10 things that rocked my world this week... #legends2013 edition

1. This week in Los Angeles, LCDQLA Legends was the best that it has ever been in my experience. Everyone was there, new things are happening all over our industry and I could not love it more. Especially the new Kelly Wearstler furniture. Talk about pieces from the 80's recreated and looking really chic. This leather chair was my favorite...

2. Let me introduce you to my crew for the festivites...my sister, moi, Nicole, Ryan Saghian (a fellow designer/blogger), Jen, Cassandra (my partner in crime on this years #CAshTour2013) Her and I will be hitting up our favorite cities this year visiting design districts and fabulously decorated hotels. 
3. So here is the famous Elle Decor lunch. Always a blast to attend. Sun is shining, bubbly is flowing and we are all talking design with the most talented people in the biz. Love it. 
 4. A huge part of the event are window displays. The best of the best designers get to trick out the windows of all the stores in the area. Tony Duquette window was obviously one of my favorites. This gold console really blew my mind.
 5. In between events, I walked by this chic little building corner and had to take a pic. I love the textured black wall next to the white brick wall. Throw in some emerald greenery and bam. I die. 
 6. At the Michael S. Smith party, this was all I could look at. The perfect little fireplace vignette. Love.
7. Leopard. Pinks. Black and Gold. Oh my! Loved my outfit this day.
8. We stopped by Kishani Perera's boutique, Rummage. Woah. This place is good. I couldn't help but be in love with everything it was filled to the brim with some of the worlds most beautiful vintage finds and put together in adorable vignettes. 
9. Okay, so my favorite window had to be House of Honey's. This dining nook was avant garde and glam. Edgy and a bit of uptown modern chic. So good. 
 10. My favorite street in LA, Doheny, I used to live off this street. Every time I drive on it, it makes me so happy. I was a little sad to leave this beautiful place. I'll be back soon LA, very, very soon.