10 things that rocked my world this week! October 8

1. Some hotels in NYC just really give you something good to gaze at. These rockin' bubble lights just absolutely did it for me...

2. Modern homes with all glass walls are EVERYTHING. This particular home is insanely cool with a funky piece of art in the entryway. So incredibly hip, I live for things like this...
3. New York fall mornings are my favorite...Starbucks coffee...walk in the park...sightseeing in my own neighborhood. Sometimes I almost pinch myself because I live in this city. It gives me the chills sometimes....like a kind of completely surreal and euphoric feeling. So so so grateful.
4. I don't know why but I love clocks with roman numerals. I have a small obsession with them and when I stumble upon them in the city, they just make me happy. 
5. This week I started back at Soul Cycle TriBeCa...and I am so very into it.
6. Barbie photography is such a phenomenon and for some reason I just love them all so much. It's art that has the perfect mix of whimsy, humor and edgy-ness.
7. Red patent leather Betsey Johnson sky high heels with a laced heel. So chic. 
8. The ever so popular piggy bank...usually seen in silver or gold but I fell in LOVE with the teal at Calypso Home.
9. Pink cupcakes for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month. I love to support the cause!

10. Blogging from the Hamptons is the ultimate bliss!