secret to domestic bliss #29... a frame of inspiration

I don't know what it is about mood boards and inspiration boards that captivate me. Maybe its the fact that being a 'decorista' causes me to be endlessly inspired and curious to see the way others are inspired as well.
I just really love to see what people love and it feeds my soul to keep my inspirations floating about. I encourage those of you who are not self-proclaimed or professional decoristas to try it out. Whether it be on your fridge, in your closet, or your home office, throw up your most favorite images and see just what matriculates into your life (like a vision board)! Take this as a challenge, it can actually be fun + exciting!!!

images courtesy of...
palmer weiss

bedroom inspiration: romantic bohemian

So my sister's bedroom is my first plan of action.
She wants lots of color, floral motifs, a boudoir feeling, art + lots of books.
I kinda am feeling a coral color...mixed with white bedding, candles, displays of jewelry and feminine art. 
Here are a few images that are going on the mood board.
Now its off to shop for fabrics!
I plan on starting by making her curtains + pillows with my sewing machine
so I can get the perfect look...
shopping for the perfect pair can be so hard sometimes.
Now...if only I could make them with scalloped edges like the ones below.