traveling for work...Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

I couldn't be more fortunate that when I travel for work I get to experience the most wonderful accommodations...(the plush purple banquettes are intoxicating)
During my travels this week to Las Vegas Design Market, I was put up at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Nothing makes me happier than a gorgeously decorated hotel. Upon walking into the Cosmopolitan, I was absolutely blown away.
The lobby was outfitted with the most gorgeous column screens with displays of kaleidoscope botanicals and fashion shoots, which made for such a dramatic entrance. 
 I spent most of my time having lovely conversations/meetings at the chandelier bar, which I loved, because it was so glamorous and just dripping with diamonds and sparkle. friends and I enjoyed cosmopolitans, at the cosmopolitan hotel, very fitting.

 My room...was incredible, I only wish I could have stayed longer. It was bigger than my apartment in Manhattan. It came complete with kitchen, separate bath and shower, a living room, and the most lovely terrace with a killer view.
 My favorite parts were the incredible bed which I could have slept in for hours on end and the closet with one of my favorite fornasetti wallpapers.

all images by ashlina

WANDERLUSTING: The Grand Hotel Oslo Part 1

 It's no secret that I love to travel and I'm sure you all can guess how much I love hotels...
I mean...don't we all? I think it might be my life dream to travel the world and review the hotel decor around the globe. How interesting would that be? Well, I am always in constant search online for the best decorated hotels and this one, is one of those that just does it for me.
The Grand Hotel Oslo just might be in my top 5 list of places I must stay. One of my best girl friends on the net Dagny, is the creative director for Fargerike (a Norwegian paint company). Each year when the new color of year comes out they redecorate a suite with the color theme in mind. This year its purple! 
 My favorite part of the suite is the study & bedroom. I love the deep plum wallpaper with gold curtains setting the perfect combination. Then, when you look up a pretty light blue ceiling and killer chandelier. This whole look literally makes my knees weak. It makes for such a fab place to get some work done. Then, you walk back into the romantic bedroom. A touch of vintage with the right amount of gold for glamour and then the deep red curtains add a little luxe to the equation.
 I think this little orange stool is such a cute little guy too, love his rich color. Couldn't you just imagine staying here? I would never see the sights, I'd stay in my hotel all day! 

 I love the way the chandelier is accented with such a chic swag. I am also really loving deep purple with vibrant red. Maybe I should add a little of this to my bedroom...

all images via Grand Hotel Oslo / Fargerike