I HE(ART) DESIGN: Resort Style

Hello everyone, Lynnette from The It Girl Project with a little mini-vacay for you. A very warm welcome to Ashlina, as she is in my neck of the woods...
She is on vacay in Vegas and LA this week. Yay! 
So now she has me daydreaming of summer and going on vacation. The style of photographer Slim Aarons pieces has always given me this same feeling. They exude this incredible stylish relaxation from the Palm Springs of a bygone era that I just love. You can get this style in your home for year-round relaxation.Musts to achieve this style: Bright, retro-inspired prints, furnishings with clean lines and absolutely, most definitely a fully-stocked bar cart ... after all, it's not a vacation without a cocktail in hand!

Fig. 1} Lamp
Fig. 2} Pillow
Fig. 3} Sofa
Fig. 4} Rug
Fig. 5} Bar Cart

I HE(ART) DESIGN: Bubblicious

Hello everyone, it’s Lynnette from The It Girl Project with an room inspired by very pricey, fancy art. Just kidding - I found these beautiful bubble paintings and was taken by their elegance and simplicity and when I finally found their source, I was ecstatic to find it was a DIY! Nothing is mor “IT Girl Project” appropriate than that! Affordable and easy art you can make yourself … and even without an artsy bone in your body. Check out directions for how you can create a beautiful painting like this at home here.
I loved this simple pink bubble silhouette of an oversized hot pink bubble and created a girly bachelorette pad room around it. Bits of inspiration from girly French details are paired with a pop of modern to make for a room that’s perfectly pink.

I HE(ART) DESIGN: Happy Nude Year!

Happy New Year everybody! It’s Lynnette from The It Girl Project with a beautiful peaceful bedroom to start of a new year in a relaxed frame of mind. I’ve always loved this bedroom (which belongs to Domino’s one-time Style Editor Dara Caponigro and was featured in the book Domino: The Book of Decorating.

See that great sketch of a nude to the left of the bed...

 I have for years had this type of art in the back of my mind as something I’d love to find a place for in my own home. There’s an ease to it that is relaxing, but elegant and timeless – it is both modern and ancient and I love things that feel like that are perfectly in place now as they could be in a room in another time and place. So recently I spied this pair of sketches called “Spa Day” at Zgallerie – an amazing deal! 
Around these, I’ve designed a bedroom with a touch of modern, a touch of industrial influence and of course a touch of plush – a bedroom should always feel slightly indulgent.

I HE(ART) DESIGN: Chocolate Modern

Hey everybody, It's Lynnette from The It Girl Project with a new room design based on this adorable illustration print from Mandarina's Etsy shop - and it's only $5!!! Who could say no to chocolate? I know I've been eating more than my fair share with all the goodies and gifts around the office. I love this playful illustration called "Me Gusta el Chocolate" and boy do I gusta it. To go with this cheeky print, I designed a kitchen nook/dining area with playful patterns and mod touches mixing in cocoa's and chocolate browns with touches of minty green and olive.

In this room:

I HE(ART) DESIGN: the many horses

Hi everybody, it’s Lynnette with another I HE(ART) DESIGN post to bring you this beautiful photography and a look to compliment it.
I have long been an admirer of equestrian style, it's so very Ralph Lauren. The perfect way to embody this look is to start with incorporating horse art into the home. This piece by artist
 Robert Dutesco captures this incredible moment of wild freedom. 
I just love it and can imagine it blown up to oversize proportions on a wall in a gorgeous house.
 Clean, crisp white and browns with rustic
touches like unfinished woods and wire baskets with pops of a classic hue like
orange bring out the equestrian vibe and soften the look to make it homey and a tad bit neo-traditional, which we love!


Well hello all you Decoristas, it’s Lynnette from The It Girl Project here to share with you a new column about my love for art and decorating 2 of my most favorite things...

I majored in Art History, so art has always been something I’m keen to and there’s no doubt that the pieces you choose for a room have a huge impact on your décor. What you put on your walls says a lot about you
and your style – so it’s important to love what you dress your walls with AND to coordinate with
your décor. Just like choosing the perfect shoes and accessories to go with a killer dress,
building your room around a favorite piece of art is a source of inspiration
and the key to making it look like a professional designed it.

I’ll be back with this series on a regular basis, each time bringing you an inspiring new art selection and showing how you can build a perfectly coordinated room around it.
I’m calling it “I HE(ART) DESIGN” and I hope you heart it too!

I adore this painting by Jeff Depner – I’m super picky with art and this one just makes me ooh
and aah. I love the colors with the girly blush pinks and corals and how he mixes them in with
unexpected shades like cobalt and canary – and I always love a chevron. It’s bold and soft at the
same time and is perfect for setting the tone for a modern girl’s bachelorette pad with a playful
nod to retro chic.