When I saw this outfit on Pinterest from Fashionedit I knew it was the perfect outfit for my next post. How adorable is this girl?? Her beautiful red hair mixed with the fab mint green outfit... I'm loving it!!
1. Retro refrigerator! Let me tell you, I currently have one in my apartment and it is far from glamorous (even though it is called the Princess Series) it is gross! This one shown here from is adorable, after you read this post you must go look at their appliances that can come in custom colors! A color lover's dream!! 
2. I have had this imaged saved from Marmalade Interiors for awhile now... they use color in such a rich, classic and beautiful way! I love their work. This image of the mint green wall is seriously stunning.
3. I love when people use paint to cover their entire walls (base boards, walls and moldings) and I loved that they happened to use mint green!
4. Repainting old furniture is always a fun way to create a one of kind piece on a budget. If you don't feel like doing it yourself you can always rely on sites like Etsy to find shops where people who love doing it themselves sell their items like this mint green dresser from Minthome (appropriate name ey?). A fabulous piece of furniture!!
5. I'm loving this mint green gloss lacquered end table from!
6. I have an obsession with colored doors (be prepared for more to come) really though, I do! Every time I see a colored door in the city I have to stop and snap a pic. Love that I was able to find a mint green (ish) one from Miles Reed.
7. Suzy Hoodless is my girl!! I love her and her wallpapers. I recently finished working on a project where I used one of her papers, I was so thrilled the client loved it too! I love the mix of colors in the Jewel of Spring wallpaper. So cute.
8. I love fine china and I would love to own this set from

I'm loving all these images from this post - how could one not like this color??
I think I said "love" a lot in this post.
Until next week...xoxo!