10 things that rocked my world this week! may 14

1. I swear, blog friends are the BEST friends. My super beautiful and talented (and super twinsy) Crystal came out to NYC for a quick jaunt and we enjoyed the most beautiful restaurant garden, Barolo in Soho...and a few more incredibly fun places that are to be kept a little secret. It was a fun girlie blast! 

2. Luckily, we snapped a photo with another adorable cute blogger, Shauni, we love her! 
(Casa Sugar's Julia was also in the house and miss Erika of BLB was on speakerphone, it was a blog love fest!)
 3. Oh I am so thankful for these Kombucha tea's at whole foods. They are super yummy (it takes a little getting used to the weird taste) and supremely good for. You know as you drink it, its doing something GREAT in your body! Try them. gingerade is the best.
 4. Went shopping in the West Village again, i'm slightly addicted, and I stopped by this uber hip showroom full of gorgeous and bright glassware. I couldn't resist snapping a pic bc it reminds me of my favorite store in Palm Springs. Love it.
5. Street fairs are in full effect on the streets of Soho in spring. Loving them and loving the beautiful necklaces displayed on mirrors. Clever idea. 
 6. Have you guys ever tried the Brunette (nutella-ish) cream at Le Pain Quotedien? If not, please do, it's AMAZINGLY DELICOUS! 
 7. Have fallen in love with this gorgeous stroller that we are using on a project in Nolita. I can just imagine being a super hip NYC momma, strolling the seats with this gorgeous number.
 8. Okay, this week it seems like a lot of food, but NYC is packed with the most delicious treats in the world. I had a spinach, tomato and pesto crepe......oh my goodness.
9. The Patricia Field showroom (the stylist from Sex and The City) is flawless and her windows are so completely stylish and avant garde, I probably sat there for a good 15 minutes studying her set design. Genius.
10. I saw this amazing artwork by Sophie Staerk and recognized this room right away. It's of a project by Woodson and Rummerfield of Christina Aguilera's house. As I'm sure most of you would imagine, I became emotionally attached to the photo. so beautiful!