Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Estate

Right before I moved to New York (almost two years I was finishing up a project when I was working for Woodson and Rummerfield House of Design. They had the ultimate job of designing the model units for the Ritz Carlton Residences in downtown LA. It was beyond an awesome job, I had the BEST time. Then, the other day I was watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the real estate was being shown. How amazing would it be to live here...

 First of all W and R are such talented and amazing designers so it would be a dream to live anywhere they adorn. Secondly, I've been working with a real estate expert (trying to learn some things for a business my dad and I are working on) and they advised that the insurance on the place would be ridiculous but with all of the amazing pieces in this place, contents insurance is ridiculously necessary. 
 Other than that...this might be my perfect apartment. 

all images via Woodson and Rummerfield House of Design