10 things that rocked my world this week...LVMKT summer 2013 edition

 1. I never would have imagined that spending a week in Las Vegas could be so productive, fun and relaxing...
Well, this week it really was. We had a panel on blogs + businesses that was a great success! Here is a shot of us with our girl, tv decorista Emily Henderson. (we were all wearing black, white + coral...and no we didn't mean to coordinate, it just happened.)
2. It was probably the most fun seminar I have ever given, We gave so much information on how to's for blogging + business. Thank you to all of my coaching clients, you guys have given me so much to give to others during this seminar and I know everyone was really grateful.  
3. Although I stayed at the Cosmopolitan, we skipped out to the Paris hotel every morning for breakfast. We found the perfect parisian style breakfast bistro. 
 4. When I wasn't working or taking meetings, I spent my time here, in chic little cabanas by the pool. 
5. Market was brimming with the most gorgeous pieces. This chair from Worlds Away was my absolute favorite item. 
 6. This white little vignette quite literally stole my breath. The black and gold accents were perfection.
7. Chandeliers at the paris hotel were intoxicating...
8. ...and the ones at the Cosmopolitan were also quite breathtaking. They were perfectly pink of course.
 9. Wouldn't this gorgeous facade work make you want to gamble too?
 10. Probably my favorite thing I saw this week. This plush purple tufted banquette, complete with glam chandelier and vintage telephone. I wanted to take it home with me.