One of my favorite things in the world is connected with soulful people who share my love of spiritual glamour. You know, yoga loving but not too earthy, friends who share my love for meditation and the art of the hustle, who appreciate crystals, incense and also a beautifully decorated home and a Chanel bag or two. Having genuine talks, connecting over an inspiring book, etc. I can remember one of my favorite birthday memories was a group girl trip to Namaste Bookstore on 14th street by Union Square. We all literally had the best day ever and were lit up by each others goals and dreams. I cherish these friendships so much so I felt a gift guide for my spiritual glamourist besties was definitely in order.  

1. Everything Gabby Bernstein does I am a fan of, especially her newest deck of cards, The Universe has your back. Give the gift of daily inspiration. 2. How unique is this gorgeous crystal infused water bottle? My yoga girlies will love this. 3. I absolutely adore this mind, body, spirit necklace. The message is so sweet and inspiring. 4. I am eager to try the Vitruivi essential oils collection. The packaging is so well done it makes for beautiful bathroom decor. 5. I'm a big fan of salt lamps, I think these pretty white salt lamps are more decor friendly than the pink. 6. Who doesn't love a good chakra spray? If you haven't looked into balancing your chakras, I fully encourage you to do so. 7. I found this amazing shop that sells the most gorgeous crystal jewelry, I've got my eye on this gold crystal cuff bracelet. 8. I love tumbled crystals, you can hold them easily during meditation. A few of my favorites you can grab here and here. 9. If you're new to this kind of thing, Material Girl, Mystical World is a great book that makes for pretty coffee table style, too. 10. These incense sticks smell so beautifully and are great to use during your daily rituals for setting intentions. Such a wonderful gift to share with those you love.