DREAM APARTMENT: White walls that work!

Being at Las Vegas Market is incredibly exciting, I am spotting so many goodies that I want for my future new apartment. Interestingly enough I have a serious love affair with neutrals right now. Maybe its because its summertime or just a little bit of me growing up a bit. Whatever the reason, I'm noticing lately how some spaces with white walls can be just as glamorous a deep colored ones.
This fabulous room is by Sally Wheat and is a perfect example of how I want my new apartment to look. The lines of the sofa and club chairs are so glam and perfect especially when paired with white walls + hints of gold and lavender...

It's really very summery to pair pastel accessories with white walls. So, in effort to keep it more city like and appropriate for fall, I could add traditional pieces with classic lines and extravagant details. 
Heavy fabrics also add a little something sophisticated too. 
Not too sure that lavender would be my dream accent color but the look of these apartments just make me swoon. Below, this look is a little more city glamour and less french. Mirrored coffee table, vintage chairs, beautiful screen, pop of zebra. I just love the living room layout.

Now, I must not forget when imagining my dream apartment two things are essential...
excessive moldings and herringbone floors. It makes white walls that much more perfect, am I right?

images: two. threefour