10 things that rocked my world this week...June 1

1. I don't know if its the fact that its summer and I am all about the boho look right now but everything bone inlay is just calling out to me. I love the look, its very exotic chic.

2. I spent most of this holiday weekend on the beach with this pretty yellow towel and pink ombre tote bag. Oh, the bliss of having so much color in your life when most days are filled with white and black, it does good for the soul. 
 3. This. This is what weekends are made for. 
4. My Bright hot pink nail polish was the best. I had to keep it very decorista, it is my brand color after all
5. Francois. The best dog ever. He was my muse/model for a lot of the weekend. He posed for pictures so well. Oh, how I am now obsessed with french bulldogs. Adorable.
 6. On instagram I peeped this yellow tufted sofa and almost died. Then I realized, that I may need a mirrored tray like that for my bar cart area. Its so cute. (via @hopedworaczyk)
 7. Sid Avery. The art of the hollywood snapshot. I officially declare that black and white vintage photographs are everything. All homes need some sort of photo and the photographers in those days did such an incredible job capturing the leading stars. Sid Avery's people sent over this book and I have fallen in love with the magic of these photographs. I want them all. Plus, the book is full of photography tips, a great gift for the photographer in your life.
8. I fell hard for this arrangement of pink flowers. How beautiful are they?
9. I really think Francois could be a chair model. These lucite/brass/acrylic barstools are everything. I'm pretty sure he agrees with me. 

10. As of lately all I have been saying is "summer has just begun...the best is yet to come!"
Enjoy your weekend loves. xo