secret to domestic bliss #29... a frame of inspiration

I don't know what it is about mood boards and inspiration boards that captivate me. Maybe its the fact that being a 'decorista' causes me to be endlessly inspired and curious to see the way others are inspired as well.
I just really love to see what people love and it feeds my soul to keep my inspirations floating about. I encourage those of you who are not self-proclaimed or professional decoristas to try it out. Whether it be on your fridge, in your closet, or your home office, throw up your most favorite images and see just what matriculates into your life (like a vision board)! Take this as a challenge, it can actually be fun + exciting!!!

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i like to think at times that i have amazing style and taste. then i stumble across pictures of the apartments of stylish women and im like...hmmm. i gotta get my game up.
this girl, olivia polermo is the ultimate NY socialite....her closet it MY DREAM CLOSET...but its funny when i see the rest of her apartment, i realize we have similar styles...and notice the cute little elephants on her window. and the breakfast at tiffanys shot i have in my own bedroom. i may not be a millionare, but in my own beverly hills bungalow, with my average paycheck....i live a similarly stylish life. that makes me feel SO BLESSED! and i owe it all to the wonderful creator, my GOD, my Light! thank you for blessing me!!!!!!!!!

san francisco on my mind

Here’s top 10 reasons to live in San Francisco for those of you thinking about moving here:

1. San Francisco is one of the “greenest” cities in the world. (Ranked Top 5 in the U.S.)

2. San Francisco is surrounded by water and ocean breeze is better air than air in most other metropolitan cities.

3. San Francisco is one of the most diverse cities in the world. (It’s also home to the biggest gay community in the world)

4. San Francisco is a mix of the beach/city/suburban setting all-in-one. (Of course, it’d depend where you live)

5. San Francisco is cool in the summer and does not get cold as much as inland bay area cities.

6. Cheap Chinese food and cheap chinese groceries. On contrary to your belief, San Francisco is actually cheaper in food prices if you shop at a “chinese” grocery where they don’t tax you like the major groceries. Plus, there are so many Chinese restaurants that Chinese food gets very very cheap in San Francisco.

7. San Francisco is the heart of culture of the Western Hemisphere of the U.S. There’s no other place like it period.

8. Lower crime rates and less race-related violence in San Francisco. (than L.A.)

9. City life without the cost of city pollution.

10. Lots of fun stuff to do including clubbing, parks, museums, shopping, etc…etc…

If it ain’t in New York, it’s probably in San Francisco.
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