Styleicious Sunday: radiating red

Yesterday was the most gorgeous day in New York City. I was blown away by the colors in Central Park and my favorite thing of all was...
the incredibly gorgeous red leaves! It has me jonesing for some red in my life this fall and even into winter. An art teacher once told me that if something is ever missing in your work, add a dash of red and it will make everything come together. I've always loved that philosophy so today I am enamored with beautiful accents of red in my life.
This outfit is no exception...How chic for fall, no?
The most perfect addition of red to my winter would be a pair of HUNTER Wellies.
I also love adding red to my food with fresh strawberries and most favorite addition to any breakfast! 
Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.
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Entertaining in style... gingham loveliness + recipe

Entertaining in style is an essential for any decorista. 
With the upcoming holiday season I have been searching for recipes to cook for my family when I get home and I am always drawn to gorgeous breakfast decorating. I would rather bake amazing dessert than cook a huge meal. 
(Just incase you all didn't know, I pride myself on my baked very martha stewart-y)
I like to think that baking + decorating go so well together anyway.

I love the look of beautiful gingham with breakfast, and when I laid my eyes on this gorgeous dish + the gingham napkins my heart skipped a beat. Dessert for breakfast? why not?

It looks absolutely dee-lish!

i'm also a teeny bit obsessed with these gingham walls. so very "Updated Traditional".

peace out Palm Springs

My sweetheart and I came back from Palm Springs today.
We were visiting some family, friends and our favorite thrift shops.
Palm Springs is my favorite place to get away from work, traffic, etc.
Each time we visit, we like to hit up a hotel, have a glass of champagne and sit poolside and chat. Sometimes we even indulge and make way to the Spa for some nice R + R. 
I wanted to share some images of our favorite hotel, the parker, designed by Johnathan Adler.

Imagine this, 
the sun is setting, the fireplaces are starting up. It's cocktail hour by the pool. Girls are dressed in their saturday night best, the smell of cologne is all around.
We walk around, taking in all the eye candy and even put our feet in the sand that is the poolside beach. It is almost as if the decor time warped us back into the 70's.
Feeling good.
And now it's off to dine at Mister Parker's.
Everything in this place is fantastic.
Especially the ice cream, we tried 7 different kinds...coconut, mint, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, etc. They have it all.
The chairs, are so comfortable, and amazingly mismatched.
The little devil logo-ed napkins  + menus make me happy, because it makes me feel ok that I have been sinful 
with all of the amazing food we have eaten.
Isn't it fun to dine and be sinful????
poolside during the day
Mister Parker's fantastic dining room
guest room
sitting nook
the lobby

...until we meet again Mister Parker!

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happy birthday Rique!!!

Its my cousins birthday today! :)
I adore him. So i am going to go over to his beautiful hollywood hills home and bake cookies.
I know i haven't mentioned this before but at the present moment i have taken on a new lifestyle. MACROBIOTICS!
its all about living a healthy life in every way, through food and spirituality.
its amazing. i have only been eating this way for a week, but i tell you, i have NEVER felt better inside. and the amount of cooking i have done is insane. i love learning to make new things, especially the types of food that nobody else i know seems to make. i mean, who makes miso soup and brown rice morning cereal. yumm!
so today i have decided to bake my first macrobiotic dessert, OATMEAL COOKIES!!!!

i am so excited!