10 things that rocked my world this week...High Point Market Edition

Oh my goodness. I think this is the first time in years that I have ever gone more than 1 day of not posting and talking to you guys. While I am sort of in shock and a little remorse, I have had the craziest month ever. I've been so busy, I don't even know what day it is anymore. Among all the wonderful things that have happened recently, High Point Market was surely the best and I want to share with you what my favorite parts were...

 1. Traditional Home + Junior League of Greensboro had a showhouse this year. It was extraordinary. I met new designers and saw some older favorites too. The rooms were incredible. I will post more on them soon, but for now this room was done by Miles Redd. It was light pastel blue (which was really hot at market this year) with chinoiserie and beautiful browns. gorgeousness. 
2. So, I pretty much spent most of my time at The Suites at Market Square. Hands down my new favorite building because there was just so much there. My favorite part was the revamped Antique + Design Center, which had me trolling around for hours. To my completes surprise I got to antique shop with Paula Deen. She was looking so good and really was just as fun as can be. We both got some good  things at a super steal! 
3. My favorite score...this Virgin Mary statue. It was literally a whole slew of shenanigans to get her home on the plane with me but she was worth it. 
4. The Stanley furniture showroom was out of control good. Woodson and Rummerfield helped give the showroom a huge makeover with serious style. It took their traditional style furniture to the next level and blew everyone away. The party was a blast, I felt like I was at a wedding at a mansion! 
Here I am with the duo and all their fabulousness. I miss working for them so much.
 5. I also got to meet the fabulous Aerin Lauder who is launching her very own home and lifestyle collection. She is totally a girl after my own heart because everything the does is in gold! Hello. 
 6. Global Views will always be a company after my own heart. They partnered with Zinc Door and hosted a super lovely dinner in the showroom where we got to see the latest and greatest of things. And  quite possibly got the best gift bags of all time. The showroom was AMAZING.
7. Yes. This modern version of shabby chic room was part of the showroom and literally rocked my world. I mean this wallpaper. Hello. Could it be any more perfect for Spring?
 8. I've always identified with Princess Jasmine, its the dark hair thing. So, when Aladdin was hanging out on a gorgeous magic carpet I couldn't help but hop on and snap a photo. Also because I'm just kind of a silly person sometimes and I really wanted to check out the carpet. 
 9. You know how sometimes you see things and you ask how much they are then you find out they are sold, and it breaks your heart. Well thats kind of what happened to me here with these gold chests. Ugh. But even so, they were ridiculously shiny gold a gold I rarely see and that made me so happy. 
10. The suites had a few of us from the design world, give tours of our favorite shops around market. It was a blast! We all had such a good time traveling around the showrooms together.