GET THE LOOK with effortless style

Hi Decorista readers! It's Camila from Effortless Style back to share with you another room that you can recreate in your own home on a budget.
This desk set up from Domino has always been a favorite of mine:
When making a desk area in a room that is multi-tasking as a bedroom or living room it is key to be concise with your design decisions and go with a less is more attitude. Using lucite items that simply disappear and mirrors to reflect light are great examples of how to do this.
If you want to try and recreate the space above here are some items you can pick up:
1. A little greener goes a long way. I always leave a touch of nature in a space. While many would not have room for a full grown plant we all have a little desk space for a small topiary.
2. It's always important to do a variety of lighting in a space. Don't solely rely on your overhead lighting. This desk lamp provides another source of light and it's sleek space will keep things clean.
3. Mirrors open up a space and help bounce light around the room. I love that instead of just mirror the designer went with a pair. This mirror would work nicely to recreate the look.
4. Keep all of your office supplies out of sight in stylish boxes.
5. Our touch of lucite in a desk chair simply blends into the space.
6. A tomato red Moroccan pouf provides a foot rest for you and a pop of color that helps tie the room together.
7. I believe that the main item that makes this room is the amazing dark blue grasscloth wallpaper. Grasscloth can be pricey and applying it can run you even more money, but the impact is amazing. I was lucky enough to find a budget friendly grasscloth and if you apply it yourself you'll save yourself more money.