fashion meets decor {High Gloss Red}

high gloss red glamorous dress
high gloss red interior & Christmas decor...
This winter you are everything to me! Your glossy fabulous-ness is all I can dream of.
{For my holiday parties this weekend, I am definitely going to be rocking glossy red, like this dazzling number.}
okay, how delicious does this gorgeous little serving look? yum!
I would love red high gloss chairs like these mis-matched beauties.

fashion image via this is glam
decor images via cocokelley, kelleymoore, houzz, domino

fashion meets decor {plaid is oh so rad! loving tartan decor}

super holiday chic plaid blazer
super holiday chic plaid home accessories...
this winter you are so everything to me, your traditional look is so taking over!
This above living room happens to be one of my favorite moments in rue issue 2.
And check out this amazing Thanksgiving tabletop decor by HighGlossBlue. So chic. 
I absolutely love the small placecard atop the gorgeous crystal. This is genius!

and just for fun!

fashion meets decor {holiday decor in metallics}

sparkly and gorgeous metallic christian louboutins
sparkly and gorgeous metallic christmas decor...
this holiday season I am all about your design shimmer! In fact, I'm kind of obsessed with you.
Decorating in metallics (golds + silvers) for the holidays is a fantastic way to add 
all kinds of glamour to your dwelling. I'm all about it, so chic.

fashion meets decor {fall decorating with antlers}

Hip and happening antlers on a fabulous trio of supermodels
Hip and happening antlers gracing the most fabulous living spaces...
This fall + winter season, you are all the rage, even the latest mags say so!

In these last photos, rue, shows us how the antler look is done. I especially love this above look for Thanksgiving table decor and entertaining. Very rue, very holidays!
for more antler inspiration check out this masculine chic look.

in other blissful news...
incase you haven't been caught up, I've put together a page for you to go back to past
You should check out this lovely group of ladies!
They are so fabulous.

fashion meets decor {get it right with fabulous fur}

extremely fashionable fur coat on christine centenera
extremely fashionable fur blanket on delicious bedding...
oh my word, your chic-ness is intoxicating. I need all of you right now!
A lush + super soft faux fur throw is the ultimate accessory for the bedroom,
especially as we are fast approaching our oh so chilly winter nights.
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