Chairs. My new white leather office chair is everything I have needed and more. It may not be as stylish as I would prefer, but its very sexy and chic and supportive on my back and posture. As I get older, these things are getting so much more important than looks. (wait. did I really just say that?!?)
 3. Montauk. I love that there is a beach a few hours outside the city, thank you God. In this weather, it is much needed. We stopped for a little snack on the water at The Surf Lodge, its one of my favorite outdoor eating areas in terms of decor. Beach shack chic.
4. Got a little surprise in the mail, a little quote by me was published in this coming months People Style Watch mag. I get so excited for the little things like this...
 5. I've been hard at work on my new website and going through old photos of my work. This one brought back such good memories. It's perfect for summertime. 
 6. Ah. You all know how much I love my old apartment, this was my hallway of my quaint little studio when the Everygirl shot it. I miss these stripes.
 7. I am so thankful I live in New York City. I just love the window views.
8. I love a good magazine cover and Vogue UK always knocks it out of the park. Love this Kate Moss light pink look.
 9. While on a walk to the Met recently, I came across this door. It just stopped me right in my tracks. I love the beautiful detail and the gorgeous gold studded trim. So beautiful! 
10. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This is my little motto lately. It's proven to be oh so true. I love life, never a dull moment. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...June 21

1. I couldn't get enough of this chic little fireplace decor in an adorable upper east side apartment. A vintage faux fireplace with candles and a venetian mirror. Total domestic bliss.

 2. Chandeliers are all over my radar lately. How gorgeous is this crystal beauty?
 3. The ones at Herni Bendel are always at the top of my list. @nycpretty
4. Oh, and this spider one I spotted while walking in Soho in brass and pink totally got me good. 
 5. How chic is this table at my local post office. I love the heads, claw feet and greek key border. So very chic. 
 6. I got my very first glossybox sent over by this months featured glossy girl and one of my besties, Dallas Shaw. It came chock full of beauty goodness.
 7. Every once and I while I have to stop and admire the blooms on the sidewalks. This blush pink color just made my entire day. 
 8. I temporarily threw a little Chanel bag into my frame as I search for the art piece. I am kinda loving it. 
 9. My new vintage brass candleabra sconces are now in my dining room. I smile every time I see their shiny goodness! 
10. Need I say more. I live by this. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...June 15

1. This week has been such a hectic week, my goodness. I had a few...
different things happening in my apartment and thats always a chore. Not to mention keeping up with work and the daily business. It gets crazy around here. Thank goodness it's officially summer.
2. Neon. Its back for summertime...yay! My new Dolce Vita sandals are so fun to wear, the bright color makes me so happy and the little pops of python and gold rock too. 
 3. My old apartment. With all the commotion going on around my new place, it brought back memories of my old little stomping grounds. I loved this sweet little space. It brings back memories I will cherish my entire life.
4. So for one of the shoots in my apartment, I went to check out Kelly Wearstler corner of Bergdorfs for some inspiration. I see a few things that I could take home.
5. My favorite little skull Henry made it in to the shoot. Love him.
6. I got to keep the beautiful decorista pink roses for the shoot and they literally blessed my week. This girl just couldn't live without roses. 
7. I found these sconces for my dining room by following someone on instagram. How amazing is instagram? Hello. The new shopping place. 
 8. Now that the weekend is here, this is where I will be for the next few days. Getting some sunshine. It's good for my soul.
 9. Now isn't this a chic piece of art, dining table and lighting combo? Yes.
10. Now, this is what I am looking forward to when I get back to the city. Things in my apartment will become a lovely shade of dusty rose pink. Eeeeeee! 

10 things that rocked my world this week...June 8

1. JEANNIE MAI. I heart this girl. She is beyond a major fabulous fashionista, on air personality and over all wonder woman kinda girl. She inspires me to always be better. Gotta love a girl like that...

2. This week I worked pretty much every day at my dining table. Not sure why, but sometimes its fun to change things up a little. Plus I love the space, I like to spread everything out.
 3. I saw this vintage lucite bar cart and thought to myself, "Oh, I must have this" Then I looked at the price tag, which said $7,000...I cried a little. 
4. So here is my vintage acrylic bar cart, or the makings of it anyway. Im looking for a perfect art piece to fit in this frame. I love the frame and the size. Now for the artwork...
5. I had the most wonderful lunch here at BG with Lynette Lewis, my newest role model. This woman is on another level inspirational. She has written two beautiful books! One called "CLIMBING THE LADDER TO SUCCESS IN STILLETTOS" This book is genius. Anyway. I attended her conference earlier this week and walked away so empowered. Loved it. 
6. I also attended the summer luau hosted by Dolce Vita, one of my fave shoe brands. It was a blast. Made me want to skip out of town and go to Hawaii.
 7. This mix of china literally had me inspired for some elaborate table setting. I love the art of a good mix. The best part is that pink and gold are the main color forces here, with a sprinkle of blue and purple. This is how to do that well. 
 8. Sometimes you just need flowers to make everything better. Henry, my little skull looked very happy about them too. 
 9. Kravet put on a little soiree with a few talented designers to Celebrate the building of the Ronald McDonald house of Long Island. It was such a grand little party, and this mirror....stole the show.
 10. It sure has rained a lot lately. I kind of like it. I really enjoy quiet moments in my bed, reading my favorite books. So as a gift to my bedside table, I brought in a little DVF blue leopard dish to hold my watch and other jewels while I sleep. It makes them so much prettier don't you think. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...June 1

1. I don't know if its the fact that its summer and I am all about the boho look right now but everything bone inlay is just calling out to me. I love the look, its very exotic chic.

2. I spent most of this holiday weekend on the beach with this pretty yellow towel and pink ombre tote bag. Oh, the bliss of having so much color in your life when most days are filled with white and black, it does good for the soul. 
 3. This. This is what weekends are made for. 
4. My Bright hot pink nail polish was the best. I had to keep it very decorista, it is my brand color after all
5. Francois. The best dog ever. He was my muse/model for a lot of the weekend. He posed for pictures so well. Oh, how I am now obsessed with french bulldogs. Adorable.
 6. On instagram I peeped this yellow tufted sofa and almost died. Then I realized, that I may need a mirrored tray like that for my bar cart area. Its so cute. (via @hopedworaczyk)
 7. Sid Avery. The art of the hollywood snapshot. I officially declare that black and white vintage photographs are everything. All homes need some sort of photo and the photographers in those days did such an incredible job capturing the leading stars. Sid Avery's people sent over this book and I have fallen in love with the magic of these photographs. I want them all. Plus, the book is full of photography tips, a great gift for the photographer in your life.
8. I fell hard for this arrangement of pink flowers. How beautiful are they?
9. I really think Francois could be a chair model. These lucite/brass/acrylic barstools are everything. I'm pretty sure he agrees with me. 

10. As of lately all I have been saying is "summer has just begun...the best is yet to come!"
Enjoy your weekend loves. xo

10 things that rocked my world this week...May 25

1. One of my most favorite things in this city are the flower stands on almost every corner. Seriously. This makes me so happy. 

 2. The lovely people at Off held a dinner for a few of us. We chatted about outdoor entertaining in the summer. It was at the James hotel rooftop and it was incredible. 
 3. I took the train to DC and I was surprised how relaxing and fun it is. I got to catch up on the news and completely enjoyed myself. 
 4. So the reason I went to DC is because the lovely people at Marriott Hotels  + Resorts Headquarters had me out to work on creating my perfect guest room suite. Very exciting stuff. 
 5. A huge thanks to Moo.com for sending over some business cards. They are so fancy and cool, I love them. We will be doing a giveaway here on the blog this week to give some lucky readers fab cards too. Stay tuned. 
 6. Still enchanted over this gorgeous chandelier I found while shopping for a client. I want her badly. 
 7. Client install days are really so fun. Watching magic come together is just one of the best parts of this job. Especially uber glamorous chandeliers getting hung. Gasp. So good. 
8. I finally got the new Iphone5. I LOVE IT. I am especially obsessed with how my neon pink case pops in my office. Its such the perfect accessory. 
9. I have said this prayer every morning every day this week and I swear my days have been so much lighter, filled with ease and way more productive. 
10. This memorial day weekend I am here...Enough said. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...May 18

1. New York summertime. This weather is divine. The perfect time for dinners on the rooftop and perfectly glowing views. The lights in this city..are just magical. 
 2. Obviously I can't get over this plum bedroom. So rich and glamorous. 
 3. These flowers from Diane James Home. I can't even believe they aren't real.
 4. In preparation for styling a dinner party I had to do some shopping and I enjoyed every single bit of it. All this gold just had me at hello. I just want to fill my apartment with all of it.
 5. The doors of New York has been so fun to shoot lately. I fell hard for the mossy bay window on this brownstone. Absolutely beautiful! 
 6. Baraonda. My new favorite place to meet the girls for chit chat. The art in the place is so fab and Miami 1020's deco fabulous. Love it. 
7. Went to see the Killers at Madison Square Garden and it was a blast. They put on a really good show and I really love MSG. It's such a fun venue. 
8. The photographer I work with, has such an adorable apartment. I love this dresser, I mean it seriously is so hard for me not to try and steal it. The way she styled it up with her vintage camera collection...now thats chic. 
9. Kind of obsessed with the diamond cut edges on my dining room mirror. Yeah. I am in love with it. 
10. This week tons of photos were all over the gossip pages and online news sites from the week of design in LA. My girl Cass and I made a little appearance under LA celebrity pics....oh haaay. lol. we are so not celebrities, but it kinda made our week. 

10 things that rocked my world this week... #legends2013 edition

1. This week in Los Angeles, LCDQLA Legends was the best that it has ever been in my experience. Everyone was there, new things are happening all over our industry and I could not love it more. Especially the new Kelly Wearstler furniture. Talk about pieces from the 80's recreated and looking really chic. This leather chair was my favorite...

2. Let me introduce you to my crew for the festivites...my sister, moi, Nicole, Ryan Saghian (a fellow designer/blogger), Jen, Cassandra (my partner in crime on this years #CAshTour2013) Her and I will be hitting up our favorite cities this year visiting design districts and fabulously decorated hotels. 
3. So here is the famous Elle Decor lunch. Always a blast to attend. Sun is shining, bubbly is flowing and we are all talking design with the most talented people in the biz. Love it. 
 4. A huge part of the event are window displays. The best of the best designers get to trick out the windows of all the stores in the area. Tony Duquette window was obviously one of my favorites. This gold console really blew my mind.
 5. In between events, I walked by this chic little building corner and had to take a pic. I love the textured black wall next to the white brick wall. Throw in some emerald greenery and bam. I die. 
 6. At the Michael S. Smith party, this was all I could look at. The perfect little fireplace vignette. Love.
7. Leopard. Pinks. Black and Gold. Oh my! Loved my outfit this day.
8. We stopped by Kishani Perera's boutique, Rummage. Woah. This place is good. I couldn't help but be in love with everything it was filled to the brim with some of the worlds most beautiful vintage finds and put together in adorable vignettes. 
9. Okay, so my favorite window had to be House of Honey's. This dining nook was avant garde and glam. Edgy and a bit of uptown modern chic. So good. 
 10. My favorite street in LA, Doheny, I used to live off this street. Every time I drive on it, it makes me so happy. I was a little sad to leave this beautiful place. I'll be back soon LA, very, very soon. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...May 5

1. Was beyond thrilled to have my girl Crystal in town to celebrate the unveiling of the new Jeffery Allen Marks collection for Palececk. We had such a blast together, I love our industry events. Always such a good time.

 2. After seeing this photo on the NYC& G May issue, I decided that pale blue walls and topiaries are my new jam. 
 3. As much as I enjoyed watching the Yankees play, the buttery brown leather barcelona chairs REALLY were speaking to me. I enjoyed them so much more. 
 4. My clients finished home office area. Looks so fab, I am just loving the oranges and her adorable son too. 
 5. I sometimes think that mixing flowers can be so beautiful. This simple and soft mix of orchids and tulips worked so well for family brunch this weekend. 
 6. There just are no words to describe my affections for this piece. Those gold lion knobs are out of control good. Oh, and how about the lucite legs of the chest? Beautiful! 
 7. Right next to Bethesda fountain in Central Park (my favorite place in the city) is this little underway that is so magical. I get chills every time I visit and the weather has been so beautiful lately, it was perfect. 
 8. Home sweet home. It makes me so happy, and so do my pillows.
 9. Went to this incredibly delicious restaurant called Bogota in Brooklyn for a bite but I couldn't take my eyes of this fantastic pink acrylic light fixture. I have just never in all my life seen anything so chic.
 10. Always a good reminder, no? This helped me so much this week. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...the downtown Manhattan edition

I partnered up with NewYork.com for a little something, and spent an afternoon checking out lower Manhattan. I couldn't help but snap photos of my favorite things around the area. Thank God for my iphone which provides the ultimate camera for snapping quick pics...
 1. The architecture on random blocks of downtown Soho. At times, the look can be so soft and European looking, yet in colors that are very New York.
 2. The character of Little Italy. I love this oversized statue of David just sitting outside a little cafe. It's so random but so charming all at the same time. 
 3. The insides of churches are so gorgeous. Most of the new churches in other cities these days are so modern and while beautiful, they don't have the charm or color that the old ones in New York do. New York always keeps it true.
 4. Hotel front desks. Always chic, professional and glam. This one happens to be the Mercer hotel, one of my favorites for a little bubbly. The purple back lit lobby is bangin'. 
 5. If you have ever gone down to Wall Street and walked into the old buildings, this is what you get. I fell hard for this entryway. 
 6. Central Park will never get old for me. Hands down my favorite place in the city. 
 7. I love how our city always meets our needs. Down in the Financial District, the tourist booths have ties. Each neighborhood has a different need. The little booths up in my Upper East neighborhood sell Pashminas, go figure. 
 8. We all know my obsession with gold. How fab is this brass wastebasket down on the streets of Wall Street. Hello. Can I get one for my apartment, please? 
9. Most people say this city is lonely, and I get that. However, never have I been in a city where more strangers have my back than ever. Our city is full of people standing up for one another. I kind of love it. 
 10. Lady Liberty. I really love her and her green.

 BONUS: my two favorite photos of the day:
 I love this womanly mermaid figure...
and please tell me how incredible is this entryway?
 all images by me.

10 things that rocked my world this week...High Point Market Edition

Oh my goodness. I think this is the first time in years that I have ever gone more than 1 day of not posting and talking to you guys. While I am sort of in shock and a little remorse, I have had the craziest month ever. I've been so busy, I don't even know what day it is anymore. Among all the wonderful things that have happened recently, High Point Market was surely the best and I want to share with you what my favorite parts were...

 1. Traditional Home + Junior League of Greensboro had a showhouse this year. It was extraordinary. I met new designers and saw some older favorites too. The rooms were incredible. I will post more on them soon, but for now this room was done by Miles Redd. It was light pastel blue (which was really hot at market this year) with chinoiserie and beautiful browns. gorgeousness. 
2. So, I pretty much spent most of my time at The Suites at Market Square. Hands down my new favorite building because there was just so much there. My favorite part was the revamped Antique + Design Center, which had me trolling around for hours. To my completes surprise I got to antique shop with Paula Deen. She was looking so good and really was just as fun as can be. We both got some good  things at a super steal! 
3. My favorite score...this Virgin Mary statue. It was literally a whole slew of shenanigans to get her home on the plane with me but she was worth it. 
4. The Stanley furniture showroom was out of control good. Woodson and Rummerfield helped give the showroom a huge makeover with serious style. It took their traditional style furniture to the next level and blew everyone away. The party was a blast, I felt like I was at a wedding at a mansion! 
Here I am with the duo and all their fabulousness. I miss working for them so much.
 5. I also got to meet the fabulous Aerin Lauder who is launching her very own home and lifestyle collection. She is totally a girl after my own heart because everything the does is in gold! Hello. 
 6. Global Views will always be a company after my own heart. They partnered with Zinc Door and hosted a super lovely dinner in the showroom where we got to see the latest and greatest of things. And  quite possibly got the best gift bags of all time. The showroom was AMAZING.
7. Yes. This modern version of shabby chic room was part of the showroom and literally rocked my world. I mean this wallpaper. Hello. Could it be any more perfect for Spring?
 8. I've always identified with Princess Jasmine, its the dark hair thing. So, when Aladdin was hanging out on a gorgeous magic carpet I couldn't help but hop on and snap a photo. Also because I'm just kind of a silly person sometimes and I really wanted to check out the carpet. 
 9. You know how sometimes you see things and you ask how much they are then you find out they are sold, and it breaks your heart. Well thats kind of what happened to me here with these gold chests. Ugh. But even so, they were ridiculously shiny gold a gold I rarely see and that made me so happy. 
10. The suites had a few of us from the design world, give tours of our favorite shops around market. It was a blast! We all had such a good time traveling around the showrooms together. 

10 things that rocked my world this week...April 14

1. This week was such a special week for me. First of all, I got to have my favorite person in the entire world spend time with me in the city. My grandmother, America, is probably the most fabulous woman I have ever known. She's 96 and still so with it. She is in town for my cousins wedding. Everything I am is because of her, she is the original decorista..."O.D." I am obsessed with her, we have had such a fun week together.
2. We went to go see the musical, Annie. It was so good, I was crying by the end of it. However, I couldn't stop staring at the building. It was incredibly beautiful. 
3. The warm nights this week were just so magical. I love this city when its warm out like that. 
 4. I finally got my Ankasa pillow that I custom designed. I will have to tell you all about it. I am overjoyed with how it turned out! 
 5. This can of Sherwin Williams high gloss white paint has literally taken over my apartment. Get ready to see a lot of white beautiful things in here. 
 6. I couldn't resist doing some window shopping this week with grandma. We stumbled upon an art deco lighting store and probably looked in the window for 20 minutes. Full of gorgeousness.
 7. We spent a lot of time in this room over the weekend. My aunt is one of the most talented decorators I know. This little lavender corner really stuck me. 
8. This little breakfast was our favorite time together. The tabletop decor was simply divine.
 9. The wedding table. It was so stunning in person, this picture doesn't do it justice. 
10. On another note. My blog + website is getting a full on overhaul. I am so excited to get it up and running so you all can see it. Yay.