Dear Decorista, {staining your floors black}

Wondering if you can help?!  We have an old timber cottage in the mountains. We are nearly finished renovating but have come to a halt with the timber floor.
 Through the house we now have old stained floors, new timber floors. We have been advised that the easiest and most economical option is to paint the floors throughout. We think we will give this a go but we are a bit nervous. At this point the house is looking really good. We have managed to renovate but still retain the feel of a small rustic cottage and we don’t want to ruin the effect with a floor disaster. We want to go dark with the floor and if painting is a viable option we are thinking of painting the floor black but not sure this will look any good and not sure whether it should be matte or gloss or satin and so on.
Can you provide us with some inspiration?

Hi Sydney!
 I personally LOVE stained black floors, I think they look absolutely gorgeous. I prefer a beautiful satin as opposed to a high gloss wet finish, but its all about personal preference. Also, black floors are hard to keep ultra clean, but if you want your home to be a stunner, go for it! See these beautiful examples, hope they entice you to go dark!!!
i love this gorgeous white kitchen with black floors...a KILLER combo. we have a super glossy black floor...
and this is a matte black stained floor. Very rustic looking.
and finally my most favorite look....satin finish.